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Godchild, Volume 4

Godchild, Volume 4

4.3 6
by Kaori Yuki

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A grotesque gift holds a clue to the Cain family past; a mortician's daughter has deadly designs on one of Cain's closest friends; and a woman from Riff's past may have murder on her mind. Enjoy three new tales destined to delight and disturb from the imagination of master storyteller Kaori Yuki!

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Godchild, Volume 4 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
wordfiend More than 1 year ago
Volume 4 of Godchild continues the series good, well-paced storyline. And, boy is it starting to get creepy!
Calisson More than 1 year ago
Most unfortunately the English edition of Godchild volume 4 (at least from the first printing) has numerous instances of both the art and script being censored from the original Japanese edition regarding religious content. This is also ironic since Volume 4, unlike the other volumes in the Godchild series, is shrink-wrapped and carries the "Parental Advisory for Explicit Content" graphic on the front cover, as well as a "reader discretion is advised" preamble on the inside table of contents page regarding "imagery and themes of a cultural and religious nature". Sadly, the changes ranging from obscuring to outright removing religious symbolism, comparisons, and references (including of and to historical works of art) most certainly detrimentally affect the story of “Bloody Maria” which takes up the majority of the volume 4. Yet worse, is that by altering images and completely changing dialogue regarding perhaps the most explicit and violent content of the book (in the form of a particular portrait), the air is taken out of the climax of the story. And English readers otherwise unaware are left with the question of “what is the mysterious painting that the lady of the house refuses to show to anyone actually of?” Not to mention perhaps a diluted understanding of not only one particular side story, but greater insight into the deep aspects of Godchild’s characters and its themes. Caution and sensitivity on the part of publishers might be better understood when dealing with cultural and religious issues that could certainly become inflammatory. However, I cannot agree with how this book was released in English since I feel that too much is lost in this case and must rate it as poor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
this is a outstanding series there a little guy on guy action no kissing but the most the get is hugging but thats in the last book this is for gothics lovers and ext. i loved it and it was so cute sincerely, ~Cain s. speciale ^_^~
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, if you love, one: manga, two: drama, and three: a really hot guy. You will love this book, along with all the others. Cain is a boy that is only 17 and he is force to see death where ever he goes. But anyway you need to read this book. Thank you.