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Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted

4.5 180
by Aimée Carter

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Kate Winters has won immortality. But if she wants a life with Henry in the Underworld, she'll have to fight for it.

Becoming immortal wasn't supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she's as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he's becoming ever

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Goddess Interrupted 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 180 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful series. Of course, it had to end in a cliffhanger because its the second book in a trilogy. Trust me. You will read this book. You will love this book. You will be desperate for the last book to come out, so much that you will stalk the author until its published. Its a really good book.
IngaKS More than 1 year ago
My review: Let me rush ahead a little and say, that I liked Goddess Interrupted much more than the Goddess Test. Goddess Interrupted by Aimée Carter was a very good book and it is a perfect summer read. I enjoyed the characters and I also think that in Goddess Interrupted the author manages to create some similarities with Greek gods. Regarding the plot: After Kate Winters passes the tests for becoming a queen of the Underworld, it’s time for her to have her 6 months away from Henry. After she returns from Greece she is hoping, that Henry is gladly welcoming her back, but the reality is very different. There are extreme dangers waiting all the gods, because Calliope has been planning a perfect revenge for the fellow gods and goddesses. Calliope has released Cronus, one of the Titans who is seeking his freedom. Cronus was captured by the Greek gods after the war between Titans and Greek gods. When Henry and some other gods are imprisoned, Kate is the only one standing up for them. When other remaining people in Eden Manor are convinced that it is a lost cause, she takes action and seeks help from Henry’s ex-wife – Persephone. This is where things get complicated, because Henry hasn’t gotten over Persephone and Kate is struggling with her feeling towards Henry. There were lots of things I liked in the plot. First of all, the gods were more god-like in the novel. There are more similarities to the Greek gods and you can easier separate who is which god. There is still a way to go, but as it goes for Ava and James and especially Calliope the similarities are visible. I also liked that Persephone was brought into the book; it made the plot more interesting and tense. The relationships between Persephone, Henry and Kate were interesting. I think the author should also get praise for describing Kate’s feelings. Even though I did not understand everything about Kate and her actions in this book, I could relate to her. There was also enough action and some twists and turns in the book. I think that the author did an excellent job with the end of Goddess Interrupted. Just when you thought that the tension is disappearing, something new and unexpected happens and the beginning to the sequel to Goddess Interrupted is created. I think the ending of the book was brilliant and I wanted more! Regarding the characters: Kate created quite mixed feelings to me. I did not understand her until the mid of the book. Why would she put herself through all that pain because of her feelings? She seemed like a weak woman who stayed with a man who does not seem to love her. And then it happened! She stood up for herself! I loved that! The scene where she is telling Henry what she thinks about him in front of all the gods was perfect. This was the Kate I wanted to see! Brave, strong, with some self-respect. She grew on me. More or less the same goes for Henry. He was so annoyingly distant, weak, not being able to express himself and his feelings to Kate… until Kate flipped and decided to leave the Underworld. This was the turning point for him and also for me as a reader. Before that he was a flat character and after that he was the god I could like. I loved the dramatic end of the book and I truly hope that the author will show more of his masculinity as a god and as a man in the next book. I loved Persephone! Persephone created the basis for stronger relationship between Kate and Henry. She was feisty and lovable. I think Calliope was the closest to the goddess she is supposed to represent in the novel. Since Calliope is Hera – a goddess of marriage and childbirth, she is powerful, capable of doing anything what it takes to win the love of Henry or to destroy everything dear to Henry. She was vindictive, determined and ruthless and still vulnerable. The other character who was similar to the goddess she presented, was Ava – Aphrodite – a goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. She lived up to all of that in Goddess Interrupted. Generally: Goddess Interrupted is an interesting book after you have gotten through the first third of it. When the pace is taking up and leaves you breathless until you turn the last page. The end of the book is very good and dramatic, so it compensates the beginning of the book fully. I really liked Goddess Interrupted and definitely recommend the book and the Goddess Test series!
Ozzy12 More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Great book, great story. I was very entertained.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love this book!!!!
mrsinserra1 More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** I received an ARC of Goddess Interrupted and was super excited. I had not read Goddess test yet, but I had the book and just hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Since I received Goddess Interrupted, I thought I should get reading Goddess Test. I LOVED Goddess Test. I laughed, I cried, I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up to finish it. In the morning I add Goddess Interrupted to my nook and started reading. I was SOOOO excited, then just annoyed. I still cried, a lot, in this book, but by then end of the book I didn’t have a fondness for any of the characters. Diana, Kate’s mom, basically admits Kate was only born as a replacement for her sister, Persephone, and that she was raised to be Henry’s wife. Nice mom, but I guess very goddess like, only caring about herself. Ava- wow such a slut- and the end- wow- slept with everyone but her father and Henry, not kewl at all. But Kate seems ok with it. She’s not mad or upset with Ava, but she is with James. ........ READ MORE OF THIS REVIEW AT MY BLOG: sarahereads(dot)wordpress(dot)com .............................. So in conclusion, this book was ok. A TON happened, there was a bunch of action and adventure, but the book has the dreaded no ending, otherwise known as a cliffhanger. I hate these kinds of cliffhangers; you’ll see when you read the book. It just kinda angers me. There is no ending. I really felt like the author just didn’t know what to do, so she left it midsentence. Not kewl. I am not sure this series has much substance to keep going for a long time. They need to wrap up this Calliope/ titans thing like ASAP. It is getting old fast and I really am not sure I like the direction the series is going with this ending. It seems like it could go really bad, and not in a makes a good story kinda way. I can’t say more without giving the ending away. I will read the next book, but if things are still left so open, it may go into the pile of “series I never finished” because they just got really bad. I hope this doesn’t happen, but you never know. For parents and teachers, this book has a large focus on sex so I would consider that before recommending this to younger kids. I would say more like 9th grade through adult. At least in this one it is married sex between Kate and Henry, but that is not the case for all the characters. The story does make cheating on your spouse seem an ok thing to do. It is obviously up to you what you allow your kids to read, I just wanted you to be aware. I received this book as an ARC, but I am not paid to review books. I do so in order to help teachers and parents find books for their kids to read that are appropriate. Please read more of my reviews on my blog: sarahereads(dot)wordpress(dot)com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finished this book in one day it was sooooo good. Unfortunatly its only 200 pages but at least i have another book to look forward to.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Second book in the series... I absolutely loved The Goddess Test and couldn’t wait for book two, Goddess Interrupted, to come out. In the end, I both enjoyed it and was really frustrated by it. I still love the characters and the world that Aimee Carter has built with the Greek gods and goddesses trying to survive in the modern world. I love Henry and Kate together, even though you know that it isn’t going to be an easy relationship by half. Like Kate, I was a bit concerned when I heard that Henry’s first wife, Persephone, was going to be a big part of the book. Who likes to run into your current’s ex, after all? Book two’s biggest problem is…it’s the second book in the trilogy. Sigh. Whatever is going to happen here, you know you’re not going to get a satisfying ending just yet—there’s one more book yet to come, after all. And oh boy, is there ever a cliffhanger ending here! So if you’re looking for a good, satisfying ending, this isn’t going to be it. There also isn’t nearly enough Kate and Henry time in this book—they’re separated for way too much of it, especially as it is right after Kate’s six month stint in the "real world". I had really been hoping for a big welcome home scene, but alas, it was not to be. Because of their separation and the addition of Persephone to the mix, Kate spends far too much time obsessing about whether or not he really loves her—which was unfortunate shades of Harry Potter 5 for me (Why is everyone having fun at the Order of the Phoenix HQ without me? Why don’t my friends care about me anymore? Life is so unfair! And so on and so on and so on…). Henry then adds to the fun by being overly secretive and non-communicative. Argh. Ultimately, I still gave it a four-star rating because I love the characters and the universe and have high hopes for the final book in the series. Hopefully this is just growing pains and the second-book-in-the-trilogy syndrome, and all will be fixed come fall.
wordforteens More than 1 year ago
The thing about this series is I really, really love the story. On the other hand, I want to strangle Kate quite frequently. Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons - enough for me to have finished reading the book, at least. I like how the gods and goddesses interact; I like how Callipoe and Cronus' villian act worked; I like how Kate's a character that gets up and does things. (I also love how this series' completely okay with sex. Yay! No slut-shaming here!) The thing that annoys me is Kate's tendency to break down into tears over Persephone and Henry and yes, that is a big pain in the ass for her and it hurts and I know. There are moments, however, where I can't help but think, Cronus is trying to kill you! Bite back your tears and focus! Luckily, those moments were kept to a few -- though a lot of emphasis was placed on her relationship with Henry, a man she barely knew and was committing to immortality with, rather than the fact that she was choosing to be Queen of the Underworld. One of these things seems ridiculous and one of these things seems like something you should think about really, really hard. I got past both of those things, mainly because Kate buckles down near the end and finally deals with both Henry and her doubts about becoming Queen of the Underworld and so on and so forth, but for a while I just wanted to slap her. [SPOILER ALERT for the end of the book] And then we got to the last few pages. Kate's going off with Ava to snag a Titan to help them fight Cronus. Wonderful. I'm all for independence and going off and saving the world and still being in love and whatever. But what the hell, Calliope? Yes, I understand you're Hera and the goddess of fertility, but if you're going to make good on your threat to take away what Kate loves most, don't choose a baby she didn't even know she was pregnant with. Also, Ava, what the hell? That was a BIG character shift that - yes, great, I didn't see it coming, but paired with what Calliope was doing made little sense. I don't understand the ending, or why it needed to end on a cliffhanger. [END SPOILER ALERT] Besides that, though, I enjoyed the book far more than I anticipated.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg the ending left me wanting MORE!...i need to know what happends!...this book was fab! Cant wait for the 3rd book to come out Feb.2013!!...
Ladystorm More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I was glad to finally get a chance to read this one. It was a real fast paced read for me, though at times it felt a little repetitive. In the first book Kate passed the test and becomes a Goddess and Henry's wife. Then she leaves on her six months away from the underworld, so she really hasn't had a chance to get to know Henry much. She also spent her six months with James and she soon finds out that James had once had relations with Persephone and he is not one of Henry's favorite Gods. I like Kate but at the same time I really thought she was a little bit whiny in this book which is probably why it didn't get a 5 star. I seem to read it over and over again how she felt sorry for herself because Henry was still in love with Persephone, even when everyone told her that Henry was in love with her. I mean come on when the Goddess of love tells you that the guy love you then I think you should believe it. I do understand where her doubts are coming from, Henry hasn't been the loving husband she wants when she comes back to the Underworld. He also has a lot on his mind because the King of the Titans is reeking havoc on everyone and tries to kill Kate. I like Kate I just thought she was to whiny in this novel. Kate brings Persephone back into Henry's life when she goes and gets her to learn how to open the gate. Kate seeks out her help to help Henry and the other Gods with battling Cronus and it is because of Kate that Henry almost opens the gate which would let Cronus reek havoc all over the human race. Henry though doesn't really do anything to make Kate feel like she is better than Persephone which leaves Kate with a lot of doubt about Henry. Henry is just not very good with his feelings, he is Hades after all. He spends all of his time with dead people, and he has been alone for thousands of years. I really like Henry, he is just so lovable. Who would have thought I would ever like Hades! The end of this book leaves you with a cliffhanger as usual and I was looking for it but I was a little bit surprised, even though I had my suspicions on how it would end. In a way I knew something like that was going to happen but I was really hoping for a nice ending an not a cliffhanger. :( I really can't wait to read the next one to see what happens! If you love books about mythology then I think you should really give this series a try! I would recommend it to anyone!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I HIGHLY recommend. Seems like the new trend in teen paranomal romance is greek mythology, this book will blow you away. It also makes you think twice about relationship, real and fictional. Thats all i am giving away ;) ENJOY !!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Something about this book... I got really emotionally invested in this book, in a good way. I loved the dynamic that was built up between Kate and Henry and the conversations between them were real. The character development was great so that by the end the reader could accept the relationship changes. I've read a lot of reviews saying that Kate was kind of annoying always wondering whether Henry loved her or not and how she was not a strong female character. I just wanted to defend her for a second and say that while she is no strong, independent Katniss, I think Kate is a very true portrayal of a typical teenage girl. She wonders whether the one she loves, loves her as much as she loves him and fears that he doesn't. Some of the conversations seemed a bit repetitive, but on the whole I think this book was a very god read and a wonderful series overall. Though I may be biased because I love Greek mythology based books :)
RaeLynn_Fry More than 1 year ago
Cover Factor: Pretty sweet Rating: PG-13 for closed-door sex and some violence Coffee Beans: 1.5 (And only that high because I liked the cover) Favorite line: Ha! None Disclaimer: I received this book free from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for this honest review. “Oh, Kate!” Get over yourself, please. I’m sorry to anyone who liked this book, but this review is going to be somewhat harsh, so, if you don’t want to be a witness to my forthcoming opinion, my feelings won’t be hurt if you mosey along. I’ll wait. … Okay. Where do I begin? Is it the fact that Kate is the WEAKEST female character I’ve seen in a YA book (yeah, I’ve seen plenty, but she’s near the top)? Is it the fact that….omg….I can’t even finish that sentence, there are just so many options to choose from. Here’s my summary: • A heavy-handed “theme” of, “It’s not your fault she got in trouble; she made her own decisions and these are the consequences” and while that is a positive theme, saying it (exactly like that, btw) five different times in the book makes me feel like you think I sit in the corner with a dunce hat on my head. • Kate asking EVERYONE “Does he love me? I don’t think he loves me. I mean, he loves me, doesn’t he?” every two seconds is soooo tiresome! If your that insecure in your relationship, THEN MAYBE IT’S NOT THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU. Let’s not even address the fact that this is her husband from the first book in the series (I think it’s called The Goddess Test?). Her insecurities voices every. Single. Moment was such a distraction from the plot. Which was trying to prevent Chronus from escaping his prison in Hades and Calliope • Kate’s relationship with her “husband”. Talk about codependent in the worst way possible. Constantly think about what she did to make him mad, what she could do to make him like her more, pay attention to her, and whatever else she needed to feel validated. (Ugh!!) • Oh wait, and then there’s the insecurities/jealousy regarding her husband’s ex-wife, Persephone, and the fact that Henry cheats on Kate with Persephone while they’re married. I guess I can see here why Kate would question if Henry really did love her. I mean, he normally treats her like she’s some obscure painting on the wall, but this really says, “Eh, I don’t really care.” I like stories about Greek mythology and I kind of like Carter’s spin on it (although, I didn’t get all of it in Book 2, since most of it was set in Book 1 and I am now refusing to read it). So I guess it would be a “positive” that this book was loosely based on that. Kind of. Anyway. That’s all I’m going to say. I know this is A LOT shorter of a review than I normally post, but anything else I would have to say would just be beating a dead horse, and I love horses. Dead or alive. So I refuse that. Usual disclaimer: pick it up and read it for yourself. You may feel differently than I do. But I doubt it. I really, really doubt it.
FuzzyCoffeeBooks More than 1 year ago
Goddess Interrupted is a good sequel. It didn't fall into that "middle book" syndrome that some do, where it just doesn't hold up to the first. It added new storylines, and interesting ideas to an already fun plot. The characters (for the most part stayed true to who they were from the first book, and I'm glad to see that the danger that came up in the first book hasn't dissipated even after we found out who was causing it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing sequel... a real page turner.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely amazing. Between the battles both physically and mentally not to mention the whirlwind romance that has you changing your mind as often as kate(in a good way) i couldnt put this book down even if i wanted to! I really really hope the world doesnt end on 12 12 i dont know what id do if i never got to finish book lol! YEAH! It was that good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the first book and this one kept me engaged the entire time. I could imagine every single scene that happened in this book, felt every heart-wreaching event that took place for Kate, and see every as clear as day through her eyes... whenever her heart broke, mine followed. Whenever her world shattered, mine was right at her heels. Whenever she was happy, scared, brave, and felt like she was doing the right thing, i felt like that too.......... i dont just dont have the words for it.... And ESPECIALLY the end. REALLY? REALLLYYY??? my gosh... dont worry i am not going to say anything for those of you who didnt read it yet, but to those who DID read it, REALLY?? Henry broke my heat at that last scene.......... I can NOT wait for the next one..... (SERIOUSLY??? stupid Calliope......)
KatZombie More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed The Goddess Test, despite a few niggles with the story-line and characters. As a story the idea had many merits and the writing was top class, so I moved straight onto Goddess Interrupted ready for some more of those crazy Greeks. Goddess Interrupted is darker and has a lot more action than The Goddess Test. There is more world building, more of the characters personalities are revealed, and there are some seriously freaky things going down in Goddess-town. But......for most of the book, I wanted to smack Kate upside the head. Hard. It seemed like her every waking moment was lamenting how unloved she was, how Henry didn't pay her enough attention, how unsure she was of her place in the Underworld. And while I could understand that being married at 18, and suddenly finding yourself living in an Underworld under attack is going to cause a few cracks in your sunny persona, it was all a little bit too much for me. Henry just pissed me off for the most part - why Kate was so determined that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Henry just completely flew over my head, and even when I got to the end of the book I still didn't get it. OK, rant over. I have to say again that Ms. Carter is a very talented writer - the story flows exceptionally well and the dialogue isn't in the least bit cheesy or stilted. I really enjoyed the tension between Persephone and Kate and Ava, and the friendship between James and Kate added some normality to the story. In short, if you loved The Goddess Test, I think you will like Goddess Interrupted. But for me, the main characters being a whiny love-struck girl and a gruff, un-loveable Greek god just turned me completely off. I'll have to seriously think about whether I'll devote the time to finish reading the trilogy - not even a cliffhanger had me hungering for the next book.
dhaupt More than 1 year ago
Kate Winters passed “The Goddess Test”, became Henry’s (Hades) wife and is now returning to the Underworld from her required six month stay on the surface. She’s hoping to reignite the fires that burned between she and Henry and hoping against hope that she can be the wife and Queen he needs to rule beside him, she’s also hoping against hope that the doubts she’s had before disappear and that Henry will give her some sign that he’s over his first wife, the one who left him for a mortal, her sister Persephone. Upon returning she finds the realm in chaos when she learns that Cronus, the titan the Gods imprisoned is in the process of escaping with the help of one very unforgiving and unhappy Goddess, Calliope (Hera) and that Henry has been captured by them when he and the others tried to prevent his escape. Kate takes it upon herself to help and while the others prepare for the battle to save the world she goes in search of the one person who’s knowledge will help stop the war and find and rescue Henry, the same sister that abandoned him. The war has begun in earnest but Kate and Henry are still in a battle of their own, does he love her, does she love him enough to stay even knowing that his love may still be a prisoner to a love lost. Will she leave, will she stay what will happen to “Goddess Interrupted”. Aimée Carter in her second novel in this series continues to give a brand new look to the Olympian Gods, to what role they have in humanity and how they pick and choose new Gods so where her storyline is as old as time, it’s her perspective that is refreshingly new, inventive and enchanting. Her dialogue is a mixture that well represents each character’s personality. Her characters will also win the test of time in that they are Godlike and human together. Her hero and heroine Henry and Kate are not exactly what I had in mind for the King and Queen of the Underworld but they quickly grew on me and in addition Aimée gives me a multitude of co-stars to fill her pages and to fill in the blanks for me and to explain how they all came to be. Her love story is fraught with heartache, heartbreak, yearning and hope and I empathized with each sob and each feeling of joy. Her love scenes are well clouded behind innuendoes contain nothing that would offend any aged reader. This series is shelved with the YA and is published under Harlequin Teen but this very adult reader could not put either the first novel or this one down long enough to forget the previous sentence. This is the second in the series and I would recommend reading them in order. Aimée Carter thank you for my second look at Kate and Henry and all the other Gods that rule Olympus and I can’t wait for my next visit to see where you take them.
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
Goddess Interrupted was totally awesome. Well Done, Aimee Carter. WELL DONE! Aimee Carter turned her pen into a mighty sword and wrote a fantastic sequel novel for the Goddess Test series. Carter definitely stirred up my emotions. I wanted to crawl into this novel and knock the Hades out of Henry (I couldn't resist) I thought Aimee Carter had me steaming hot in the Goddess Test with Henry, but this time she had me boiling hot with him, and the cliffhanger ending is driving me crazy. Oh I wish I didn't have to wait another year. But believe me, I will be anxiously awaiting The Goddess Inheritance. I say again, Well Done, Aimee Carter! Kate is back at Underworld after her six month vacation that she and James took to Greece, and Kate is ready to become Henry's wife and queen. But Kate will have to face her own fears first. Her fear that Henry will never love her, and her commitment to stay with Henry if he never returns her love. But what is the worst thing that could happen to Kate while she’s waiting on Henry? Persephone, Henry’s ex-wife that he’s still in love with, returns. Kate will have to test her own heart this time to find out if her love for Henry is strong enough to go through hades for him. Kate also has to deal with the scorned goddess, Calliope, and her love for Henry that he rejected. Calliope is definitely teaching Kate that “hades hath no fury like that of a woman scorned". Well in this case, like that of a scorned goddess. Kate has her hands full with Persephone, Calliope and Henry. You can bet Kate is finding out that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I got to hand it to Henry. He lives up to his character as the Greek god Hades of the underworld, and he definitely gives Kate a hard time. I love when an author’s writing can make me feel all emotions when reading a story, and Aimee Carter has set my on fire. I highly recommend Goddess Interrupted as one heck of a fantastic novel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the fun the author had with a modern twist on mythology. I'm interested to see what happens between Kate and Henry.