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Gurus For Hire, Enlightenment For Sale

Gurus For Hire, Enlightenment For Sale

4.7 4
by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche
All you ever wanted to know but never dared ask about Gurus, disciples, groupies, sponsors, Dharma centres, different approaches and philosophies, who's right, who's best, why there is neither right nor best, and what it all has to do with YOU.

Through insightful observations, warm-hearted advice and deeply personal experiences, His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

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Gurus For Hire, Enlightenment For Sale 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Cleo-Jean More than 1 year ago
I don't know why this book is not promoted and publicised more widely. It is a real shame and a tragedy, because it would be most helpful to so many. In this age of instant gratification, we want everything fast, easy and NOW - if not, yesterday. There leaves little room for tolerance, patience, understanding, and especially, the concept of striving diligently to achieving one's dreams or happiness. In fact, the definition of happiness has been degraded from "lasting happiness" to the pursuit of "instantaneous temporary pleasures". We seek ecstasy at the pop of a pill, sensual pleasure at the pop of pill - everything lies in this "get rich quick and easy" way of life. And then we ask, why is our society so screwed up? Is it really any wonder? What is worse, we inspire the young with more variations of these degradation of values, virtues and valour. And then we ask, why is the youth so disconnected? Just imagine the people they will all grow up into? This is why this precious book is both so crucial and beneficial. Just because the title suggests a religious subject matter, but it deals with issues that are universal and relevant to us all - regardless of our creed, race, colour and culture. There is a profound lesson to be learnt and shared from this book that no other book of its kind has ever had the courage nor the expertise to deal with. We should not be put off by the labels or packaging and close our minds to life's great learning. Have we not done enough damage by that kind of thinking in the past? In one sentence, I can easily summarise the true benefits of this amazing book - it promotes peace, harmony, respect and understanding for all humanity. You owe it to yourself, as a fellow human being, to read it so that you too can be on your way to achieving real happiness in your life, by freeing your mind. Especially so, if you believe you have a stake in peace.
damefen More than 1 year ago
What you will NOT find in this book is a rose-tinted, candy-sweetened version of the truth. This particular Guru gives it to you AS IT IS. No holding back. And I had to ask myself why it is not laced with gentle, tender words, but HARD, BITING statements. But then I realise that may be that is what we really need right now, at this day and age. There is too much fluff and garbage these days. And they are EVERYWHERE! So, this Lama or Guru's words are like a gust of fresh air sweeping into our dusty, infested, cob-web of a mind. After all, if we do not make the effort to SPRING-CLEAN our mind and lives, what do you think will happen? Most likely, we would become the very cess pool we are seeking to avoid. So, stop running and hiding. Just turn around and tell yourself, today is the day I take back control of my life. Start with reading this book. This is your first step to total freedom - once and for all!
Duckini More than 1 year ago
His Eminence Tsem Tulku Rinpoche brings the politics of Dharma centres and misconception of Guru devotion out in the open and skilfully addresses each issue one by one. With incisive clarity and unexpected personal glimpses, His Eminence clarifies the confusion surrounding these perennial and pervasive issues facing lay people in Dharma centres worldwide. Whether Buddhist or of other religions, all spiritual seekers will find something which resonates within.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago