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Hard Way

Hard Way

4.1 6
by Katie Porter
No holds barred. No mercy. No going back...

Vegas Top Guns, Book 4

Throughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam "Dash" Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny's new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond.

Her abrupt announcement that she wants a

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Hard Way 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog “Katie Porter likes to push the envelope and it’s one of the reasons why I’ll keep coming back to their stories time and time again. Because they know how to do that well.” ~Under the Covers I have to start this by saying that I love this series and I love this writing duo. However, this book didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It was an ok read for me, but definitely not the best addition to the series. That being said, I also should mention that the reason why I feel that way is NOT because of the dubious consent and violent sex. So, let me try to explain. Sunny is a beautiful woman of Indian descent married to Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen. They’ve been married for a while but apparently they have always had issues that he was sort of oblivious to. He’s never made a big effort to be a part of her family and cultural traditions. She’s always been more focused on her career and being successful than her relationship with Liam. They’ve sort of had a vanilla relationship, neither one of them has ever really expressed to the other what they like. Up to this point, no problem. Here’s where things were thrown off a bit for me in the story. The book actually starts with Sunny wanting a divorce because she’s not happy and there’s another guy. At that, Liam sets out to prove to her he can give her what she needs and they embark in a week of depraved and kinky sex. And when they say violent, yeah it gets rough. But as always with Katie Porter, it’s hot! Not once did I feel that it was forced, even though physically it was at times. My problem was in the actual romantic connection between Liam and Sunny. The love, the longing, the issues, the make up and the break up. It felt superficial and I didn’t believe it. And then when I was expecting that “other guy” to make an appearance, that storyline didn’t turn out to be what I thought. And that made the whole relationship dynamic even less real. So I guess to summarize, the edgy parts of the story were done well and not in any way that should bother people, I don’t think. :) It was hot! The parts that threw it off for me were the connection or lack there of with between main couple. I do like that Katie Porter likes to push the envelope and it’s one of the reasons why I’ll keep coming back to their stories time and time again. Because they know how to do that well. I’m sure the next one will bring this duo back full force and I can’t wait. *ARC provided by publisher
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story. Thank you for a story that shows how hard staying married can be. It is never all fun and hot sex. I also think ptsd is a very real problem for many.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
slinkydennis More than 1 year ago
Well, when I started this book I really didn’t think I could finish it. It’s a very rough book, figuratively and literally. I stopped at Chapter 5 and put the book down. I loved the earlier books in this series, but I really didn’t think I could finish this one. Well, today I said screw it, sit down and read. Get through this book, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I am so glad I did. In Hard Way Dash (Liam) and his wife Sunny are going through problems. Sunny came home from work (she works across the country) and said she wanted a divorce. Well, it’s how they dealt with that that was so hard for me. Rape games do not do it for me. I don’t like them and they got extremely rough with them. Once I got past all that, and just listened to what the characters were saying, through actions and words, I got through. I really felt for both the hero and heroine. There were times I wanted to smack Liam, he was being such an insufferable ass. There were also times I wanted to slap the crap out of Sunny. I almost didn’t like her. It wasn’t until the end that I really got into her character. This couple suffered through so much, and this book shows that you must keep the lines of communication open in a marriage. They had so much between them that they left unsaid, just assuming the other would understand. Hard Way was overall a truly amazing story of a couple who would do ANYthing for their love. They might not have realized it at first, it might’ve taken a while, but when they did, it was beautiful. Even though it was a rough read for me, I loved this book. It was a moving addition to the Vegas Top Guns Series. I will definitely be reading more of them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago