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Heaven and Hellsbane
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Heaven and Hellsbane

4.3 8
by Paige Cuccaro

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Heaven and Hellsbane by Paige Cuccaro

Someone's killing angels and turning the half human, half angel illorum warriors against their angelic supporters. If the supernatural baddy behind the attacks isn't stopped soon, Heaven itself could fall victim. The Council of Seven has called in the best they've got to find the killers, and no one's more surprised than Emma

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Heaven and Hellsbane 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Crazed-bookie More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, it's been almost a year since Emma Jane picked up her sword and starting fighting. She is trying to balance being a Nephilm and having a regular life when magisters and Illorum start being killed and she's on the trail of who and why while still trying to locate her angel father and get herlife back to normal. of course nothing is that easy and she finds herself being watched by the council of 7 again while trying to figure out what her role is with the murders and why the Fallen don't want her hurt. I couln't put this book down, loved it.
Magluvsya03 More than 1 year ago
I loved the first book. It was refreshing, interesting and a wonderful new world to play in :) It&rsquo;s only getting better, though you will actually hear me gripe a bunch about this one, just not for the reasons you may think LOL. There&rsquo;s so many good things about this series that I think may just blow up soon. If you are an angel fan, you&rsquo;ll either really love it, or be mad like me, because I like to think Angels are like Eli, caring and wanting the best for mankind. You&rsquo;ll meet the &ldquo;other&rdquo; angels in this one, and I&rsquo;m thinking I may have to team up with the Demons on this one :) LOL Now that&rsquo;s I&rsquo;ve got you intrigued, let&rsquo;s talk characters.  Emma Jane is growing used to the fact that her normal life is gone, maybe forever. She had some major character growth here. She is maturing, she is learning to fight better, she is willing to risk her life for others and she does it often. She is also getting her booty handed to her several times, and her interactions with the &ldquo;angel council&rdquo; is pretty interesting. I am still a huge fan of Emma, but I have two major complaints, and it&rsquo;s nothing to do with the writing, but her crazy choices. Emma longs for normalcy more than ever. All she wants is to have the nice life, maybe settle down with Dan, maybe even have kids. YET&hellip;. She makes the choices that turn her away from this want EVERY TIME!!!! Seriously! I wanted to slap her several times. She continuously, obsessively says she wants to be normal. And then she does SOMETHING ELSE that takes her even further from that normalcy. She has two major decisions that totally blew my mind. She made her &ldquo;Team&rdquo; choice, and there&rsquo;s no turning back, ever, on this one. AND, she gets that big chance, literally, for her normalcy, and she chose different. I absolutely cannot wait to see where book three is going to be at, because this one is a whammy hahahahaha! I am still on Emma&rsquo;s side and I am rooting for her all the way!  Dan is my favorite! He&rsquo;s her normal cop boyfriend, and I feel bad for him. He is always left on the side and out the loop and yet he still takes up for Emma and forgives her, and gives in to her. And tolerated everything with Eli. Eli is the lovely angel. I like him, he&rsquo;s sweet, for an angel that seems to be saying something. They are all in for a whirlwind ride with Emma. Those damn angels, somebody needs to shoot them with some lightning or something. If anyone called me &ldquo;it&rdquo; to my face, I am pretty sure you would have to kill me, as you wouldn&rsquo;t be able to pry my &ldquo;it&rdquo; hands off your neck!  There are a lot of different plot twists going on. You have Emma&rsquo;s personal life, her love life, her duties with the angels, the mystery of the angels dying, not to mention trying to stay alive. And you start realizing that some angels are bad, and some demons maybe aren&rsquo;t, as well as some fallen. You&rsquo;ll have a fun time trying to figure out who is really a &ldquo;good guy&rdquo;, with their actions, not just their words and titles.  I loved the writing as well. The world building and the action. I loved the plot twists and even if it wasn&rsquo;t what I was hoping for, the fact that she made a choice, and now Emma and everyone around her has to live with the consequences. :) It&rsquo;s a thrilling ride, with a new twist on angels, and their demon counterparts and the fallen angels who are the inbetween. I really can&rsquo;t wait for more books! 5 ANGEL PRETTY PAWS! :) 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Half angel/half human demon hunter, with a cop for a boyfriend (at the time) who had issues with the fact that they never got to spend any quality time together because of interruptions( his job or her new one) , her angel mentor and anything else that may pop up at the any given time. She&rsquo;s a little more resigned to the fact and kind of knows what to expect from it all. Her &quot;Angel&quot; mentor and his &ldquo;Accomplices&rdquo; and other other-worldly ones can interfere in human situations, but they can let her know about them and she can do something about it. She&rsquo;s also trying to find a rogue angel/demon. It&rsquo;s fast pace, action packed and the couple that eventually come together are even believable and likeable and you even want to root for them. If, this is, the first book in a new series can hardly wait for the rest. Check it out.
Megz_0711 More than 1 year ago
Let me start off by saying that I loved this book. I loved the characters and the background history and how in-depth the entire story is. I love Angels and Fallen Angels and Nephilim and everything that goes with them like the battle of Heaven and Hell. I love Emma Jane (at first I was all about calling her Emma, but that quickly changed) and her sassy smart ass ways and her constant talking back. And of course I love Eli....I knew I'd like him from the first moment he interrupted Emma Jane and Dan's date. Eili is described as being &quot;Everything angels were supposed to be; tall, broad-shouldered, with a strong, athletic build. He had the looks that could steal a woman's breath, keep her speechless for seconds. His silky, black hair hung in soft waves over his forehead, enhancing his startlingly pale cloud-blue eyes.&quot; Then we have Dan, who is half human half nephilim, but his powers are dormant because he hasn't picked up a sword yet and he is also a police detective. He knows what Emma Jane is and all about the supernatural world. Apparently Eli has this uncanny ability to always interrupt Emma Jane's time with Dan. They need to begin an investigation that will carry through most of the book about particular killings. The crime scene that Eli takes her to has writing written on the wall talking about &quot;the coming&quot; and we find out that magisters and their illorum charges are being killed. Now since Angel's cannot truly get involved without starting up the war again this could become a game changer. Because we find out that some illorum marks are different....dark almost. And the question becomes how can that happen? They finally get a name and are called Gibborim. And then there's the Angel council and Fred....I mean Fraseal....no crap that's not right either its Fraciel. However, that's just too much work to do so I agree with Emma Jane and he shall be called Fred. But he works with and for the council and they are made of up 7 Arc Angels. The front runner or &quot;general speaker&quot; is Michael, no surprise there. However, my one surprise is how much I hated Gabriel. He was always one of my favorites, but after this book, I just can't quite look at him the same. So Dan and Eli don't like each other and every time Dan and Emma Jane try and have some normalcy in their life something always comes up. To the point that it could seem like Emma Jane is always choosing Eli over Dan. Now at the same time, he is her teacher of sorts and when supernatural things happen (as they tend to do) she has to go. It's not like she's choosing Eli, but she has a &quot;job&quot; to do. And Dan's a cop come on he should understand this kind of thing.  Anyways as the story goes on the relationship between Eli and Emma Jane does kind of change. It's kind of hard to describe, because something happens and it makes Emma Jane realize something on a different level. The question becomes will the Angels be able to step in, in time to save Eli, or are they already to late? Will he end up falling? Does he love Emma Jane more than an Angel of God should? How far will she let him go? Can she save him?  There are a few plot twists in this book that keep the reader hanging on till the very end. And even when all hell is breaking loose (so to speak) I found myself cheering for certain things. Another big storyline in this book was Emma Jane locating her biological father, the Fallen Angel whom she has to kill to go back to a normal life. I had my suspicions throughout the book, but it wasn't until I was about half way through that I started piecing things together, but it was well worth the build up. Because of free will Emma Jane makes a few life changing choices and she will forever be shaped and changed by.   I can't wait to see what is to come in the next book for Emma Jane, her father, Eli, Dan and both Heaven and Hell. Who will win the war this time? Is there really just a good and evil side? Or a middle ground that can be found? You'll have to read to find out these answers as well as sooo many more. 
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
There is a little bit of everything in this book&hellip; and enough of everything to keep any reader on the edge. I was hooked from page one, I wanted to know, no I needed to know what was going on in Emma&rsquo;s head. Did she want Eli or did she want Dan? Was she willing to tempt an angel to fall? There are so many things going on, but the plotline stays on target, the fight scenes are edge of your seat and you might just ponder the purpose of your existence, just kidding. Honestly, this series is enjoyable and I am just waiting for the next installment because I still need to know what Emma is going to do&hellip;.
AVoraciousReadr More than 1 year ago
Lots of action 3.5 *Book source ~ Many thanks to Entangled Publishing for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review. Emma Jane Hellsbane is an illorum, a warrior for God and she fights demons and Fallen angels because her own father was a Fallen. If she can find him and send him to the abyss then she can get a normal life back. At first, that&rsquo;s all she wanted, but after a year of fighting demons she&rsquo;s beginning to wonder, even with Officer Dan as her boyfriend, if that&rsquo;s what she really wants anymore. When magisters are being killed by demons and gibborim (nephilim who fight for Fallen instead of God) Emma has to decide between searching for her father with the only lead she has or fighting the ones who are killing magisters and taking their swords. If she can send her Fallen father to the abyss she would never have to fight again. She would be off the radar. However, Emma&rsquo;s own magister is at risk and since she loves him she decides to fight the gibborim instead. But is forbidden love the right reason? I had some problems with this book. First, there are two glaring mistakes. In Hellsbane, Officer Dan says he has five children, four boys and a girl, yet in this book he has only a boy and a girl. Second, the holy water necklace Emma wears is supposed to look like it did when Tommy wore it not like when Joan wore it. Emma told Eli in Hellsbane to make it look like how Tommy wore it, but in this book it looks like Joan&rsquo;s necklace. There&rsquo;s also a lot going on and sometimes all the terms and explanations were confusing to me. In addition, Emma acts very foolishly quite a bit in this book, always insisting that &rsquo;she can handle it&rsquo; and I consider that pure arrogance considering how little training she has in fighting. On top of that, the love that Eli and Emma feel for each other just didn&rsquo;t do anything for me. I didn&rsquo;t believe in it and it ended up being an annoyance. And her thoughtless disregard for others when she traipsed off to Italy, well, she lost a lot of my respect there and even more when she said she&rsquo;d handle it and be back in a few hours. Really? *shakes head* She acts too much like a bratty teenager and not a 23-year old. Yeah, I&rsquo;m not liking Emma too much in this book. I certainly hope she grows up in the next one. It was very interesting to learn about her father though and I would love to know more about how much different Emma is from other nephilim. All-in-all if you can buy into the Eli/Emma romance then this is an excellent book, but since I couldn&rsquo;t it&rsquo;s only a good book for me.
surroundedbybooks More than 1 year ago
Stuck between &ldquo;good&rdquo; and &ldquo;evil,&rdquo; Emma Jane Hellsbane must fight for what is right in Heaven and Hellsbane by Paige Cuccaro. I just love the character Emma Jane Hellsbane. She&rsquo;s smart, sexy, strong, and very sarcastic. Her snarky voice can have me chuckling one minute and in tears the next. Eli, her strong and handsome angel, wants to do the best by her, even if it isn&rsquo;t the best thing for both of them. And Officer Dan&rsquo;s the type of guy people can root for as well. Liam, another illorum, quickly became one of my favorite characters as well in this battle between good and evil. This novel picks up where Hellsbane left off. The danger is very real&mdash;for angels, demons, and us mere mortals. Cuccaro keeps up a fast pace for the storyline. Every turn has a twist and a new surprise. I never knew quite who to trust as the lines are getting muddied between good and evil. I enjoyed how the lines of right and wrong get blurred and the philosophical and moral ponderings add another level to this fun and sexy series. And the romance is smokin&rsquo; hot and definitely worth &ldquo;falling&rdquo; in love over. Paige Cuccaro&rsquo;s Heaven and Hellsbane is an exciting read filled with non-stop action. I can&rsquo;t wait to read the next one in the series!
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C: *eARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I have to start by saying this is the second in a series (previous book is Hellsbane), and unfortunately I haven't yet read that one. I quickly realized that it would most definitely be a good idea to read the series in the order it was written, as I don't really feel this is a standalone novel. Emma Jane Hellsbane is the daughter of fallen angel and is a really feisty and butt kicking heroine. She has the power to sense when fallen angels are close, and heaven sent skills to vanquish both them and the demons they work with. As an Illorum, it's her duty to fight those who unlike her have already succumbed to evil and now fight as Gibborim (warriors of evil) She's under the tutelage of a very sexy angel - Eli - who is sworn to both train and protect her. Her life is further complicated by her relationship with Dan, a detective who also could be turned into an Illorum, as he's the child of a fallen angel as well but their very complicated triangle will test them all. This tale is chock full of angels in all their various guises, and initially I must admit I felt a little bogged down by all the different titles. Seraphim as the warrior angels that protect humanity were not portrayed as I expected, but that's the beauty of this story. Nothing is cut and dry! This is a book that pulls the reader in and as the story progresses tears you apart! As I previously stated, I haven't read the prequel and if honest, it took me awhile to both understand and truly enjoy this book, but when it got going... boy was it a fantastic ride. If I had to rate it initially it would have been just 4, which is a good mark for me, but the emotion that I felt in the second half as I came to both know and empathize with the characters makes this a 5 for me!  Amazing story , loved the characters, surprises galore and really want to read more!