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Homemade Soda: 200 Recipes for Making & Using Fruit Sodas & Fizzy Juices, Sparkling Waters, Root Beers & Cola Brews, Herbal & Healing Waters, Sparkling Teas & Coffees, Shrubs & Switchels, Cream Sodas & Floats, & Other Carbonated Concoctions

Homemade Soda: 200 Recipes for Making & Using Fruit Sodas & Fizzy Juices, Sparkling Waters, Root Beers & Cola Brews, Herbal & Healing Waters, Sparkling Teas & Coffees, Shrubs & Switchels, Cream Sodas & Floats, & Other Carbonated Concoctions

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by Andrew Schloss

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Making your own soda is easy, inexpensive, and fun. Best of all, you can control the sweetness level and ingredients to create a drink that suits your individual taste. In this guide to all things fizzy, Andrew Schloss presents a handful of simple techniques and recipes that will have you recreating your favorite commercial soft drinks and experimenting with new

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Homemade Soda 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Joanie_Wanamaker More than 1 year ago
You might call it soda, pop, or coke but whatever part of the world you are from you've most likely had a soda. Using beautifully illustrated and easy to understand recipes you will learn everything there is to know about soda from it's history to how it is made. The 200 recipes in this book rate from beginner to advanced, but there is most definitely something for everyone. Whether you want to make an egg cream or try your hand at birch beer or cola there's a recipe for you in this book. Some are classics and some are a little more exotic, but no matter the recipe each is easy to understand.. Throughout the book there are nice little tidbits relating to certain recipes. If you love soda. If you want to try and make your own, or even just want a better understanding about this world renowned drink then this is definitely the book for you.
CuteEverything More than 1 year ago
At the heart of Homemade Soda is the 200 recipes for making (and using) an incredible variety of sodas and sparkling drinks of all kinds. The recipes are both startlingly inventive -- and refreshingly delicious. The book starts off with a fairly in-depth description of different ways that you can make these sodas at home, and each recipe includes the appropriate variants, along with an alcoholic "mixology" section for each recipe. However, the quickest and easiest way will surely be to use the SodaStream, which works excellent for making any of these specialities. In the recipe section, the first chapter is Sparkling Waters, which includes seltzers with flavors like caramel, goji, honey, cardamom, honeydew, mint, and chile, as well as vitamin-infused sparkling waters. The second chapter is all about fruit sodas. The recipes often bring different flavors together, like orange-honey-ginger ale, or strawberry pomegranate. Next is Root Beers & Cola Brews, which includes a variety of root beers, as well as what is thought to be the original Coca-cola recipe, in addition to their own cola recipes, ginger ales, and other naturally fermented drinks, like kambucha. Chapter four is Herbal Sodas & Healing Waters, which includes superfood ingredients like acai, licorice, basil, and lavender. After that is Tizzy Juices, which includes fruit juices of all types -- with a twist -- like fermented apple, vanilla pear, pomegranate cranberry, cucumber mint, and a recipe with papaya, orange, lime and vanilla. There is nothing like a fresh fruit soda on a hot summer's day... so refreshing! Sparkling Teas, Coffees & Chocolates offers many more recipes that you won't find in stores, like coconut green tea, hazelnut coffee, and cocoa chile. At the start of the chapter, Cream Sodas, Egg Creams & Floats (as for all the chapters), there is a brief history, which in this case explains why there is generally no cream or eggs in these. Yet the book offers some with milk, and even a sparkling egg nog,alongside recipes for strawberry, almond-honey and banana cream sodas, dulce de leche, and mango lassi effervescent drinks as well. Then there is a chapter devoted to exotic Shrubs, Switchels & Other Vinegar Drinks, with recipes like watermelon mint cordial. Given how healthy apple cider vinegar is said to be, we will definitely be trying some of these, like the sweet and sour apple cider. The last two chapters of Homemade Soda involve cooking with sodas, and includes delicious recipes like cola chili and root beer baked beans, as well as desserts, like lemon-lime cheesecake and ginger ale gingerbread. The 336-page book finishes up with an excellent index and recommended places to get obscure ingredients. Homemade Soda is a perfect accompaniment to the SodaStream machine, to assist you in making all kinds of delicious beverages at home!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These are just too good and most of them are so easy to make at home! I'll never be able to drink plain old coke again. Make sure you try the honey jasmine tea soda -- yum!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This soda is amazing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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