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How to be a Dragon... without burning your tongue

How to be a Dragon... without burning your tongue

5.0 2
by Arlene L. Williams

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What if you thought you were becoming a dragon, scale by scale and claw by claw? That's Rozzie's problem after she meets a shadowy beast in a mountain cavern that claims it transformed her into a dragon. This drastic event catapults Rozzie into a fantastic, magical journey through the loneliness and resentment that has plagued her for a very long time. No longer can

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How to be a Dragon... without burning your tongue 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I hope you don't mind me telling a story ,instead. First, •I am a yellow cat with a red chest. •^--^ I am a cat NOT A WOLF! About 10 moons ago, I was born. "What should we name our kits"? Said my mother,Midnightsky. "I know",said our father,Strongtail. "We can name the black and gray one,Darkkit and the golden one,Brightkit." "How about our last one?" Said our mother. "I don't know." A couple of days after I opened my eyes,the amazing happened. I was watching the birds fly when I saw... a firery bird with a yellow beck. "Hello!" I said. It flew away. That is right. I saw a Phoenix. I told my mother and father. "Midnightsky,Strongtail,Darkkit,and Brightkit,guess what?!" "What?" "I saw a lovely fire bird." Midnightsky couldn't belive what she was hearing. Nethier did Strongtail. "Yeah,right! No one has ever seen a Phoenix." Said Brightkit."Huh?" "Mousebrain."she whispered."What was that?" Said Midnightsky. "Nothing." "I belive her." Said Darkkit. After we ate some mice, my mother and father talked to me. "Your name will be Phoenixkit." They said. "Yipee!" Shortley after that we moved to Magmaclan. Then I saw a claner try to eat 2 little eggs. I hissed him away. I put the 2 eggs in my den and licked them. The eggs started to hatch. 2 little Phoenix chicks came out. I took them to the back of the den."What should I call you two?" Then a great idea came in my head. I looked at the girl and said "I will call you Phoebe." I look at the boy. "I will call you Jack." A moon later,I become Phoenixpaw. I thought my 2 chicks to fly. One day,the day before I become warrior. My Phoenix friends take to the clouds where Phoenixes lives. "This is where our parents were born." Said Jack. "Though we never knew them." Said Phoebe. The place was so cool i showed the whole clan. Brightpaw starts attacking them. Everyone eles to. Phoebe screams. Jack tries to fight them off. Soon they all left. My punishment was staying with for a moon. When came back,cats started calling me Phoenixkit and they made me sleep in the prisoners den. After a moon,they forget. Soon I make a clan with Phoebe and Jack. And I just got to the present. THE END!!!