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How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams: A Guide to Transforming Your Career

How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams: A Guide to Transforming Your Career

4.5 2
by Kenneth Atchity

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Are you a creative person seeking more satisfying work? Do you want to make the transition from a job you find secure but soulless to a life built around your creative dream? Then look no further than this essential guide, written by a tenured professor who quit his job and pursued his dream as a successful “story merchant” and film producer. This book

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How to Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams: A Guide to Transforming Your Career 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pain. Insecurity. Rejection. Fear. Torment. Profound Misunderstanding. That has been my life, Mr. Atchity. When I decided to "write my wrongness" in 2002, through poetry, I started to understand, at least in my own psyche, the forces that made me so vastly different throughout the course of my life. I have never been "normal." I have always been that square peg in a very round hole. And as you can attest to, Mr. Atchity, growing up in a small southern town, when you're so radically different, operates two fold on your consciousness. Because everyone knows everyone else, you can't melt into the obscurity of the nameless and faceless nebulousness of the big city. Your difference is magnified because that small town dynamic thrives on everyone being homogeneous. Everyone HAS to fold into that dynamically undynamic ethos of that small town sphere. How To Quit Your Day Job and Live Out Your Dreams spoke to the fallen soldier in me. It spoke to that warrior that has lost far too many battles to count. Over the course of time, perhaps, the post traumatic stress disorder has rendered my soul too battle scarred to peel back the layers of the years of scab that is the loss of my Visionary. Oh sure, my novel, Hallelujah! In Hollywood: A True Hollywood Story is my rage against the Accountant machine; but the consequence of being called insane repeatedly, and unapologetically, by family, friends and foes alike, has taken a very real and tangible toll on me and I am tired. I am weary. I am worn. But, Kenneth Atchity, How To Quit Your Day Job showed me that I am NOT alone. There are other aliens amongst the Accountants. There are others who have had the indignity of the psychological conformity heaped upon their heads; but, we have fought and you have scratched and clawed every day, to not be buried under the mounds of dirt of misunderstanding that often times turns into a simmering cauldron of unbridled rage. This book showed me that the way that I chose to turn that rage inward into passion and introspection, then outward into an environmental study and critique of the people, situations and circumstances that plagued my family, my town, my life and myself, was indeed the correct path to self-discovery and ultimately, liberation of the very psyche that once threatened to engulf me in the flames of self-hatred. For too many years, I let people and their opinions of my chosen life path be the gasoline that ignited a negative life force within me. Hallelujah! In Hollywood: A True Hollywood Story tells the arsonists that I am on fire. I will not be extinguished. I will not be squelched. And the fact is, someone, somewhere, this wonderful book tells me, needs to be set ablaze to find the courage to pursue their passion. A wise man, by the name of Atchity, once conveyed these two messages to me: True prophets reject rejection and Where things are going is all that really matters. I am Hollywood, South Carolina's prophet. I was picked by the invisible hand of destiny to write my True Hollywood Story. The only thing that's important are the hearts, minds and souls that will be touched my Hollywood. In the end, that's all that really matters. Thank you, Kenneth Atchity, for putting a magnifying glass on my experience. Thank you for your experience. Thank you for using this megaphone of How To Quit Your Day Job to sound the alarm to rattle souls. That mighty megaphone moves those souls toward their destiny. I see clearly now the rain is gone. I see clearly now the pain is gone. You're a visionary, Mr. Atchity. Thank you for giving the world, through this book, such a lucid pair of glasses to look through. SHAYTEE GADSON
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finished reading How to Quit Your Day Job and live Out Your Dreams. Even though I retired from teaching, a profession I love, I identified  with about 80% of your interpretation of the "tranisition" , excluding the the planning sheets. There is a great balancing act, just like the  tight-rope walker, that one must embrace when entering a new life. I learned awhile ago that " Every day is a new day" and at times " Every  moment is a new moment." I hold onto the spiritual side of myself and try to be aware of the universal signs being sent to me. Moving for- ward , money does impact my Accountant. I am a starving artist with a pension. I rely on my Mind's Eye while my Visionary side fills me up with ideas. Thank you for your book's perspective. GHeller