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i am neurotic: (and so are you)

i am neurotic: (and so are you)

3.7 9
by Lianna Kong

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Based on the popular, hilarious website of the same name, I am Neurotic is a smorgasbord of anonymous confessions and wacky photographs that reveal people’s deepest neuroses. Author Lianna Kong has collected the best neuroses from the blog, as well as previously unreleased submissions, demonstrating how neurotic behavior is highly amusing, shocking at

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I am neurotic (and so are you) 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Linda-Mai-Ellen More than 1 year ago
This is an entertaining book, and upon reading it, some of these neuroses made me smile because I may know someone who is particularly neurotic about what is described in the book, while others times, I think I can relate to certain neuroses (although some would argue that I'm still in denial). I like the photography by Matthew Stacey in this book and the presentation is something too. It's a fun book and it's easy to share and pass around. If you know someone who is especially neurotic, this book can be a fun gift. (betterwithbooks.blogspot.com)
gl More than 1 year ago
Another HarperStudio book, i am neurotic (and so are you) is a light compilation of different "neurosis" depicted in clever photographs. Lianna Kong uses the term neurosis loosely and for effect. i am neurotic (and so are you) didn't appeal to me as much as I'd expected, some of the quirks seemed a bit contrived to me and I may have fixated on the loose use of the term neurosis. I expect that the book will be better appreciated by other readers, the book is a fast read and quirky with artful photographs. ISBN-10: 0061791474 Publisher: HarperStudio; Original edition (October 13, 2009), 240 pages. Review copy courtesy of the publisher.
Twink More than 1 year ago
Oh this one was a hoot! Lianna Kong started her blog "to create an entertaining procrastination tool...and provide a space where my friends and I could anonymously confess our neuroses." Soon people she didn't know were sending in their quirks. And a year later, they've been compiled into this book - i am neurotic. Everything included in the book was sent into the blog. Each neuroses is accompanied by a colour photo illustration by Matthew Stacey. Well, like what Luanne? Aligning the strings of people's hoodies. Throwing out your pen if someone else touches it. Alphabetizing your canned goods. Tacks must be in rainbow order. Crayons in heatscale order. Aligning the hangers in a department store. Alternately - having something out of place, so it's not 'perfect'. Eggs must always be in pairs in the carton. Oh there's a lot more. But I saw myself when I read this one - "Whenever I buy a new book, I have to bury my nose in between a few random pages and take in a deep breath." Just a fun book to leaf through. Anyone who likes Postsecret will appreciate i am neurotic.
GirlwiththeBraids More than 1 year ago
RECOMMENDED This book is based on real people's submissions to iamneurotic.com so you know you aren't the only one with these neuroses. From lining up the tacks on bulletin boards to eating Cheetos with chopsticks (orange fingers, eww!), over 200 neuroses are explored each with a wonderful photograph and a few short sentences. This is a nice, quick sit-down read that's really fun to look through. I didn't expect the neuroses to be so different from each other. I found it boring at times yet the pictures kept me interested enough to keep reading. The pictures were terrific! The models did an excellent job with posing for them. If you pick up i am neurotic (and so are you), don't expect a book. Expect a photography portfolio (which can sometimes be even better than a book). *contains a sexual reference & a picture of partial nudity
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JudyReiser-author More than 1 year ago
As the author of the original two, acclaimed books on this subject: "Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies, and Irrational Behavior" and "And I Thought I Was Crazy!", my background uniquely qualifies me to comment on this book. I have decades of experience delving into quirks and idiosyncrasies and am recognized for helping to bring the subject to the forefront. Despite professing to a "loose interpretation of the term", the author has negatively labeled this behavior as neurosis. I disagree. Most of these do not constitute a debilitating, pathological, anxiety-provoking disorder, they're simply oddities that we all have and which fall within the context of normal behavior. "Neurosis" is an unfair and inaccurate characterization that does a disservice to those who exhibit this harmless behavior. Why use a term that you feel you have to make excuses for? Is it because "quirks", "idiosyncrasies" and "irrational behavior" were already taken? From impersonal contributions to her blog, this author did not have the opportunity to acquire additional details, get clarification where necessary and evaluate the authenticity of the person's behavior whereas I?interviewed thousands of people, one on one. Contributors are entirely anonymous in her book. My contributors are identified by their gender, age and profession which gives a broader picture of the individual and often, more meaning to their quirks. Her book has only one "neurosis" per page which significantly limits the total number in the book. Each of my books has hundreds more examples of quirks and idiosyncrasies than this book. I suggest readers compare both books & visit http://www.judyreiser.com