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If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something

If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something

3.3 8
by Rebecca St. James

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Throughout her career Rebecca St. James has been a bit of a musical chameleon, dabbling in electronica, folk, and traditional praise & worship settings. But like all good vocalists, she rises to the occasion and adapts with great ease to whatever the canvas presents to her. This time around she finds herself in the trenches of the highly polished, extremely commercial

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If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Each song ministers in a different way, even if they're not all among my St. James favorites. 'Shadowlands,' 'Beautiful Stranger,' 'I Need You,' and 'I Can Trust You' are. This last album of Rebecca's came at just the right time for me and was a great encouragement. As always, the music itself was gorgeous and the lyrics solid. Rarely have I noticed filler lyrics on her albums. Most of the albums have at least two songs that are instantly appealing, and many other songs that improve with listening.
Guest More than 1 year ago
i loved this CD. I'd say it was her best one yet. She truly has a godly perspective in these songs. I really like Thank You with Tobymac, and Love Being loved by you the most. i'd say this Cd is worth the money
LiadanESM More than 1 year ago
Aside from any "greatest hits," albums or the "A-live in Florida," this is her best "regular album" yet. I can't agree with other reviewers that this detracts from her typical style, if anything, it broadens it. I see in R St. J's albums a growth and expansion happening. Her album, simply titled "God," is just that: simple. Not 'simple-minded,' but very innocent and uncomplicated in expressing her adoration of the Almighty. And, from there, her musical expressiveness seems to take on more and more facets with each successive album: "Transformed", "Worship God," "Best of," and now "If I Had...". I think part of the reason people reacted to this album with ambivilance is perhaps because she did have a greater tendency for worship style music in the past, and this takes more a straight "Contemporary Christian" feel and mayhaps some of her fans weren't ready for that; but it doesn't mean that she won't return to that genre in the future or explore it more, it just means she's trying new things and expanding in other directions. As long as God gets the glory and there's not moral compromise, what's the problem? I don't see any. But, I don't want to linger on this. Let's get to the actual overview. Like I said before, she does expand, but it's in wonderful ways. We see a great spectrum of emotion, feeling and expression in this album, and I do like her less simple and straightforward lyrics, they come off to me as more creative and thought out. Going down the roster: "God Help Me," I think is my favorite song on this CD. It's powerful, driven and almost desperate in her plea for God to help her get through her life glorifying Him. The rock is fabulous and her delivery is awesome. "Alive" is also great, not as intense, but still good. "You are Loved," is sort of poetic rock, if such a genre exists, but it's very evocative in her 'story' of meeting someone fallen from God and her attempts to get through to this person. "Shadowlands" is amazing. It's so emotive, filled with raw hope and again, that desperation for Jesus to see her/us through. You really feel both her pain and joy in this breathtaking piece. "I Need You" and "Beautiful Stranger" are again, not as gripping, but still have great feeling and depth. Worth enjoying, and hearing the messages they offer. "Thank You" is a throwback to her previous, less complex lyrics. Fans of her 'tradional' sound will enjoy this song with Tobymac, as she offers God a great rap/rock song of very freely given thanks for all He has done. It has a great beat. "Forgive Me" and Lest I Forget" are worth mentioning together, because they are both deeply touching ballads that are so full of feeling you WILL be brought to tears. R. St. J. is so open and depthful in these two songs, if you really need to intimately reach God through song, these are it. They are so beautiful and powerful. You will love these 2 songs. "I Can Trust You" is another of her 'traditional' style pieces, pretty and thought provoking, it's another gem. Whatever you may have heard/read in way of negative feedback, ignore it. Rent this CD first if you need to (check your local library) and try it out first, but be open-minded. Don't let the style expansion put you off, this CD is fabulous. Give it a chance, R. St. J. does N
Guest More than 1 year ago
After the excitement of a new, much anticipated release wears off, this album is not the finest. Rebecca takes a personal journey, like a more secular artist, as opposed to her former stance of radically pointing the way to God. The lyrics of this album are not always carefully crafted. If you can not relate to or understand her personal experiences, the album offers only a few fantastic worship songs, including "Forgiven."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
i have heard better cds from rebecca st. james , but i can't really hate any of her music because i like her as a singer alot , but i would have to say that this is her 2nd worst cd she's ever had, i do hope she makes more cds but just not as lame as this one although there is at least five good songs on the cd, but if you are a true fan of rebecca st. james then i would recommend this to you all, if not don't waste your time or money!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
come on she could do way better than this why did she have to go and ruin her singing career, i got this cd thinking that it was going to be like her last ones that were good. these new songs are just dull and have no point and they have no meaning she used to be a wonderful singer i mean there was only about three good songs on this cd if even that. hopefully her next cds in the future will be better. don't waste your money on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This album has a few good worship songs, but RSJ appears to have lost her ministry edge on this album. She no longer tries to reach people for God, but rather just tries to relate to them through experiences. Too many songs on this album are off-focus from what we have come to expect from this singer, and it is disappointing, unless you hope for her to go secular.