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In the Tycoon's Debt

In the Tycoon's Debt

4.5 4
by Emily McKay

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Their marriage had never been consummated; the bride's powerful father had seen to that. And after being driven out of town, groom Quinn McCain vowed to forget Evie Montgomery. Then the woman he'd once married arrived at his office, begging the CEO for money. How the tables had turned…

Evie's choice to sign the annulment papers had scarred Quinn

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In the Tycoon's Debt 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Emily McKay's new book, In the Tycoon's Debt, delivers a hot, passionate relationship between two complex, likable characters and adds the page-turning tension of a mystery. Quinn McCain is a classic hero. Quiet, private, strong and successful. He's worked hard all his life to leave his abusive, penniless past behind. The memories of that time are too painful, especially the loss of the only woman he's ever loved. Few people can break through his armor to find the proud, wounded man beneath, but Evie is up to the task. At seventeen, Evie Montgomery had been married to Quinn for less than four hours before her rich and powerful father forced her to sign the annulment papers. She lost Quinn that day, but his influence on her has shaped her life. She's a strong heroine, defiant and independent. She's left the wealth of her controlling father behind and made her own way. Fourteen years later, the mob is after Evie's little brother and the only person who can help her is Quinn. Quinn is now the wealthy CEO of his own security company while Evie is a struggling social worker. Fiercely protective of her little brother, he's the only reason Evie would agree to beg Quinn for money. The clock is ticking and she must find a way to penetrate Quinn's defenses in time to save her brother. As always, McKay has written well-developed characters and allows us to feel their emotional vulnerability and ride the rollercoaster of their turbulent reconciliation. Don't expect a deep, dark mystery here. The focus is on the main characters and their struggle to find a happily-ever-after. The criminal elements add tension and keep the story fast-paced, but don't overshadow the real conflict, which is between Quinn and Evie. The dialogue is lively and engaging. McKay captures Quinn's proud, wounded spirit in his words. He's sometimes cruel, other times tender, but Evie and the reader know the man beneath. Evie isn't the typical feisty heroine. She's a social worker and McKay uses her profession to give Evie more empathy and understanding than usual. That doesn't mean she doesn't sling any barbs, but when she does, they're well-deserved! By the end, Quinn is the man every woman wants to hear utter the words, "I will always keep my promises to you. Everyone of them." (Sigh....) Despite the seriousness of the conflict, McKay never loses her hold on the lighter side. When Evie shows up at Quinn's office, she sets the gossip machine in high gear. Quinn thinks of all he's done to build his business and his persona and now his employees are looking at him like the man who got dumped long ago. He's annoyed and fumes, "Men who can blow stuff up should not be the object of pity." McKay's subtle humor is natural. Just read the dedication at the front of the book. No, I'm not giving it away here. You'll just have to buy the book and read it for yourself.