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Insomnia: A Guide to Insomnia and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep

Insomnia: A Guide to Insomnia and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep

4.6 3
by John Chatham
Do you spend night after night dreaming of a better night's sleep? Tired of feeling like a zombie throughout the day? Insomnia: The Guide to Insomnia Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep helps those who suffer from insomnia, chronic insomnia, depression, and other sleep disorders.

Insomnia, by bestselling author John Chatham,

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Insomnia: A Guide to Insomnia and Relief for a Better Night's Sleep 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you find yourself suffering from endless nights of sleeplessness like I did, you’re not alone. 30% of our population has insomnia-related symptoms. I was shocked to read this within this book. After finishing this read, I had pinpointed my symptoms and identified my type of insomnia. I was able to create a plan that eventually eliminated my insomnia entirely. Through medicinal, holistic, and practical methods that this book provided, I now sleep like a baby—and am a lot more knowledgeable on the subject as well. A wonderful read if you cannot sleep and wish to.
Douglas_Abbott More than 1 year ago
"Insomnia" is an insightful book that examines sleep and insomnia from every possible angle. Chatham discusses the types and causes of insomnia and explores the different kinds of remedies (medical, pharmacological and practical) with a discerning eye. This is very much a scientific perspective that discusses circadian rhythm, sleep disorders and all the medical facts on the subject. However, there are holistic and home remedies sprinkled throughout the book as well, rendering it a complex and eclectic resource. This is a satisfying and comprehensive work from which many insomniacs will surely benefit.
FredWriter More than 1 year ago
Insomnia, by John Chatham is an easy-to-read, yet extensive explanation of the causes of insomnia and its potential cures. Though many people don't see insomnia as a disease, those who suffer from it know it can be debilitating. Though I never experienced insomnia when I was younger, as I have moved into my fifties, I have noticed that it is occasionally difficult to get to sleep or that I often wake before the alarm clock chimes. Mr. Chatham provides some excellent suggestions and techniques to help with all types of insomnia, from the small doses of insomnia that bother me to more severe cases. This book can help you get to sleep, sleep soundly through the night, and not wake up until you want to.
Dawnstrike More than 1 year ago
In this succinct guide to Insomnia, Mr. Chatham discusses the science of sleep, different types of insomnia, and the remedies available to those suffering from sleep deprivation. Writing precisely and clearly, Mr. Chatham offers the reader information and insight into the health issues caused by sleeplessness. Most importantly, Mr. Chatham gives practical advice for those overwhelmed by their insomnia. For the millions out there needing to improve their sleep patterns and make sleeping well a priority, this book is a helpful, practical and friendly read.