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by Robert Davis

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Inspiration 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I dont know who put that llast one. But i have my first person. My friend was asking me some questiins and i was going to try and help. Her thing is. Her next doir neighboor might be running a puppy mill. Im just gonna call my freind daisy. For right now. So... my advice to that would be. I honwstly dont know what i would do. Um... if i were in that situation being the animal lover that i am i would call the non emergancy police. And see what they would do. If you do not kniw what a puppy mill is it is an illegal breeder. They are typically in a very unsatitary space that is very small and enclosed. So daisy thats what i wiuld do. If you see this post any body please either respond to what i put or give me your problem i eill always try my best to help you but the only thing that i ask is that you dont put something stupid. I really want this to wlrk.. put you cover name and put to inspire Ex Questional to inspire. Thats how i will know that you willeed help if you are wanting to put a comment put cimment by your cover name on their cover name Ex Comment by superpuppy on questional make sence. Please make this work i want to help change lives i will try to get back to your post within 48 hrs i check every day cime on people lets make this work!