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Into Dust and Fire: Five Young Americans Who Went First to Fight the Nazi Army

Into Dust and Fire: Five Young Americans Who Went First to Fight the Nazi Army

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by Rachel S. Cox

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“A moving, beautifully-written tale… Rachel Cox has produced a masterpiece of storytelling, infused with romance, danger, adventure, humor, and heartbreaking loss. It is, hands down, the best description of the transformation of untested young men into soldiers that I have ever read.” — Lynne Olson, New York Times Bestselling

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Into Dust and Fire: Five Young Americans Who Went First to Fight the Nazi Army 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent book. This is a well researched, but easily readable story of five young Americans who enlisted in the British Army in World War II. Ms. Cox does a very good job of telling the story of the five young men, but she also gives very accurate context so that the reader understands the big picture of the Desert campaign.
mslreader More than 1 year ago
Into Dust and Fire is an incredibly well-written book about a virtually-unknown story of American idealism and courage. Five young men graduating from Harvard and Dartmouth in 1941 decide that despite ongoing controversy in the U.S. about whether to aid the British during its time of peril, it is their duty and destiny to join the fight -- even if that means enlisting in the British army before the U.S. government declares war. The book is a fitting tribute to the valor of these 5 young men through harrowing adventures that include a treacherous ocean convoy across the Atlantic dodging German U-boats, officer training in England where they befriend the American ambassador, a second, and equally risky, ocean convoy around the Cape of Good Hope to Egypt and their struggles and successes on the desert battlefields in North Africa fighting Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps. The book combines the boys' own eloquent accounts (captured from their personal diaries and letters) with information gleaned from painstaking research and ties them together with the author's own graphic and colorful descriptions -- resulting in a brilliant and informative depiction of this critical aspect of World War II. This is a terrific read for anyone interested in American history, World War II or a beautifully written book about an amazing - yet true - adventure story.
NancyDeck More than 1 year ago
Into Dust and Fire is a captivating story of five idealistic and patriotic young Americans who leave their privileged lives to enlist in the British Army before the US had entered World War II. The author, Rachel Cox, takes you on a fascinating journey as she unfolds the story of the young men's journey from Harvard and Dartmouth, to their training camp in wartime England, to the North African battlefields. The letters and diaries of the five young men are woven seamlessly with the military history of the North African campaign, creating a riveting story that is a cross between The English Patient and The Band Of Brothers. The personal letters and diaries provide vivid, idealistic, and beautifully written insights into the five soldiers' adventures and hardships on their journey as well as an understanding of their motivations, dreams and patriotism. The author describes the ebb and flow of the North African campaign in such a compelling and gripping way that even those not fluent in military history can understand and appreciate this critical chapter in WW II history. This is truly a thrilling and inspiring story.