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It's Me Again

It's Me Again

4.3 3
by Tweet
If It's Me Again had a couple more up-tempo tracks and fewer scene jackings from Missy Elliott, it would have no trouble matching the greatness of 2002's Southern Hummingbird. Elliott's berserk (not Bazerk) squawks vandalize return single "Turn da Lights Off," a Kwamé co-production touched by old-school elegance and vinyl crackle à

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It's Me Again 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If compared to her first album this one really falls short of Southern Hummingbird. I only liked a handful of songs, most likely because of the fact I compared it with her first CD. It's still much better than a lot of albums put out from other artist of the last few years but I still found myself hoping for more. I don't know if Southern Hummingbird was trying to catch people's attention or bring in new fans with some of her new material, but I wish she hadn’t nearly alienated her Southern Hummingbird fans. I was expecting more of that mature slightly country southern soulful R&B. Maybe a little bit more mature, what I got is an album that should have been her freshman endeavor and SOUTHERN HUMMINGBIRD her sophomore album. Tweet seems to have taken a step back with this one. Don't get me wrong if compared to Destiny's child or maybe even Beyoncé Tweet would still come out on top in my opinion. But I can't really help but compare it to SOUTHERN HUMMINGBIRD. It's the only thing you can compare it to. Nothing in the last few years has come along and been in a league with Tweet in my opinion. I really like her song with her daughter, makes me wish the girl would grow up and sing also. “Iceberg” seems to be in the vein as Southern Hummingbird as well as “Could it be”, I also liked “You” but I really could have done without “Sports, Sex, and Food”. Over all I’d give it 4 stars in comparison to SH but 5 if compared to anything else.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The album is well worth the wait. Tweet is a very soulful singer. Tweet and her producers give each song wonderful flavor. I love all of the songs. "Iceberg" is a very beautiful, stark strong song with powerful drums, it equates her lover with the coldness of an Iceberg. "I slipped on an Iceberg" Song #10 Small Change has good lyrics as well- the directness and frankness at which she tells her ex lover about his lack of character is clever and refreshing. I like the solo with Rell on song 3 also i love the sexiness and come hither attitude of Cab Ride. The song sampled Little House on the Prairie's theme song---Clever! I loved this CD. The song she sang with her daughter was very nice. Welcome back Tweet! The songs are wonderful!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This CD "It's Me Again" was just okay....it is not as mature as "Southern Hummingbird." I guess I was expecting more from Tweet's sophomore album.