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Just What He Wanted

Just What He Wanted

4.1 7
by HelenKay Dimon

Book four of the Holloway series

Travis Yardley thought he had everything he needed, but one look at Andrea Patterson shows him he was wrong. Andie is a gorgeous, curvy blonde who moves to town to manage a nearby campground. Seizing the chance to get close to her, Travis volunteers himself as tour guide and "bodyguard.'

After a bad breakup,

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Just What He Wanted 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by JoAnne Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book This is book four in the Holloway series but is easily a stand alone book since I hadn’t read any of the others and had no problem figuring out who everyone was and how they interacted with each other. An enjoyable read from start to finish with lots of twists and turns to finally get to the happily ever after. There was romance, lots of love, couples, family, friends, laughter, some tears. heartache – both now and in the past - and the great outdoors. According to Andie there could be no “us” with her and Travis so Travis and his friends set out to prove her wrong. Watching their interactions alone and with others was fun, heated and loving along with entertaining and frustrating at times. Watching their attraction and their hunger grow while the chemistry kept sizzling was enough to keep me turning the pages. It also was great to see that Travis set out to boost Andie’s self esteem especially regarding her body image. I am happy to know that I have the first three books in the series to read so I can delve further into the lives of Spence, Austin and Mitch and their love. I have also added Dimon to my TBR pile. As a new to me author, she definitely writes contemporaries that I want to read. Favorite Quote: She deserved to know. If a woman wanted to go to bed with a man, and he sure hoped she did, she needed to know what kind of risk she was taking. But hearing the facts wouldn’t help his case. Would more than likely scare the hell out of her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is pretty well written and the characters and issues are engaging. Its only 125 pages and that is reflected in the character development. If this review sounds lukewarm...it is. It just leaves you wishing for more...hy do they love each other?
RomanticReadsandSuch More than 1 year ago
Just What He Wanted is a fantastic addition to the Holloway books. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series up to this point and somehow Dimon’s stories keep getting better. Those who have read her books before will be pleased get an update on some of their past favorites, as well as a touching romance for cutie Travis. If this is your first one, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. Dimon always does a great job of giving you all the details you need to know without bogging down the story. Full review available at RomanticReadsandSuch on Wordpress or BookTrib's website.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Short, satisfying addition to the Holloway series--I really liked both Travis and Andie. Actually, I've loved Travis throughout the series, and was very glad to see him get his own HEA...and the fact that it's an older woman with body image issues? Loved! It was also nice to get a peak into what's going on with the other couples--especially Spence and Lila, who are planning their wedding.  Just What He Wanted was exactly what I wanted--an enjoyable way to spend a summer afternoon. (I received a copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.)
PsiqueBezerra More than 1 year ago
I have a big problem following this series, because every time I look another book was released and I missed, but that’s completely fine because the stories are sweet and very easy to follow, almost stand alone, but the other couples are always popping up. This couple had a very difficult life and deserved a little happiness. Travis made himself after running away from his insane family and discovered a family in Holloway that adopted him. So now he’s very focused in work and very little fun, but the moment he met Andie it was like everything broke inside of him. Can you imagine a grow man with lost of words? It was so fun seeing Travis falling in love, but he had a few issues to handle first, because Andie didn’t want the relationship, she had a dummy boyfriend that wanted to change her and now she’s a little insecure, plus Travis is younger and Andie thinks he only wants another notch for his bed. But these two were so cute when they finally managed to be together. I really liked this couple and the town was helping them all along. Andie needed a little push.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by FRANCESCA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog “JUST WHAT HE WANTED is a great addition to this series, if not one of my favorite stories in it.” ~Under the Covers What can I say? I’m a total sucker for sexy younger men that know what they want, have confidence, and have brains. That’s what Travis Yardley has to offer. He’s sweet and thoughtful, a hard worker, a sexy beast. I mean who doesn’t want a guy that’s just a tad rough on the outside? We’ve gotten to know Travis a bit throughout the series, but Andie was new to town. Coming in to help her friend Lila with running the mountain resort she just remodeled. Andie just went through a bad breakup. But being that the resort is not the safest place for a woman alone, Travis is called in to help out with both manual labor and some extra protection. Of course, Andie fights the attraction from the getgo mainly because she’s older than Travis and she feels that she can’t be with him because of it. But Travis is determined to show her that he wants her and that he’s not a kid. And lets just say he had my vote from the beginning! JUST WHAT HE WANTED is a great addition to this series, if not one of my favorite stories in it. It’s sweet and sexy with a great romance that will just sweep you away for a little while. If you are looking for a light contemporary quick pick me up, then this will fit! *ARC provided by publisher
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
4.5 Star Reviews Just What He Wanted by HelenKay Dimon is another great addition to the Holloway series by HelenKay Dimon, it can be read alone or as part of the series. This story will break your heart and will make cry as you read more about Travis Yardley and his past. Travis Yardley is the nursery foreman for Thomas Nurseries. He is like part of the Thomas family, to Spence and Austin he is like an adopted younger brother and their father is like the father figure he needs in his life. Andie Patterson has just moved from Philadelphia to Holloway looking for a new start, starting with a new job managing Mountain View Resort for Lila Payne. But the one thing she is determined to do after her very recent bad relationship with her ex-boyfriend is to put her heart on hiatus. Not only did he insult her by telling her that she needed to lose weight, she then catches him cheating on her. Travis has been attracted to Andie from their first meeting, to the point that he lost his ability to speak coherently in front of her and he couldn’t even think straight. But no matter that their attraction is mutual, Travis will have a hard time convincing Andie to give them a chance, for Andie has a hard time with their ten-year age difference. Travis and Andie have a tough road ahead, but their love will help them get where they need to be. For first they must be able to get past their own problems before they can have the true happiness and love they can give each other. Travis’s past will break your heart and make you admire the man he has become regardless of the shadows that he has been running from and he is just the man that Andie needs to show her how special she is just the way she is. While Andie needs to learn that true beauty what truly matters is what’s on the inside, for everything on the surface changes over time but true character and feelings will last a lifetime. Just What He Wanted by HelenKay Dimon  is a sweet and heartbreaking romance that will make you smile and make you cry as you read along, a HJ recommended read.