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Killer Recipes

Killer Recipes

5.0 3
by Susan Whitfield

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Susan Whitfield joins with a variety of authors to offer Killer Recipes, a book of scrumptious recipes to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. From simple to elaborate, recipes range from Devilish Desserts, Insane Soups, Salads and Sauces, to Breads and Breakfasts to Die For, Criminal Bites, Dips and Beverages, Shameless Sides, Suck-ulent Main Dishes, and

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Killer Recipes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
LOVE this book and recipes are GREAT!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Writers of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem come together for a common cause, support for the American Cancer Society. All royalties from this delightful cookbook of author favorites will benefit the American Cancer Society. That said, let's move on to the mysterious delights that incorporate a degree of murder and mayhem in their titles but pleasure to the palate. The following authors (alphabetical) included their recipe favorites. Do try out Reckless Sailor's Key Lime Dip from Arirang: The Bamboo Connection by D. K. Christi, a Key Lime Pie for failed refrigeration and a quick treat anytime with handy, non-refrigerated ingredients. Hopefully these trendy titles will tempt you into taste sensations for the spooky season yet to come. Lou Allin * Bushwoman's Bannock Elaine Alphin * Guilty Greek Shrimp Cash Anthony * Torn Spinach and Berry Salad * Coo-Coo Coq au Vin * Maced Moussaka Allan Azouz * Bourekas de Spinaka y Kezo Linda Berry * Ogeechee Pecan Bites * Ogre's Roll-ups Maggie Bishop * Twisted Pimento Cheese Raven Bower * Raven's Apple Break * Deadline Pintos & Corn Break * Vampire-Free Pasta * Daring Shepherd's Lentil Pie Pat Browning * Spice-a-Roni * Crabby Jambalaya H.L. Chandler * Dazed Angel Biscuits * Bloody Marys * Ghostly Gooseberry Pie * Insomniac's Overnight Coleslaw * Hot tamale Pie D.K. Christi * Reckless Sailor's Key Lime Dip Mary Deal * Stuffed-in-the- Trunk Mushrooms * Mean Oatmeal Cookies * Bleeding Hawaiian Breadfruit * Slippery Elbows * Vicious Vegetarian Lasagna * Nut-Stuffed Acorn Squash Kathleen Delaney * Decadent Applesauce Cake Jodi Diderrich * Crushed Pineapple Torte * Sliced Sweet Potato Apple Bake Laura DiSilverio * Bishop's Bread Keith Donnelly * Clandestine Cheese Puffs * Walloped Black Jack Pie * Don's Caesar Salad * Mountain Center Diner's French Fry Casserole * Mary's Country-Style Backbones Conda V. Douglas * Serial Killer Snicker Doodles Carola Dunn * Smashed Yams Janet Durbin * Suspect Peanut Butter Cookies Elysabeth Elderling * Lethal Fudge (no bake) Melinda Elmore * Deviled Eggs * Radical Meatloaf L. C. Evans * Evil Gazpacho Christy Tillery French * Wacky Zucchini Bread * Crazy Pumpkin Crisp * Split Banana Cake * Pretzeled Salad * Perverted Pineapple Casserole Bente Gallagher * Warped Whoopie Pies Marilyn Gardiner * Grave-Robber' s Coffee Mix * Ornery Nut Spread * Sherbert Smoothis Salad * Corn Pone Pie Betty Gordon * Breakfast Before Mayhem Amy Grech * Audacious Shrimp Scampi Beth Groundwater * Fanatic's Fruitcake Cookies * Battered Vegetable Pancakes Lynette Hall Hampton * Cracked Coconut Pie * Chilling Corn Salad * Pepperocini Roast Angelica Hart and Zi * Killer Doll Dip * Snake Dance Marinade Michelle Hollstein-Matkins * Howling Hot Apple Crisp * Unfathomable Flourless Chocolate Cake * Schizophrenic Sweet and Sour Pork * Copious Cheesy Potatoes Caitlyn Hunter * Stirred-Up Apple Raisin Bread * Creamed Cheese Dip * Wicked Strawberry Pie * Asian Pork Bites * Shredded Apple Raisin Cole Slaw Stacy Juba * Cocky Franks * Terrormisu * Skinned Chicken Piccata Teresa Leigh Judd * Pumpin' Bread * Tell-Tale Tortoni J.J. Keller * Tainted Taco Soup Susanne Marie Knight * Murderous Sour Cream Muffins * Tainted Tea Mix * Feisty Mandarin Chicken Salad * Dangerous Diner's Chili * Murder By Potato Vicki Lane * Ba's Pound Cake * Drowned Fish Chowder * Plunger Mayonnaise * Chopped Picadillo