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Lionsblood (Collection)

Lionsblood (Collection)

3.5 4
by Marteeka Karland
Book Summary

In Earth's brutal, future frozen, humans are no longer at the top of food chain. Paranormals roam the frozen wastes, laying claim to whatever they can defend. Humans are tolerated by some, but not all of the new species.

The most vicious of the new races are the Lionsblood. No one dares defy a Lionsblood. These predators take what they

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Lionsblood (Collection) 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LIONSBLOOD is a collection of novellas set in a very interesting futuristic Earth. Two of the longer stories are wonderful but the shorter stories pull the collection down, in my opinion. In the future, Earth is a frozen wasteland with paranormals, vampires and lion-shifters, ruling the world. Humans are barely tolerated by the paranormals with the exception of some lion-shifters, called Lionsblood, who find their mates among human women. These are the stories of the four Lionsblood men who find their perfect mates. The first story is so short and incomplete that I can't believe the publisher lead this collection with it! It was more of a sexual interlude than a true story. It didn't adequately introduce the complex and interesting world, and I'm not sure I would have continued reading if I wasn't reviewing the collection, which would have been a shame because the two longer novellas in the middle are excellent romances. The second story, Lionsmate, is four star worthy and should have lead this collection. It introduces readers to the arctic world that quickly kills unprotected humans and also introduces the Lionsblood race of lion-shifters. The heroine, Talia, is purchased from a human slave farm by a Lionsblood, Dykstra, who immediately recognizes her as his mate. The sexual play between the two is scorching hot but I also liked how they worked to establish emotional trust. The third story, Lionsbane, is my favorite story and was a delight to read. Jayla hunts Lionsblood and kills them in revenge for the massacre of her family. In a particularly violent battle, a Lionsblood suddenly helps Jayla and is injured in the process. Kane has been secretly acting as Jayla's protector and finally feels ready to claim his mate. Kane and Jayla are a perfect couple as they slowly open up to one another, both emotionally and sexually, and I love how the author shows Jayla's maturation. This is close to a five star story as it perfectly balances emotional and sexual intimacy with strong world building and a suspenseful plot. Buy this collection for this story alone and you won't be disappointed. The last novella is short but not as short as the first story. I liked the characters here, particularly Shiff, the half vampire-half Lionsblood hero. He was so interesting I was disappointed his story was so short. The heroine, Gretta, is a reckless human who has had a platonic relationship with Shiff for years. Gretta gets herself arrested which is a death sentence for humans and Shiff rescues her. This story explores the couple changing their platonic relationship to lovers and while very sexual, it lacks much emotional exploration. It's a decent story but not going to wow readers like the middle two stories did me. LIONSBLOOD is well worth buying and reading on the strength of the middle two novellas. Fans of well written (and erotic!) paranormal stories will enjoy this collection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago