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Pocket Rough Guide Lisbon

Pocket Rough Guide Lisbon

4.3 4
by Matthew Hancock, Rough Guides (Contribution by)

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The best Lisbon has to offer — in your pocket.

The Pocket Rough Guide to Lisbon is your essential guide to Portugal's capital, with all the key sights, restaurants, shops, and bars presented in a pocket-size format with a full-color, pull-out map.

The "Best of Lisbon" section highlights the city's gems, including the Museu Calouste

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Pocket Rough Guide Lisbon 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He nodded to Poppystar before jumping onto the high-log. He mewed, "Ashclan will be moving back to our territory tonight." He paused as the news rippled through the crowd of cats. He continued, "It is true, Northclan's territory can not support both clans. But i fear for the safety of not only Ashclan, but of all clans." He looked towards Lilywolf, Thistlestar, and Poppystar grimly as he mewed, "9 sunrises ago i returned to Ashclan's camp. The Twolegs have completely destroyed our camp. Bright shiny monsters are all aroind the territory, along with twolegs. And there are sharp, shiny, little twoleg traps that can rip open anycat's throat if they get caught in it." He paused, "i fear that all cats will be in danger soon... Ashclan can survive for now on the borders and what little of our territory that hasnt been taken over, but we have many kits and i will not let them die of starvation." He looked directly sat Thistlestar and Lilywolf, "Ashclan will survive, no matte what it takes." He jumped off of the high-log at that
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She leaps up. "Ashclan is doing well. We have a litter of kits born to fawnstep, and a new apprentice; Heartpaw. We also have two new warriors: Sedgewhisker and Gopherpelt." She steps back and leaps down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
He dipped his head to Lilywolf. "A long time ago, Ivyheart, SandClan's only elder, was murdered. Now we figure it was either Mistypaw, or somehow Sky being able to visit opc territory in spirit form. Either way, we are sending out small patrols to scavenge or any traces of or hopefully the killer. We are not sending out the every cat; the camp will be safely guarded with some of us gone." He gave a stern look at the cats of Horseclan, Rainclan, Northclan and Ashclan, warning them of unspoken consequences if any one of them even thinks about stepping over the border. "On the brighter side," he spoke as if nothing just happened, "we have newly joined warrior. Mintfur has so far proved herself as a strong, capable warrior. SandClan is delghted to have her." Thistlestar paused, running through what else needed to be said in his mind. "I guess that wraps it up. May StarClan light your path. If Rainstar isn't going to post, then Gathering dismissed. If he does a last-minute post, forget I said this last bit."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She began. "I will start by saying that Northclan has been blessed by Starclan with a large amount of join-ees. There's Seastorm, Cloudkit, Shadowfur, and Honeydew. Also, there's Rainclaw, Barkgaze, and Featherlily." She purred, then grew more somber. "Dawnlily has become one of our Medicine Cats. She will travel to the Moonpool tomorrow." She paused. "Ashclan is still staying in our territory. I don't believe it can stay like this for much longer. There's not enough prey for two Clans. If Foxstar has a proposal, please let him speak." She stepped back, signaling she was done speaking.