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Locus Origin - Merillian

Locus Origin - Merillian

5.0 1
by Christian Matari
On the run from a powerful secret organization that covets their unique psionic abilities, Marcus Grey and his squad of cloned soldiers are forced to leave behind all that they have come to know. With the aid of C-CORE, an organization founded to establish peaceful contact with alien life, they embark on a voyage clear across the galaxy, where they must strive to

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Locus Origin - Merillian 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Gulli More than 1 year ago
The first book left you with such promise, a promise of a great Sci-Fi, a promise of great characters, a promise of an extensive plot that had yet to be fully reveled, a promise of a great sequel and a great read! As all of us who are jaded by these times, I started to think the author couldn't pull it off. But lo and behold, he pulled it off and then some! The amazing universe presented to us in such detail in the first book becomes even more extensive. A myriad of races from all across the galaxy are introduced, each one with such intricate detail that one would assume the author had researched these beings rather than invented them. To read the book is to wholly experience a fully realized universe! The plot thickens and is further revealed, again to such an extent that you feel naive for not seeing it's massiveness in book 1. The characters are further developed and new ones are added, real characters with flaws, quirks and emotions. They make mistakes and are not weird moral compasses that would never exist in real life. All in all the book is a must read for all Sci-Fi fans! And with his extensive descriptions and detailed accounts it's even perfect for people new to Sci-Fi, who have just acquired this good taste in literature and entertainment in general.