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Lost And Found Lovers

Lost And Found Lovers

5.0 2
by Nancy Kalish
Ever wonder what might happen if you rediscovered that "special someone" who captured your heart years ago? The 1,001 people who participated in Dr. Nancy Kalish's landmark study of lost love reunions did exactly that. Here for the first time are the full, fascinating results of her research, along with the intensely romantic stories of the couples, printed in the

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Lost and Found Lovers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I found my lost love after nearly 20 years after reading this book and finding out more about the research. I last saw him when we were 16 and 18 and every once in a while he came to mind. He was a friend before any romantic feelings began in high school. In fact, I can't begin to tell you how many times I cried to him because of the pressure I was under. He was always so kind to me and wanted to make me feel better. No other guy since has given me that feeling of being safe and accepted. To be honest, I never felt I had to perform or earned his approval. I thought I was crazy because I had moved to the other side of the country and lost touch with him. As I read this book I realized that before I died I had to know what happened to him. Plus I learned that I wasn't being silly and my reactions were more common. Needless to say the minute I found myself in our hometown I got in touch and he called me back in less than a minute. I felt like the 18 years on the East Coast never happened and he felt like a teenager when we talked. He said it looked like I hadn't aged that much, far less than the nearly 20 years that had passed since we last met. For years I felt so incomplete because I didn't have a clue what became of him. It was great closure to know he was fine and enjoying life. I also found out that he kept things I gave him as kids. He said he thought of me once in a while over the years. Very healing news. In fact, the last time I told him I thought of him was when a story from our hometown made the major papers out East. An incident had coverage in the news that it made me remember my childhood home and of course him. He told me that the incident had happened near his house. Eerie. While we are both unmarried without children we are in different places. But irrational as it sounds .... being with him again has made me question whether I want to ever go back East 'despite my life and friends there' and far away from him. I truly believe that Dr. Kalish is right and my first love was seared into my brain. I will love him my whole life no matter what happens. Right now, he is in a relationship that must be respected so from the day we saw one another again we have not been alone together. The more I struggle with my feelings the more I find comfort in this book. I'm not alone and not all reunions are happy endings. But to be honest, in my heart of hearts, I wish we could have one because for me ... no one else ever took his place. There were other men over the years but seeing lost love again makes me realize that he was the one I loved the most in my life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. We got it as a gift for our wedding. We are Lost and Found Lovers who met again after 16 years. We never forgot each other. This book is amazing because the stories are just like ours - like we wrote them. And reading Kalish's research put it in perspective. Now everything maakes sense. If you are thinking about reuniting with a lost love, read this first! It says it all.