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4.5 2
by Tonya Hegamin

There are two constants in Opal’s life: her dad’s grungy green baseball cap, and her troubled pal, Marianne, whom Opal loves as a best friend . . . and even more. But nothing stays the same forever. When Opal receives the horrifying news that Marianne is dead, she suddenly must live her life and make decisions based on the needs of one person

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M+O 4EVR 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Marianne and Opal have always had a special connection. Home schooled for a time, when they were separated their first day in a real school, neither girl was the same. They screamed and only relaxed when they were together in the same room holding hands. As they grew up, there was always the unique bond. But Marianne often wanted to test her wings and try to fit in with the popular crowd. She tried to join the cheerleading team. And she made up her mind to go for the Homecoming crown.

Opal was happy with the way things were, and would've been perfectly content had her world consisted of only her and Marianne. But one night, the entire world changed. The two girls ventured out towards the ravine where they had their own world. Marianne brought drugs with her and proceeded to get high. Opal, wanting nothing to do with the drugs, and having obligations back home with her grandma, left Marianne at the ravine.

The next morning, Opal is awakened by her grandma. Marianne was dead. Found at the bottom of the ravine. Hearing the news, Opal is in shock. And it brings back the ghost stories of Hannah that the girls were told growing up.

M+O 4EVR tells the story of Opal getting past her grief. Opal remembers bits and pieces of her life with Marianne. As she recalls their history, a second story of the ghost, Hannah, is revealed. Hannah was a young slave girl that attempts to escape the horrible life that awaits her as she grows out of her young years.

M+O 4EVR is not an easy story to read. The grief and sadness is evident throughout the entire story. But even with the bleak outlook Opal has, there is a hint of hope throughout. Reading about Hannah's dream of a better life as well as Opal's struggles to decide upon a future leaves the reader feeling stronger by the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was an amazing book and you need to make more in this serries like with M in heaven and how she is living without O. Also you should make another about how O is now that M is gone and I think this time everyone should die and find M in Heaven and O and her should finally date again!