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Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead Series #1)

Married with Zombies (Living with the Dead Series #1)

4.4 152
by Jesse Petersen

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A heartwarming tale of terror in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Meet Sarah and David.

Once upon a time they met and fell in love. But now they're on the verge of divorce and going to couples' counseling. On a routine trip to their counselor, they notice a few odd things - the lack of cars on the highway, the missing security guard, and the fact that their

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Married with Zombies 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 151 reviews.
Tiger_Holland More than 1 year ago
Sarah and David are a normal American couple on the verge of divorce, until something extraordinary happens to save their marriage--the zombie apocalypse. They're barely hanging onto their relationship by going to couples counseling sessions, but one morning they walk in to find their marriage counselor chowing down on some earlier clients. Suddenly, the little annoyances and petty squabbles don't matter so much to Sarah and David, not when they're faced with hordes of the ravenous undead. This has got to be the cutest zombie book I've ever read. It's hard to stay sorrowful for too long when the protagonists are offing zombies in such funny ways; they attack their first zombie with a letter-opener, and dispatch it with a few well-aimed whacks of a high-heeled shoe, and another zombie is disabled by a Dr. Phil self-help book. And though I did get a little weepy toward the end of the book, the horror and gravitas of a zombie plague aren't emphasized too heavily. It's a romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy and light on the romance, with hilarious back-and-forth mood switches, where our heroes will kill a zombie or three, then argue about their musical preferences (she's a music snob, he still likes 80's rock) and bicker over whether their therapist' marriage advice is still relevant--Sarah maintains, "Just because she tried to eat us doesn't mean she was wrong" (pg 20). The zombies are fairly traditional: Red-eyed, black bile spewing, physically strong but decomposing, closer to slow-zombies than fast-zombies because they're capable of both shambling and awkward running, can only be killed by head wounds, full zombification is complete about ten minutes after the first bite, and the virus originated in some university lab and spread like wildfire. Well-known territory, but in some ways it makes the story more enjoyable because you know the parameters you're dealing with. For a long time, I sympathized with David much more than with Sarah, the POV character, because even though they're both unhappy and under a lot of stress early on, she tends to get more outright verbally aggressive, while David is low-key and honestly pretty cool. Every time Sarah had twinges of appreciation for him and began to fall back in love, I was terribly happy because he's a decent guy with no more than the usual amount of flaws. The two of them are outright awesome when they begin to really work together, dropping zombies by using available materials and combining their growing knowledge of what works and what doesn't work for survival. Turns out, killing the undead is a great bonding activity, and apocalypses are good for strengthening relationships even as they unweave the fabric of society at large. Sarah and David need each other now, while before they were coexisting with no real goals and nothing worthy to pursue. I wish that I had a better sense of who they were and what their strengths, quirks, and dreams were before the zombie plague, but it's a very short novel with not a lot of time for really delving into emotional depths. I have big hopes that they'll get more fleshed-out in the second book, Flip This Zombie, since all the "how it all started" stuff will be set up already.
Suvorov More than 1 year ago
This book is hilarious! I actually laughed out loud within the first few chapters. The plot is obviously surviving a zombie apocalypse. The subplot is how the zombie apocalypse saved a marriage. Or reverse that. The two are so intertwined. The chapters begin with marital advise. I love the witty remarks, the competition to see who kills more zombies, the silly bickering... whatever it takes to keep your sanity. I would have loved to own these in hardback.
zeronyn More than 1 year ago
Have you every picked up a book and with in the first few pages you just knew this book was written with you in mind? This book is it. From the first zombie kill I was hooked. FANTASTIC!!!
am4880 More than 1 year ago
Jesse puts this book together in a fun way. There's so many zombie movies, books, graphic novels, etc. - this one takes it to a funny level at times. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I purchased this, but I enjoyed it the whole way!
LovesMyNookHatesMyCharger More than 1 year ago
This book is so damn funny and I am loving the whole idea of the husbandand wife zombie killing duo, so down to earth though they slaughter zombies together as if .its an everyday thing. I appreciate the freshnsess and creativity this author brings to the zombie genre and i think these books deserve a little.more.attention, one of the first books i bought on my nook and i enjoyed it ,and i know many others would enjoy
Pamela Esser More than 1 year ago
I picked this funny tome up after reading the synopsis and reviews. I started reading and was laughing by the third page! Soon after my boyfriend started to inquire and it wasn't too long before we just started reading it together. We both love it! You need this laugh out loud, violently gory and twistedly funny tale.
Cid More than 1 year ago
My friends all know I have a very deep love for all things zombie. When I first saw the ad for Married with Zombies I think I freaked out a little; there might have been squealing. The premise for the book, a survival story not just of the people, but of their marriage was an instant attention grabber for me. I love zombie stories but putting the marriage on the line just upped the stakes. The book is at times light and funny, and then dark, gritty and gory. The characters are forced to make some tough decisions and it's their survival story and how they learn to put their marriage counseling into play during zombie attacks that keep you turning the pages. Not a read for younger readers, but totally something I would suggest if you're even mildly interested in zombie stories!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you enjoy zomcoms you'll definitely dig this series. People really should buy the books by Jesse Petersen. She's an incredibly talented author who should absolutely be a bigger name in the zombie genre than she is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Its a great book if you like fiction, zombies, romance?, and action! I love this series.buy t.
Laine-librariancanreadtoo More than 1 year ago
"Good Morning Folks and it's a wonderful summer day! I am here on the outskirts of Seattle on the most beloved day ever. The sun is shining, people are walking around enjoying the breeze, eating their wonderbread sandwichs...and the waitresses arm!!! My God what is that slime?! What is he doing? Why is he looking at me like that? Folks this coming to you live in Seattle with a horrible news...people are eatin...." Sarah and David are married. They live in a unsatisfied marriage and are seeking help. Little do they realize that their next appointment might be their last!!!!! Don't worry they don't die....or do they? Zombie appocolypse has stopped their marriage cousel (wish that could happen to me  sometimes when I'm late going into work), and pretty much through the two love birds into each others arms...quite literally, running for their lives! They have a choice: Pick up a gun and blow them brains out, or get eaten and spend the rest of their time as a Zombie. Look at it this way, if they become Zombies then he won't have to hear all the nagging from his wife anymore!!!
SusanLPhillips More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book.  I liked the main characters.  The author uses humor to defray the gory parts of living in a zombie apocalypse.  I found this book fast paced a for me a page turner.  Just the bit of fun light reading I was looking for.  I highly recommend this fun book. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jetches More than 1 year ago
I started reading this and I got to thinking about the Zombie apocalypse. You know, the one that is inevitable. Well, that is what this novel has me now believing. I’ve stashed up the canned goods. Planned out my team, thought about where to get supplies, and the best place to hide. This novel opened up a whole new genre for me and I know there is no going back. Sarah and David are in a rut…and somehow they are winging it through the Zombie apocalypse. How they woke up and drove all the way to their doctors without really noticing it I have no clue. But the novel made me notice how much we sweat the small stuff. This couple is on the verge of divorce, but all it took was the Zombie Apocalypse to bring them together. Which sounds ridiculous, but really how much time and energy do we put into fighting about putting the toilet seat cover down? Or playing video games? I mean those shooting skills could potentially come in handy when facing a horde of zombies. The book also made me think about what I would do. Would I really kill my friends and family if they were infected? Who would I be willing to sacrifice? Oh, its all so crazy yet makes you really think. What I really liked about this book the most is the mixture of humour and drama. I loved how they took the kinkiness of rope tying and pointed out how it could come in handy, or the fact that she appreciated how she married a boy scout because his skills have really come in handy. This novel was a pleasure to read even if it has me preparing for something that may never happen. Good: Sarah—Organizational nagging freak that you would really want on your team. David—Boy scout. Clearly has skills you need for your team Bad:  I did feel like Sarah and David worked their problems out pretty quickly, however, I guess it could the whole ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ especially when your best friend was just bit by a Zombie. Overall (Writing style, story line, and general): Overall this book was a pleasure to read. At first I was a little weary off the whole Zombie genre. The only other zombie books I’ve read are Alice in Zombieland (which have very different Zombies) and Poison Princess (which barely have zombies), but this book has me diving right in to all sort of zombie novels. It was easy to follow, and I never had to re-read anything. In fact the writing was so well done that some of the descriptions of the undead almost had me gagging. And if you say that’s bad writing then you really have no clue what zombies are all about. I laughed, I cried a bit, and I rooted for them when they did something super cool. You encounter everything that you probably would in the Zombie apocalypse. From killing your BFF, to cults, to wondering if you family will make it through. Jesse Petersen makes you think about what choices you would make while enjoying a funny and meaningful story in his novel Married with Zombies. Join the Zombie team and pick this book up.
wordforteens More than 1 year ago
Okay, technically, Married with Zombies is not a young adult book. In no way, shape or form is it directed towards teens. It's a quick, humorous read designed for adults. Of course, saying that something is designed for adults has never stopped me from reading or reviewing it before, especially something that actually made me laugh out loud. I don't really like zombies; I never have. Out of all the paranormal things to read or watch, they were the one thing I never really got into. I mean, sure, I liked Zombieland, but that's the only thing that I can remember genuinely liking involving zombies. Maybe it was the humor. I mean, I know that's why I liked Married with Zombies. The characters were realistic but hilarious; they had me laughing out loud, even at the more somber moments - one sarcastic comment and I was giggling again. It takes a lot for any book to make me do that, and a zombie book especially, I think. Also, the tag line - "The couple who slays together stays together" - was enough to make me love the book. It's so perfect!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The best book I have ever read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun, quick read. The auidence is very diverse so this is something my husband enjoyed also.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Was looking for something a bit lighter than my usual, and was pleasently suprised how much i enjoyed this. Its a super quick read, but very engrossing....didnt put it down once. I look forward to the next in series.
ragdoll21 More than 1 year ago
Great book easy to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I so enjoyed this book! I didn't think I would at first, and piicked it up only because I found it for free and thought, "Why not?" But I quickly fell in love with the characters and plotline, moving through the pages wwith wreckless abandon. Highly recommended!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago