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Master of Souls (Sister Fidelma Series #14)

Master of Souls (Sister Fidelma Series #14)

4.6 3
by Peter Tremayne

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In January of 668 A.D., Fidelma of Cashel - sister to the king of Muman, advocate of the Brehon law courts and religieuse in the Celtic Church - is called to investigate the brutal murder of Abbess Faife and the mysterious disappearance of six young female religieuse while away on a short pilgramage away from their abbey. But when Fidelma and her husband, Eadulf,

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Master of Souls (Sister Fidelma Series #14) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
GaryHM More than 1 year ago
Peter Tremayne's books are always a pleasure to read. i have now read six of his books in this series. His ability to place the reader in mid-evil Ireland, while bringing to light just enough contemporary issues - such as married priests - always makes the story interesting. His plots are a little less complicated than Agatha Christe's and the villain is usually identified before the end. There is also more action. He is also very good at helping the reader keep track of the various characters, something that other very good writers often forget. Reading more than two of Tremayne's books in sequence is probably too much of the same. If you leave a month or two between each book, they are always fun.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
The Ui Fidgente and the Eoghanacht of Cashel have been at war for centuries until the battle at Cnoc Aine when the Ui Fidgente leader was killed. He was replaced by Donennach who pledged fealty to the King of Muman because he wanted peace for his people. In the territory of the Ui Fidgente, a member of the abbey Ard Fhearta was bludgeoned at almost the same time, six religious from the abbey along with Abbess Faife are making a pilgrimage when they meet a battered sick man.--------------------- He tells them that he was the victim of wreckers who deliberately destroyed his ship on the rocks during a storm and killed his men and stole his cargo. They give him the clothes of a religious to wear and while he is changing, brigands kill the abbess and takes the religious hostage. Ui Fidgente warlord Conri asks Sister Fidelma to help figure out the mystery while her brother orders her to do so in order to cement relations with their former enemies. Fidelma is accompanied by Brother Eodulf, who wanted to stay at Cashel with their son and get ready for their binding wedding but knows that he must help her in her inquiries. When they come close to getting some answers, Sister Fidelma¿s life is in jeopardy.------------------- Peter Tremayne writes some of the best historical mysteries due in part to his heroine, a woman living in an enlightened country when the rest of Europe is going through the dark ages. Her abilities as a dalaigh, an officer of the law courts, and her role as the sister of a king makes her a very powerful woman. The mystery is impossible to figure out as is the link between the death of the Venerable Cinaed and the disappearance of the six religious. Even the heroine claims this is the hardest case she ever worked on. MASTER OF SOULS is another brilliant Sister Fidelma who done it.------------------- Harriet Klausner