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Mirror Ball: Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God

Mirror Ball: Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God

3.7 4
by Matt Redman

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Internationally known worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman invites readers to a deeper understanding of what it means to reflect God’s dazzling radiance. In Mirror Ball, Redman eloquently illustrates why passion is more than a song or a feeling. It’s a story of guts and glory, pain, and purpose. For anyone ready to follow

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Mirror Ball: Living Boldly and Shining Brightly for the Glory of God 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Matt redman is awwsome i love his music je is a great singer and song writer. His music is great and entertaining.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BIGLucyFan More than 1 year ago
For me, the book was mainly about the first chapter, The Passion of the Christian. Where Matt Redman introduces the mirror ball. He tells his excitement and worry about the mirror ball. He and his worship leader friend are at this big arena getting prepared for this worship get together and his friend Louie has this grand idea for a mirror ball to drop down during the height of the worship. When the moment comes and the mirror ball drops, Matt sees this dinky mirror ball like you see at kid dances and starts to worry. He thinks people are going to see that and start to laugh instead of worship. Then the lights hit the mirror ball and the entire arena lights up. For me, this books message was simply to shine all around for the glory of God. We at times feel that all God has given us is a dinky little mirror ball and we want to laugh. But if we keep our faith in Him and do as He commands us, that dinky little mirror ball will shine like no other. Like Matt Redman says on page 25; So often we equate passion with volume and energy, and surely that can play an important part. But when it comes to true passion, ultimately those things are just the tip of the iceberg-the part most on display. However, God looks beneath the surface, searching our hearts. Our heart may seem or feel like a dinky small mirror ball, but if we have a personal relationship with Christ, living as He says to in His Word, our hearts will light up, our chest won’t feel so heavy, etc. This dinky mirror ball can be used in so many different ways in our life and that is why it got to me so. I fully recommend this read and what it can do for you and your mirror ball, whatever it may be. You will enjoy this book to the fullest. It did have slow parts in it for me but I was willing to overlook the slow areas for what I got from the book.
onedesertrose More than 1 year ago
"We are mirrors whose brightness.is wholly derived from the Son (my version) that shines upon us." -C.S. Lewis Matt's description of the tiny mirror ball that was to be used in a huge Nashville arena truly exemplifies the truth of our lives being used by the Son's light in us. He goes on to talk about these different areas of the Christian life: Passion of the Christian: Lives laid down Love will give it's all: True Love and faithfulness Big God, Big Life: Off the charts and possible Drops in the ocean: Together we are the Church Who do you say that I AM?: The names of God 10,000 Reasons: Life of worship The Rules of first things: Seek first. Endless Hallelujah: God is at work Matt describes in story form and factual information how each of the above fits into your life. His inclusion of Scripture backs up what he delineates. Key points are set apart so that they make a deep impression on your life. At the end of the book, you will find a life applicable discussion guide with a special surprise in each section. By the way, Matt is a well-known worship songwriter. Matt's book is good for personal use, but I believe it brings more meaning when used in a group, as you get more personal insights. This book was provided by Audra Jennings of The B&B Media Group, Inc., in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was exchanged.