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Money Can Make You Rich

Money Can Make You Rich

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by Ben Schwalb

Does the mere thought of money give you anxiety attacks? Then Money Can Make You Rich is for you! You'll laugh your way through this pithy, informative book, which covers consumer spending, taxes, the Stock Market, real estate, gambling, and other financial topics. You'll chortle as you discover how to save money on food, movies, clothing, hobbies, and funerals.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I like the author's straight-forward, no-nonsense style. He doesn't tell you how to get rich, nor does he claim to, but he gives lots of very good information and advice on how to save and invest money, make sound financial decisions and not get ripped off. I especially liked his chapter on real estate - there was more helpful information packed into that one chapter than in all the real estate books I've read. He goes over interest rates, monthly payments, buying within your means, writing off mortgage interest on your taxes, and also how to sell a house. Lots of humor and jokes keep this book very entertaining instead of yet another dull manual.