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MultiReal (

MultiReal (

4.3 6
by David Louis Edelman

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Natch has just won his first battle with the Defense and Wellness Council for control of MultiReal technology. But now the Council has unleashed the ruthless cunning of Lieutenant Executive Magan Kai Lee. Lee decides that if Natch's company can't be destroyed from without, it must be destroyed from within.

As black code continues to eat away at Natch's sanity, he

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MultiReal ( 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
(Hey guys can we get some more colts and more fillies. If you want one of your colt or filly to be in the story stick around.) Flame Drizzle walked inside the house."Where are the adults?",Flame Drizzle asked."Well they have been kidnapped as hostages.",Blazinwork said."Wanna join our team,Flame Drizzle?",Fire asked Flame Drizzle. "Sure.",Flame Drizzle said."We need a team name.",Book Worm said."How about spy ponies?",Blazinwork thought. They all agreed on the name."Let's go.",Blazinwork said jumping in the chute. The rest did too. Just then they came to this H.Q.They all were wearing black."Welcome to H.A.P.",Squeak said."Hello mam.",They said."Here take these weapons.",Squeak said. Blazinwork got the sword. Fire got the Bo-Staff. Book Worm got ninja stars. Silver Candy got the scythe. Phoenix Feather got the nun-chucks. And Flame Drizzle got Bombs. "Woah.",The team said."I'm coming with you on this mission.",Squeak said."Welcome to the spy ponies.",Blazinwork said."Huh?",Squeak said."Its our team name.",Blazinwork said."Oh okay.",Squeak said. (How to get a filly or colt in the story is typing in their bio. We need more colts.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The paid professional reviewers and Edelmans author friends sure do seem to love it, but did they actually read it? Skimming is one thing, but I don't see how any of them could have really read this. Complete nonsense, technobabble that's there for no reason, wooden prose, and horrible plotting make for dry reading. Worse, I didn't care about a single character and wondered why I bothered to keep reading to the bitter end.
harstan More than 1 year ago
MULTIREAL seems unreal as a mind altering reality changing technology. The tool merges biology with the infinitive of quantum physics in a way that no one ever dreamed of before. Natch has plans for Margaret Surina¿s creation, but knows that the Defense and Wellness Council, whom he just recently defeated (see INFOQUAKE), will return to make his life miserable because they want to control the technology.-------------- However Natch¿s efforts to bring his concept to the market place proves more complex and difficult than the tool he created. DWC sends Lieutenant Executive Magan Kai Lee to deal with Natch. After analyzing infinite possibilities and evaluation how her employers failed at destroying Natch¿s company, she decides to be a virus and work from within. Meanwhile Natch pleads with the Melbourne legislature to no avail and dodges the DWC who see his tool as more enforcement of their black codes of tyranny imbedded as enhancements in bodies like that of an unknowing Natch. The enemy is within.--------------- Except for Natch, the cast including his assistant Jara and even Lee seem two dimensional yet no one will care as MultiReal continues the fascinating look at the future possibilities of nano-technical human bio-logics. Natch is still the same ambitious rogue he was in INFOQUAKE as he will try anything and risk everything to be number one in his field. Other just as unethical executives act likewise as business and political values are actually singular: the end of being numero uno justifies any mean especially if the cost is paid by others.---------- Harriet Klausner