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Neglected No More

Neglected No More

5.0 3
by Richard Jeanty
Jimmy has skeletons in his closet and he knows that his world could crash at anytime if the truth ever surfaces, but he must remain focused in order to overcome yet another hurdle in his life. Pastor Jacobs and Nina have always been Jimmy's support, but will Jimmy finally drain the energy out of them by asking them to make decisions that can potentially jeopardize

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Neglected No More 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
With this sequel to Neglected Souls, Richard Jeanty revisits the lives of strong willed siblings Nina and Jimmy. Jimmy is now a much sought after basketball player. Everybody wants to be like Jimmy! Nina is happily married with two children. Life should be good for the Johnsons, shouldn't it? Despite success, newfound joy and happiness, they can't seem to shake the lingering affects of their past. Adding tension to their situation, something sinister from the past is threatening to resurface with devastating ramifications. Will Jimmy and Nina ever really be able to get beyond their past, or will they forever be neglected souls? Neglected No More is an excellent follow-up. Like its precursor, it's a well-written story of hope, personal triumph and growth. Neglected No More also deals with the importance of forgiveness. Jeanty's characters are honest and true. He is definitely carving a niche for himself in AA fiction.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As we enter the sequel to Neglected Souls, we find that Nina has overcome the anguish of being lonely as the sole provider of her younger brother Jimmy. She is now a cop with a loving husband who also shares her profession. She has been blessed with two children of her own who give her great pleasure. Growing up without the love and support of her mother has been hard, but she did not let adversity conquer her. Now able to enjoy the fruits of her labor, Nina is able to be open and share the love that she so desperately needed as a little girl. Even though Jimmy was young when things were real bad for him and Nina, he still vividly remembers how she used to try to block him from all the bad stuff. Growing up, he knew that his mother was in a bad way, but he'd learn exactly how bad first hand, a memory he'd wrestle with for years to come. After pain and ultimately triumph, he realizes that he does have someone to lean on other than his sister. Pastor Jacobs is not only his Father in Christ, but also his biological father. With the help of Pastor Jacobs, Jimmy grows up to be one the most respected NBA basketball players in the country. With sister and brother finally being able to get over their previous misfortunes, the past somehow knocks on the door and their lives change in a way that they neither would've ever imagined. Richard Jeanty is of true talent and I look forward to more upcoming work from him
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is not one single word to describe this book! If you are a thrill seeker and enjoy action pack but suspenceful movies, this is definitely a book that will keep you hanging on the edge of your seat or bed. I read this book within 2 1/2 days, literally... Each and every character was independently unfolded revealing previous conclusions from the first book (Neglected Souls).