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No Cash? No Problem!: Learn How To Get Everything You Want in Business and Life, Without Using Cash

No Cash? No Problem!: Learn How To Get Everything You Want in Business and Life, Without Using Cash

4.4 5
by Dave Wagenvoord

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In today’s economy, one of the biggest problems people have is that they don’t have cash. Most people think that there are only three types of currency, cash, plastic and checks. But Barter is also a form of currency. You can trade you time for someone else's time. When you trade time for money, this is called a job! "No Cash? No Problem!" shows you how to

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No Cash? No Problem!: Learn How To Get Everything You Want in Business and Life, Without Using Cash 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
JZP More than 1 year ago
I have just finished reading No Cash? No Problem! I have to say that the book really does lives up to it's title. The book is all about Barter trade. How to do cashless transactions in very clever ways. Although the book refers to numerous barter trades using the media sector, what one really takes away from the book is the " barter mind-set'. This is key. It does not have to be advertising for goods and services, you can trade whatever you want or have, for whatever you need! Simply put, this book has changed the way I view making almost any kind of transaction. The examples given are excellent in helping one think out of the box. It is also written in a very easy to read style with 92 inside secrets. These are gems. Each sheds new insight into the lucrative world of barter trade. If you want to stretch your mind and 'transactional' imagination beyond conventional linear thinking, this book is a must read!
DavidLHancock More than 1 year ago
No Cash? No Problem? is a compelling read - once you start, you will find it hard to put it back down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just bought this book last week on a tip from a friend. I'm only halfway through so far, but I've already learned some bartering tips and tricks that I plan on using in my business.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First of all, let me make a full-disclosure. I've worked with Dave off and on between 1967 and 1984. We've been friends and friendly competitors since our professional paths went their separate ways. He has been my mentor since my first day at WWOM in New Orleans in 1967. And I traveled with Dave for part of his journey described in No Cash? No Problem! I saw it... and I lived it. It's not only all true....it's just the tip of the iceberg! Dave has rewritten the book on barter trade to show us how well it CAN work if structured creatively and ethically. I hope you enjoy No Cash? No Problem! as much as I did.  It is essendial reading for the business leader of 2013.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought “No Cash No Problem” to read on my Barnes & Noble Nook. I had been waiting for the publication for several months. I had high expectations because Jay Abraham said he had learned everything he knew about barter from David Wagenvoord. Unfortunately I felt let down by the limited information I got out of the book. I am a small manufacturer and I am very interested in using Barter to grow my business. What I really wanted to learn was how to convert my Barter deals to cash. Cashing out was only talked about a couple of times and then only to say that they cashed out by taking less Cash than the value of the trade. (Yes I know this is a book about Barter). Also one of my major complaints was the book uses almost only Media trade examples. Yes I know that Wagenvoord is a Media company but I think that Media companies don’t need this book. The book repeats itself. I bet I could cut over a third of this book out. It repeats itself continually. It got to the point where I started looking for all the ways that it was repeating itself. The book has 93 “Secrets” keys to Barter success. Even a few of them are the same just reworded. If you’re not in Media the best advice I got from the whole book which I am looking into know is joining a Barter Club.