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Of Poseidon (Syrena Legacy Series #1)

Of Poseidon (Syrena Legacy Series #1)

4.5 291
by Anna Banks

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Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen’s not fully convinced that Emma’s the one he’s been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves that

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Of Poseidon 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 291 reviews.
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
If you think the cover of Of Poseidon is beautiful, just wait till you start reading this amazingly beautiful novel. Anna Banks has written a captivating story. The romance between Galen and Emma will capture your heart. I could not put this novel down. Anna Banks’ writing is beautiful. This is the best word to describe this novel perfectly…"Beautiful". Of Poseidon is told from Emma’s and Galen's point of view, and this made the story so much deeper for me. I love to see both characters’ thoughts in a novel. And to see what Galen was going through with his feeling for Emma, and the same for Emma, to see her feelings for Galen, just made my heart break for these two. I wasn't ready for this book to end, and with the cliffhanger ripping my heart out for Galen, I will be waiting for the next book to mend it. *Sigh* Emma’s summer vacation to Florida with her best friend Chloe turns into the nightmare she never wanted to live, especially after her father’s death two years before. When she meets Galen, the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen, on this vacation, then he shows up at her school, she soon realizes the nightmare is only just beginning. Galen has to find out if Emma is the gift of Poseidon that will reunite the house of Poseidon and the house of Triton. But Prince Galen isn't ready for this twenty first century thinking girl, and Emma’s not about to take orders from this prince of the sea. Galen is an awesome guy, even if he is behind the times with Emma and her world above the sea. But one thing stays the same no matter which world or time you live in, and that's love. Galen is going to have to sacrifice what he loves the most to save his people and his brother, but Galen’s sacrifice might be more than he can live with. Galen’s and Emma’s romance took my breath away. Galen is the kind of guy that all us girls wish we could be romanced by. His love for Emma is one of protection: no one will take what is his. I love Galen's old-fashion chivalry and the way he loves Emma. Anna Banks had my heart swooning for Galen, and wishing for my own Prince Galen. There’s also another romance going on with Rayna, who is Galen's sister, and Toraf. This couple is the hilarious side romance to Galen’s and Emma's heart-melting one. I love Anna Banks for giving me two romances to swoon over: one for tears and one for laughs. Rayna and Toraf will have you laughing, but I did feel so sorry for Toraf at times. Although there's no way you can not help but to fall in love with Toraf, Toraf takes a lickin’ and keeps on going, determined to win Rayna's heart Of Poseidon is a beautiful romance of Galen’s sacrifice for his love for Emma with a fantastic adventure with merfolk of the sea. I have to give a teaser to show a little of who Galen’s and Emma's characters are: "He can't even find his class in a school with only three halls. That he found me clear across the country seems more miraculous than a push-up bra." I highly recommend Of Poseidon as a must read. .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
great story!! Love how the story does not portray one of those cheesy mermaid stories. the book was outstanding! totally did not see that coming at the end, i recommend this book to 10-20 year olds, CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Of Poseidon is your typical YA paranormal romance story, except now you have to change the vampire/fallen angel/whatever love interest by a siren. A male siren. They’re the current new hype, and okay, I could live with that, if this book was a half-decent story with awesome characters, exciting and original lore and heaps of romantic tension. It’s not, unfortunately. We meet Emma, a girl who possesses a series of Syrena traits, but not all of them. One day on the beach, she accidently bumps into Galen, who turns out to be a prince of the Syrena. The book is told from the alternating POVs of Galen (which is in third person) and Emma (which is in first person). An odd choice from the start, but one that could easily be forgiveable if it wasn’t for… Chloe. Chloe is Emma’s best friend since the dawn of time. She’s also black, which was an immediate yay for me, since diversity in YA doesn’t happen all too often. So I was glad we’d finally get to have a black best friend. Chloe also seemed like a very fun person, and she genuinely cared about Emma. Then Chloe dies. And it’s not even a huge spoiler, because it happens five minutes or so after we meet her. While swimming, Chloe and Emma are attacked by a shark and Chloe died. It’s actually very sad, but in the book it almost feels comical, especially by how Emma reacts afterward. How about developing an irrational fear for the water after you saw your best friend getting murdered by a shark? Or how about not immediately falling head over heels with the first guy you meet right after your BFF has passed away? Alas, we’re out of luck. Emma is a stereotypical, almost emotionless character. Think Bella. Think worse than Bella. Then you might come close. Galen is probably even worse. He’s so stereotypical that I could predict his every freaking move. He’s also very controlling, in a bad, unrealistic way. The Syrena are apparently married off to random other Syrena when they reach a certain age. Love in Syrena world? I guess it’s non-existent. When Galen talks about his person life-partner, it sounds like he’s describing a rag doll. Seriously. He made me so angry by his statements about how he’d like a woman who’d never argue with him and agree with everything he said. If you want that, go buy a dog. Dogs don’t argue and they love you even if you’re a two-faced doofus with more than one mental problem. But no. Galen does what he does best: tell Emma what to do, and get all controlling and angry when she doesn’t obey. Not that Emma doesn’t obey all that much. He even tells her they’re going to Florida at a certain point, and he’s taken care of everything. I’d understand this if it was a surprise by him and he was her boyfriend or something (like ‘Look, I booked us a flight to Florida for your birthday because you’ve always wanted to go, and I already talked to your Mom and she thought it was great’). Here, Galen is neither her boyfriend (or at least not for very long) and it’s not a birthday surprise. He basically kidnaps her. Seriously, this is kidnapping in my book. On top of that, Emma is special. She’s such a special snowflake that I want to rip her heart out and feed it to a shark. Literally. She apparently has the Gift of Poseidon, something rare, bla bla, bla bla, I couldn’t care less. After making her the most annoying protagonist in the history of YA literature, why go and make her even worse? Why freaking make her special? Mary Sue syndrome, anyone? Special snowflake syndrome, boring, stereotypical protagonists, and oh, did I mention that in general women’s rights are non-existent in Syrena world? I already mentioned the pre-arranged marriages, but hey, a women’s worth is also decided by whether or not they can get pregnant. Oh God. Middle ages, anyone? Even back then women had more rights than female Syrena. No wonder Galen’s sister Rayna runs around being angry at the entire world for more than half of the book. That is, until she sees the guy she was bethrothed to without her consent, kissing another girl, and then she falls head over heels for him. Yes. That kind of crazy, non-realistic behavior happens everywhere in this book. I’m not sure about Of Poseidon. I want to say I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I’m sure some people will like it. I mean, everyone in their pet chihuahua seemed to hate Hush, Hush (for those who don’t know, that’s a YA Paranormal Romance with a fallen angel as male love interest), but I liked it all right. I’m just going to say this wasn’t for me. I’m sure someone out there will like it. If you’re a fan of mermaids, you may want to give it a try. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I kinda knew I would love this book because its a book about a greek god. As said in the title (Of Poseidon). o.e But this book was amazing about how Galen had to fight his love for Emma and deny it all the time. While Emma hid everything she felt for him. I love this book... :] I recommend it to every paranormal romance lovers. <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was actually one of my first books I read when I got my nook. This book is filled with romance,drama,and a bit of action. I love how the story makes you curious and it's like you are part of the story. Yeah that didn't exactly make much sense but this is definitely a great book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I freakin love this book , I read it in 2 days :DDD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe the absurd amount of plot spoilers on here about this book. From ppl bragging how they got their book for free for their 'honest and unbiased' opinion,which automatically tells me it wont be honest and unbiased, to kids just basically giving a blamed book report. Ppl, learnto give a review. Its not a rewrite of the complete book. Its a couple of lines stating if you liked it or not. Bn, please consider limiting posting space on here. These plot spoilers rewrite the book ruining it for other readers. It is rude and also a violation of terms of service. Please ban them them and delete their posts.
TurningThePagesBlog More than 1 year ago
I went into the book with really high expectations because I had seen some very promising reviews of it on some blogs where the reviewers are known to be really tough and usually their reviews are pretty accurate in terms of how I'll enjoy it. Unfortunately, this book wasn't anything like what I thought it would be like. Right off the bat I was put off by Emma and then one by one the other characters began to get on my nerves. I honestly didn't care so much for any of them because they were very one dimensional and fake especially Emma. OMG was probably said by here every third page or so and by the end of it I was cringing anytime I saw anyone on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads use it for the longest time. There was also very little chemistry between any of the characters and it was as if their dialogue as well as their interactions were too forced almost as if the author was trying to hard to make her characters act like teenagers which made things very awkward. I also had trouble with the plot. It seemed so basic and more like a plot outline than an actual fully thought out and organized plot in a novel. There were so many gaps in the story where it was as if the authors focus on the story was jumping all over the place which caused a lot of confusion sometimes. I mean the book had the potential to be a really good read albeit not a unique one because mermaid novels are becoming more plentiful in the book world as of late but it could have been really good read. Sadly though, for me this one fell way short of my expectations I found very little to be redeemable about this novel except that it was a quick read for a vacation but was ultimately pretty forgettable. Despite all of this I will be reading the next book in the series just to see where the story goes. Though I didn't care for the book all that much that should by no means stop you from checking it out. If you were to read it though I think you should probably be a fan of Young Adult Novels with mermaids. * I received a free copy of this book from the published via NetGalley in exchange for my free and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own and I was not compensated in any way.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's really hard to find a good novel these days since they're all basically similar, but these novel captivated my attention right in the first chapter and kept on going. The series is truthfully one of the best :) so worth the purchase.
RebeccaEnzor More than 1 year ago
While I really enjoyed the concept behind this book, the differences in the POV of the two main characters was enough to throw me off right from the second chapter. The girl MC is told in first person present, the boy MC is told in third person present - and it definitely gives his chapters a distance of emotion that I just couldn't get into. It was a quick read, and I enjoyed the idea of the two kingdoms of Syrena and their interplay, but I'm not sure I'll read the rest of the series.
Nadina85 More than 1 year ago
Remember all the reasons I was afraid to read a book about mermaids? Well, remember the time I read a mermaid book and loved it? Yeah. This was not one of those times. I really wanted to enjoy Of Poseidon but the book had too many glaring issues for me to ignore. Overt Sexism - While I can appreciate what Banks was trying to accomplish by distinguishing Syrena society from human society, I didn't jive with how the female characters were portrayed. They are just these pretty little things who have no say in what they do or how they get to feel. Rayna, arguably one of the most fierce women in the book, spends all her time fighting "the man" and taking a stand. She's forced to marry Toraf against her will, without consent or even her presence. And what's worse is that in the end, she accepts it all because of a petty manipulation that incites her jealousy. And Emma, who initially backs Rayna, THINKS OF THE PLAN that wins Rayna over! Really?! Yay, Diversity - I would love to applaud Banks' use of diversity in this book, but unfortunately, her portrayal of a POC character leaves something to be desired. She had a great opportunity to make Chloe's character count, but instead, we're given a stereotypical shell who meets every clich&eacute; there is. SPOILER ALERT: Chloe not only dies in the first several chapters, but she dies in a less than dignified way. Her death is used solely as a device to move the plot forward. It becomes all about Emma and is totally meaningless. Not cool, Banks. Not cool. An Unsexy Romance - The "swoonworthy" siren, Galen, is supposed to be the walking epitome of sex but I thought he was a complete douchebag. He reminded me a lot of Edward in Twilight with those "serial killer eyes" (yes, that's actually how they're described in the book), his incessant manipulation of Emma, his need for total control and the constant stalking. Seriously? Stalking is NOT sexy! There is not ONE redeemable factor about this guy, except for the fact that he's hot, and I'm sorry, but looks do not make up for a lack in personality. Galen and Emma basically have your run-of-the-mill angsty, teenage romance and I'm not in high school anymore, so I can do without the drama. Under the Sea, or Lack Thereof - When I read a mermaid book, I damn well expect to see a lot of the world beneath the sea. Is that really too much to ask? Of Poseidon only gives us small glimpses of the Syrena world and it wasn't enough. It's probably the only redeeming quality about the book and there's very little attention paid to it. Details and world building --- they're pretty important from what I hear. Immerse me under the sea! Also, with regard to the mythology, you do know that Triton was the SON of Posiedon, not his brother, right? Good. Now that we've cleared that up, let's move on... Watch Your Language - I really tend to enjoy novels that share a dual POV, which Of Poseidon does, however, there was definitely something off about it here. Banks chose to tell the tale from Emma's first person POV and Galen's third person POV and the change in tense gives the book a choppy, unpolished feel. Grammar. Tense. Structure. All components of a basic English class. Suffice it to say, I know Banks can do better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story and the characters! It's a light, fun read that's sprinkled with humor. Be prepared to buy the sequel "Of Triton" - you're not going to want the fairytale to end just yet. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was such a great read! It was funny and cute and very entertaining! I especially thought toraf and Reina(i think thats her name? Idk read a couple of months ago) were sooo cute! If you havet already, then you should definately pick it up!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You are one of my favorite authers. This book was so good i started it then i forgot about it but i came back and read it. Is there a second book to this one if not you should write one loved the book cant wait for more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
One o the best books I haveread in aong time! LOVED IT LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was such an amazing book!! Youll love it! I cant wait for the second one to come out! Ahh! It was so good, it kept me hooked the whole entire time and by the time the endingncame i didnt want it to end :( you seriously wont regret buying this book, at all. Buy it now!!! Its soooo amazing!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read the sample but it left me hanging but altogether it was great
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is amazing! I could not put it down. For all the readers who loved this book the sequel is called Of Triton. You can pre order it for $9.99 and it comes out May 28th ,2013!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Never read anything like it. Fantastic
PinkiiDesu More than 1 year ago
stop reading reviews and just go read this book. i picked up this book with not so high expectations, and  then i was blown away by just about everything.  i loved it. i also liked the fact, that unlike most mermaid type books, the guy was the secret merman. it was something different. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book! The writing was so good and i am so excited read the book in the series!
M_Allain More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down until I was finished! I'm so happy that her second book will be out in Spring of 2013! Quite the cliffhanger.. ):
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very well written, not a boring moment!my only question is when is a sequel coming?
-daisy- More than 1 year ago
Oh my sweet goodness! Couldn't put it down! Have never found a &quot;merpeople&quot; book I like until now. It is AMAZING!!! You will not regret this purchase! Can't wait for the next installment!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book has to be the most aazing book i think i have ever read the romanse is amazing along with the many twists and turns in the mysteriouse quetion of who the poidon isbest book ever! Read the 0.5 first if at all but do not read after it changes the story to much Cant whaight for of posidon2 ( of triton ) comes out !