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One Bloody Thing After Another

One Bloody Thing After Another

3.8 10
by Joey Comeau

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Jackie has a map of the city on the wall of her bedroom, with a green pin for each of her trees. She has a first-kiss tree and a broken-arm tree. She has a car-accident tree. There is a tree at the hospital where Jackie’s mother passed away into the long good night. When one of them gets cut down, Jackie doesn’t know what to do but she doesn’t

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One Bloody Thing After Another 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
stampymom More than 1 year ago
If I could only say one word about this book it would be DISTURBING! I read this in just a few hours and I couldn't put it down (so that's something). When I finished it my first thought was "what an awful book." However, now days later I keep thinking about it and telling people they should read it. I know, confusing right? I'm still not sure I liked it but I can't really say I didn't like it anymore either. I think I want other people to read it so I will have someone to talk to about it. It is a very short novel and I found the chapters to be almost choppy feeling, but I think that is maybe what the author was going for. There was a whole section of the book where I just kept going "huh?" So with all of that being said, I have decided not to give this book a number rating at this time because like I said I still haven't decided if I liked it or not. I do know one thing, I will probably have to read this again somewhere down the line to see if I "get" anything different off of it. You know how sometimes when you watch a movie more than once and you "get" things the second time that you didn't the first? I'm thinking that will happen with me and this book.
thesmboyce More than 1 year ago
This book was odd. There were moments of hilarious one-liners, but then there were bits of plot that wandered as if the author didn't quite know where he wanted to go with it. I mean, all of Part III was one character reliving earlier bits of the novel or dreaming, and one chapter even ended with "Etc." I know that was supposed to be comical, but it felt like the author kind of stopped trying on that chapter. ONE BLOODY THING AFTER ANOTHER is very short. Some chapters are only a few paragraphs long, and that makes for a quick read. I can appreciate that, but sometimes the transitions between chapters left me wondering if content was accidentally cut. Jumps in characters or logic were just sometimes hard to follow. I think this book would have been better (for me) if it took itself less seriously and joked around more. It came off kind of like a cheesy horror flick at times. The characters were...different, I guess. Their stories didn't always intertwine as well as I imagine the author intended, but each had a disturbing aspect to their life I found to be interesting. I especially liked the old man's character, and his story was easily my favorite of those in this novel. So I guess we'll call that a draw. Honestly, this book read more like the text or outline for a graphic novel, which makes sense considering the author also works in that medium. However, that technique made some of the narrative weak. He doesn't use many pronouns, so we hear the characters' names a dozen times on a single page alone. It therefore has a simplistic tone I didn't enjoy. All in all, I don't think I'd recommend this. There were good one-liners and some interesting characters, but I really only finished it because I spent a whopping $15 on the paperback. I think there are much better books available out there for much less.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was dissapointed with the content of this book.The plot was weak, the characters very under developed. I don't need books to be spoon fed to me and everything explained,but I felt so much of the book was too vague and sometimes too confusing, almost as if the author just gave up. The book was distrubing I will give it that,but I felt it wasn't a developed,well thought out spook.It seemed as if the author just chose a topic so taboo people would be disgusted without having to work too hard for it.Not worth a read in my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Joey Comeau is usually fun and short but this book just wasn't for me at all. It was well written but I just didn't enjoy it or it's content.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
angiewoot More than 1 year ago
Joey Comeau's "One Bloody Thing After Another" was a quick read at only 165 pages, yet managed to pack in a surprisingly large amount of absurd plot twists. Comeau begins the novel as a serial story following three character's seemingly unrelated lives and as the plot develops, their stories become more entwined as their actions begin to affect each other. Jackie, a rebellious lesbian teenager spends much of the book smashing things destroying, and escaping danger, all while calling on her late mother's ghost and courting her best friend. Ann enters the scene and draws in the reader with her less than conventional family situation, to say the least. Charlie, his beloved dog, and the decapitated ghost haunting him spend most of the book on the periphery but crosses lives with Ann in a gruesome yet almost comical dog-napping. Comeau classifies this novel as a horror story, yet provides so little description in his style that almost all of the imaginative work is left up the reader. For instance, he was even able to construct a scenes of a woman eating a live baby and a litter of kittens that barely disgusted me. His lack of description and rampant use of short, bland sentences detracted from what could have otherwise been a terrifying short novel. Although I was somewhat unsatisfied with the short sentences, one to three page chapters, and lack of detail, I would still recommend this book to someone with a twisted, sick sense of humor or anyone looking for a quick quirky read. I received a review copy of this book though ECW Press.