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One Hot January

One Hot January

4.5 2
by J. Conrad Guest

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Imagine an alternate history in which the United States fails to enter World War II in time to help the Allies defeat the Tripartite before Germany becomes too strong to defeat. Imagine a future in which Germany has perfected genetic engineering and is systematically eradicating whole nations in an effort to secure the empire Hitler vowed would last a thousand years;

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One Hot January 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Dellani_Oakes More than 1 year ago
Cynical, sarcastic, wary and somewhat paranoid, one might even say Joe January's jaded. He's very much a man's man and enjoys being single and playing the field. So, it's a bit of a puzzler why, when he meets Melissa MacIntyre, he doesn't jump at the chance to bed her. Instead, he does his best to rid himself of both Melissa and her brother whose story of their missing father fails to elicit any sympathy from the hard bitten January. Imagine Joe's surprise when six years later, he meets up with Melissa once again. Not only has her father never been found, but her brother, Benjamin Junior, has gone missing as well. Mysterious notes and a strange package found their way to Miss MacIntyre's possession and she's come to Joe January once again for help. Set in the 1940's, the backdrop of WW II infiltrates the story of "One Hot January". Pursued by Nazi spies, Joe, Melissa and his friend Lance must find why her father disappeared and what happened to Benjamin Junior before it's too late. "One Hot January" is a cleverly written sci-fi detective story for all mystery lovers.
ApexReviews More than 1 year ago
Failing to enter World War II in time to help the Allies defeat the advancing German forces, the U.S. tragically allows Hitler's brutal empire to rise and rule the world. After years of oppression and systematic genocide, a rebellious faction of Hitler detractors hatches a plot to go back in time and alter the course of future history. Their main objective? To draw the U.S. into WWII, thereby aborting Hitler's sinister plans before they even have the chance to be born. The unlikely key to their success? Joe January, a fast-talking private investigator who stumbles upon the plot while in the process of tracking down a missing Archeology professor who holds a potentially earth-shattering secret... One Hot January is nothing if not intriguing. In his thought-provoking tale of speculative fiction, author J. Conrad Guest skillfully combines dramatic fiction with historical fact to present a winding, suspense-filled mystery thriller. Driving the story along is the unflappable Joe January, who - despite finding himself thrust in the midst of a time-traveling conspiracy theory come to vivid life - remains the quintessential cool, sardonic hard ass with a heart of gold. As such, his unique energy alone is sure to captivate the reader's interest as Guest unfolds his action-packed tale at a steady, compelling pace - all the way up to the bombshell surprise ending. A dynamic, highly recommended instant classic. Morgan Drake Apex Reviews