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Out of My League

Out of My League

4.4 16
by Dirk Hayhurst

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Out of My League 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
ekrenzelok More than 1 year ago
I discovered the genius writing of Dirk Hayhurst last summer while I was slaving away for an independent baseball team. I had always enjoyed baseball but had never read a book about it, despite being in sports management. I picked up "The Bullpen Gospels" from my library and read it in two days. I was hooked. When I heard "Out of My League" was coming out, I didn't think he'd be able to top his first book. He did. Hayhurst is incredibly open and honest throughout the book; it’s a breath of fresh air. As fans, we rarely get to hear about this side of professional athletes; we generally only hear about the success they have, not the day-to-day physical and mental struggles. He shares all of his experiences, all the ups and downs not just of trying to make it to the big leagues, but the ups and downs of his life. I laughed uncontrollably during his girlfriend Bonnie’s first encounter with Hayhurst’s senile grandma in one chapter, only to have my emotions do a complete 180-degree turn a couple chapters later when he took her to his parents’ house to meet with them for the first time as well, a visit that ended in disaster. The entire book is an emotional rollercoaster. You mentally cheer for Hayhurst when he succeeds and want to encourage him when he’s going through tough times. It’s so well-written, entertaining, and impossible to put down. When I finished the book, I was happy for Hayhurst’s success both professionally and personally, but I immediately wanted another book. Until the next one is released, I’ll just follow his journey on Twitter and his blog.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
OUT OF MY LEAGUE by Dirk Hayhurst This book is written by and spoken from Dirk's point of view as he is the one going through all of it. Talk of him growing up in his family where his dad would help him by coaching in baseball. Over time it's all Dirk wants to do. Being in the minor league hasn't amounted to a big pay check and because of what he shows on the mound he is moved to the major league where things turn around ten fold for him. Liked how he handled the let down of losing a game and that others could see it also. Love the guy talk and pranks along the way. A man would super really love this book as they could relate more to the things that happen. I just like baseball so the story line was interesting to keep me reading through 400 pages. A plus was the romance to Bonnie and how the book and season follows her as well in every day life. Besides traveling to different new places to me, there is also a lot I was able to learn. The most funnier things were the beer bag and princess knapsack.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dirk Hayhurst follows up The Bullpen Gospels with an outstanding continuation in OOML. In this book, DH continues his rough ride thru the Padres system, but also has to deal with his family AND maintain his relationship with his new girlfriend Bonnie. He tells his story in a brutally honest way & we see him mature as both player and man as the season progresses. The awe he feels at finally being called up jumps out at you; i could see myself acting just like he does. As a baseball fan, I enjoyed reading about what MLB life is really like, including the Candy Bag and other forms of rookie hazing. I had many laughs reading the book & I look forward to a potential 3rd book.
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
Dirk Hayhurst acknowledges in his author notes that OUT OF MY LEAGUE is not a baseball tell-all. His point is not to “smear his fellow players or air the sport’s dirty laundry”. He also doesn’t focus on the sport’s technicalities which makes the book enjoyable by all, not just baseball fans. Even so, there are plenty of tales of the bizarre and funny happenings, the diverse personalities in the clubhouse, the odd rituals and the tremendously different lives of minor and major league players. He shares entertaining anecdotes as well as heartfelt personal stories. Hayhurst is an anomaly among the players because of his personal moral beliefs and takes a lot of grief for it. He plays along to get along with the rookie hazing but doesn’t let peer pressure cause him to compromise his beliefs. His courage in this is inspiring. He is starkly honest about his flawed relationship with his family and his personal insecurities. He shares the sweet tale of meeting, courting and marrying his wife, Bonnie. At times laugh out loud funny and at others almost depressing, the book is entertaining from start to finish. Rating: 4.0 Heat Rating: Mild: Mild detailed scenes of intimacy, mild violence or profanity. Reviewed By: Jeanne Stone-Hunter for My Book Addiction and More
MagnusVegas More than 1 year ago
Out of My League is hilarious, happy, sad and at most of all brutally honest. The job of a pitcher can't be easy. The pressure is constant as each time you take the mound you, your teammates, coaches and fans expect near perfection. Dirk Hayhurst provides a great description of the pressures of the job and the many ways to distract yourself while waiting to work. Having been a professional drummer most of my life I often heard the statement, "but you PLAY drums." I imagine most people don't understand the pressures, the hard work and the time put in to develop your skill to a top level. I can relate to the pressure and the silliness to relieve the pressure. All the while you work, life goes on around you and sometimes it's hard to remember what's important. Enjoy life and read this book! I can't wait for the next one to be published.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It’s arguable that Hayhurst is a better writer than pitcher. Seamlessly overlapping the final chapter of the ‘The Bullpen Gospels’, ‘Out of My League’ chronicles Dirk’s jump from triple AAA to the Majors. He shares his fascination with the chasm between the minors and the bigs, how big money changes team-mates he’s known for years, and holds nothing back in describing his fear of failure on the big stage. It’s riveting reading. He also brings the same unblinking honestly to his budding romance and the wedding that follows. A phone call on his honeymoon sets-up what promises to be a third book in the series.
BookreaderrBob More than 1 year ago
Bought this book immediately after reading Hayhursts first book "The Bullpen Gospels", and found it to be even better than the first. This book continues on from where "Gospels" ends, following Hayhursts journey from the minor league system to (finally) the majors. As an avid baseball fan, and longtime minor league season ticket holder, I was somewhat aware of the competitive difficulty a player has in his trek to the major leagues...or I thought I was aware. After reading this book, I am now more acutely aware of how tough things are and what players go through. With the start of the baseball season only a couple of weeks away, I will go into the season with a new perspective on the game, and more respect for the players, especially at the AAA level. The book is at times touching and funny, and occasionally a little uncomfortable to read, especially when it focuses on Hayhursts family. It is a"must read" for all baseball fans. I hope Hayhurst has a third book on the way to start from where this one ends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After reading and enjoying Mr. Hayhurt's columns and his first book I was very anxious to read this one also. As always, blatantly honest, telling his story warts and all, it was a very fast read for me. I laughed out loud at a few parts, and really felt for his family at others. This book continues to show that the Baseball players that we tend to put on so high are flawed just like the rest of us. If you love Baseball or just love reading about people pressing on for success you will love this book. Go Garfoose!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In March 2012, I was intrigued by the cover of "Out of My League" on the new release shelf at my local B&N store. A man standing on the pitcher's mound, the glare of stadium lights, and the word "Survival" popped out at me. I opened the book and began skimming through the first chapter... then devoured the rest at home in two days. Like many children in the Midwest, I played baseball & watched it on tv, and wondered what it would be like to play with "my name in lights". Dirk Hayhurst eloquently -- and startlingly-- takes us behind the scenes. He shares the pain of years of preparation and small paychecks, while seeing his peers called up to The Bigs before him. He openly shares his home life, doubts, and dreams, as well as how he adjusted to the pressure of having a BIG dream come true. Hayhurst also tastefully weaves in the story of meeting and marrying his wife during that turbulent year. All of these are acts of courage to show us not only the antics in the locker rooms and manager's offices, but also unmasking the imperfect yet loving man underneath the jersey. As a woman, I appreciated "listening in" on the locker room, bus, and private jet scenes. Many times I laughed aloud at the discussions and Dirk's playful & vivid descriptions of the actions. Hayhurst also reveals the sometimes-shocking behavior of himself and the players, and this adds to the authenticity of the experience while avoiding being sleazy. I admire his boundary of telling an accurate story while avoiding trashing any individual's reputation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An excellent read. Full of anecdotes from the club house to life off the field. Out of My League is a highly relatable memoir of a life spent pursuing one thing only to realize it might not be the dream the author thought it was. While the focus is on baseball, it's easy to see your life and career in similar circumstances. Why do I work so hard and what do I work for? What really matters when my career is over? You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll wonder what the hell a garfoose is.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've heard good things about The Bullpen Gospels, and based on my experience with this book, I'm definitely going to check it out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A hillarious book a great read
VinSmith More than 1 year ago
As a student of the human condition, I was delighted in my teens when I realized that my passion for baseball was nicely served by reading good baseball books. I have now read my favorite baseball story of the past ten or fifteen years. Perhaps, as time goes by, Out of My League may even own the top spot. What baseball pitcher/writer Dirk Hayhurst has produced hits you in the gut, tickles your funny bone, perhaps makes you cry, and causes you to wonder how mere human beings could have produced such a perfect game of inches as embodied by baseball. Oh… Some say football has eclipsed the diamond sport, but that is only true in the sense of mankind’s constant war on the enemies of life; football being a microcosm of any kind of life and death struggle. But baseball… That’s the hope of mankind. The embodiment of our better angels. A perfect stand-in for the hopes and dreams of any boy. In a lot cases, any girl--marry a ballplayer; play softball, be a devoted Little League mom. There is this special grip that baseball has on the American psyche. In Hayhurst’s book, against all odds, he finds his soulmate, Bonnie, on an Internet dating site. This could mean escaping the air mattress on the floor of his loony grandmother’s basement. This could help him to find a way to stabilize his dysfunctional parents’ life—if Bonnie, who soon becomes his fiancée has her way, Dirk will come to grips with that issue. But all of this hinges on finding a way to make “The Show.” The relentless pursuit of a lifelong dream! The burning drive to make it to the Bigs! This is the power of Dirk Hayhurst’s Out of My League. This book will stay with me until I’m delivered to the undertaker!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago