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Out of the Crisis

Out of the Crisis

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by W. Edwards Deming

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"Long-term commitment to new learning and new philosophy is required of any management that seeks transformation. The timid and the fainthearted, and the people that expect quick results, are doomed to disappointment."According to W. Edwards Deming, American companies require nothing less than a transformation of management style and of governmental relations with

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Out of the Crisis 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is a true masterpiece written by one of America's under-rated heroes. Dr. Demming was an engineer who led Japan to become the powerhouse that it is in today's world economy. He established certain management techniques and he preached certain attitudes that should be adopted to the work place in order to reach the sort of success that he helped companies such as Honda and Toyota reach today. Dr. Demming strongly believed that only those companies that focused their entire attention on quality would succeed in today¿s world. He does not believe that a company should set financial profit ahead of quality. If a company puts their energy and resources into establishing very high quality products, the financial benefits will make its way towards that company. Several decades ago, Toyota was focused on producing low cost cars in hope of attracting a large portion of market sales. When they decided to focus more on quality than price their market sales soared. Dr.Demming does not only preach about quality but he also gives the readers tools that can be used in the work place to help and achieve the desired level of quality. Certain tools such as inspection methods, training, supplier relationships, and process control are all detailed in this great book. Even though sometimes the thought process of Dr. Demming might be hard to follow, the lessons learnt in this book are priceless and this book should be in the top drawer of every manager¿s desk.
Guest More than 1 year ago
W. Edward Deming could be called the Mozart of quality control, the Shakespeare of business consulting, the Michelangelo of management science. Deming is the sine qua non of modern business thought ¿ the ¿without which not.¿ Perhaps more than any other thinker, he engineered the rise of Japanese competitiveness in the consumer goods sector, thereby giving a major prod to globalization. Perhaps his only failure was not envisioning the Big Brother extremes to which some would later push his ideas of ¿consistency of purpose¿ (for example, continuous quality improvement). Then again, prophets are plagued by their own disciples. Deming passes the test of time with flying colors. In this reprint of his 1986 classic, his eloquent arguments for single-supplier sourcing and leadership rather than supervision, and against production quotas and the absurd practice of MBWA (management by walking around), ring as true today as ever. We from getAbstract believe that classics should be revisited often, and highly recommends Deming¿s seminal work to thoughtful people in business at all levels.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wish my manager would read this. Great book though hard going in spots, especially the math. Not light reading.