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The Ride of Our Lives

The Ride of Our Lives

4.6 3
by Mike Leonard

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The Ride of Our Lives is the humorous yet deeply moving account of NBC journalist Mike Leonard’s cross-country odyssey with his eccentric parents, three grown children, and a daughter-in-law. Full of ups and downs, laughs and tears, the month-long journey becomes a much larger tale of hope, persistence, and valuable lessons learned along the way. A

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Ride of Our Lives 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
LeisureReader More than 1 year ago
This book was well received by our neighborhood book club. Everyone loved it as much as I did. Here are some questions we used for our discussion.1. Mike Leonard was a well known human interest feature reporter, but now retired. Do you remember him on the Today Show? Did you find his Stories interesting and memorable? 2. In this book there are a lot of clever, funny, and witty comments, stories and songs. The discussion of word abbreviations, like quid pro quo instead do tit for tat, why? Dop kits named for inventor, but not post it notes.....Mother's swearing and P'Diddy references, dad breaking into hysterical songs.....can you think of others you liked? 3. Do you have a favorite story? 4. Mike's stories like his Today show segments show the funny and sad aspects of life with a unique twist. Do you have comments about any of these? Movies and candy, damn Yankees... Dad's trip to Ireland when he was a child... The mouse in the basement and the blowgun The Irish Monk from remote Irish town.... Xlax in the cooking class 5. Did you find a particular place they visited the most interesting? The Alamo, Biltmore Estate, the cemeteries, the past homes, Patterson N.J., parent's colleges, Louisiana bayou???? 6. Mike seamlessly wove in past stories with the present trip. That showed us that he does have a different take on things, and how it all flows together. Were you more interested in the trip itself or the childhood and adult stories? 7. Most people have a series of happenings or decisions that affect and change our lives. What if his oldeMike's learning disabilities made him feel stupid. Hockey taught him the value of hard work. Getting his grandmother's ring allowed him to buy a video camera. Meeting the military man on campus got him a 4F status. Knowing the right person got him his first TV job, his boss encouraged him to go to NBC. Do you know what your life changing events are? r sister had lived?
Andrew18 More than 1 year ago
A terrific, funny, moving read about the importance of family, the time you spend with them, and of just being present to enjoy it all...and perhaps learn a little something about yourself along the way. A marvelous book. I cannot recommend it enough.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Leonard takes us along not only for a ride across country with his parets but a ride back in time in the lives of those same parents , their parents, as well as Mr. Leonard's own childhood. The emotions range between funny, sweet, sad and happy as we, the readers share the very enjoyable ride.