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by Bc Furtney, Essi Zimm (Illustrator)

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Scarla Fragran shook the world. The youngest female kickboxing champion in history, she came from nowhere to become the brightest young star with the most promising future. Until it all died, along with the man she loved and the only life she'd ever known. Now, she hunts and kills, preying on the predators that cost her more than she ever thought she could lose.

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Scarla 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Original name: S***** D*******///<br> Name: Scarlet Muse///<br> Nickname: Scar///<br> Gender: Female///<br> Age: 14. Soon to be 15.///<br> Height: Somewhere between 5'5"-5'7"///<br> Appearance: Hair is short in the back (reaches to where the neck and back meet) and long in the front (reaches below the shoulders). The color is dark brown, the tips are dyed hot pink. Has bangs that would cover half of her face if she didn't have glasses. Has a backwards "L" shaped scar on right eyebrow. Eyes are dark brown but her right eye will turn completely white and left eye will turn completely black if she enters fight mode(more info later) or experience intense emotion. Typical wear consists of a zip-up sweater, shirts, skinny jeans, and black steel-toed combat boots./// <br>Personality: Difficult to explain due to how complex it is.///<br> Weapon(s) of Choice: Cresent Moon blades(also known as Deer Horn Knives), Hook Swords(Tiger Hook Swords), and Shurikens(Ninja Stars).///<br> Story: She has lived two previous lives(currently on her third) but doesn't know much about them, if you ask and she trusts you she'll tell. She is a very powerful being yet hasn't awaken all her powers.///<br> Abilitys-Powers: When she fights she can go into "fight mode". Fight mode is were her soul's memory of fighting takes over her body. In fight mode her wings turn into weapons(more info later) and her right eye turns completely white while her left eye turns completely black. Again she is one of the most powerful being to live yet she hasn't awaken them yet.///<br> Type of Being: As far as she knows, she's part Angel and part Demon./// <br>Wings: When the sun is up(during the day) her wings will be white. When the sun is down(at night) her wings will be black. In fight mode (or is over come with intense emltions) every single feather will be edged either in gold if the wings are white or silver if they are black. When this happens they're indestructable and can slice through skin.///<br> Familiar-Guardian: A tiger thats black with white stripes.///<br> Other: Likes reading and drawing.<br> Hint: A good way to become her friend is music.