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The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

3.6 6
by Alan Deutschman

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From the acclaimed Vanity Fair and GQ journalist–an unprecedented, in-depth portrait of the man whose return to Apple precipitated one of the biggest turnarounds in business history. With a new epilogue on Apple’s future survival in today’s roller-coaster economy, here is the revealing biography that blew away the critics and stirred

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Second Coming of Steve Jobs 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've lived in the midst of Silicon Valley for four years, and as a former tech reporter, I have to say this is the best dirt on Steve Jobs that I have ever read. Having covered Jobs at his most charismatic -- on stage touting Apple products -- I'll admit it's easy to be seduced by his charm, by the popsicle-colored iMacs, whimsical Think Different commercials, and by general Mac-mania. Many publications have covered just that side of things. But I've also heard the occasional strange rumor that hints at a Jobs different from 'interim' CEO persona. Here, finally, someone took the time to do the extensive homework and piece together a portrait of the *real* Steve Jobs. I have no idea how the author got people to tell him all these great anecdotes, but he did (including Jobs' make-out sessions in the lobby of his own company and the real story behind Pixar), and it's a fun read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has to be the best book on Steve Jobs I have ever read. A must have for any Mac Addict. This book shows the readers how Steve felt after being kicked out of Apple and how Steve felt when Apple came crawling back to him!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book has some interesting info on how Pixar came to be.... but beyond that, it is simply an extremely elongated and poorly edited magazine article. The professional review from The Standard (above on this page) explains well some of the problems with this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Steve Jobs is a deceptively profound and creative innovator. I dont think anyone like him ever existed in the electronics or any other engineering field. He CREATED the PC revolution. Not Woz, or Gates, or Kleinrock, or Raskin, or Akers or any CEO of any computer company or any university professor. He designed, that's right designed, the best PC, the best Operating System, the best MP3 Player, the best animation tool, the best... His position is unassailable. The question people should be asking is 'How does Steve do it?' Understanding his background and his beliefs explains much of this. There is clearly a move afoot to dethrone Steve and steal his jewel again by the same greedy species who did it the first time. Uncomprehending, egotistical neanderthals who don't have a clue what Apple is about and are completely at a loss to explain its unending string of successes. I have worked in the computer field for several decades and can tell you that its the rest of us who are living in a 'reality distorted world', like the CEOs of the numerous computer companies who dont exist anymore, and not Steve Jobs. His Buddhist bent has placed him firmly in Truth and Reality, and most other people here outside it. The author of this book has absolutely no idea what is going on or who Steve REALLY is. If Steve was as bad as he tries to depict him to be, we would not have had the Mac or the iPod.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Not that I know much about Steve. Having worked at Pixar for 6 years and run against him for CEO of Apple. However, having some of my ideas taken and used by him to resurrect Apple, and me not make a cent out of the deal, I am personally looking forward to this book making its way into the public eye. Perhaps there is enough in it, to make it difficult for Steve to sleep at night. Perhaps there is enough there to make him become an honest individual and settle with those who he owes $$$ (yes, me)...but then again...perhaps it will just be a book written by someone who was swayed in what they decided to write, after interviewing a lot of people and wasting our time. Only time will tell. Best of luck Alan, next stop...NYTIMES BESTSELLER LIST #1. Michael Murdock former APPLE CEO candidate