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Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA

Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA

4.7 9
by Ellen Meister

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When a Hollywood location scout comes to Applewood, Long Island, and announces that the local elementary school might make the perfect backdrop for an upcoming George Clooney movie, the PTA's decorum crumbles like a cookie from last week's bake sale.

Enter Maddie, Ruth, and Lisa, three women who become the glue that holds the project together, forging a bond

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Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
bbunney More than 1 year ago
Ellen Meister creates characters that draw you in, because they're real loveable but with plenty of their own faults. This book, like her others, make you wish you were part of the Beryl, Ruth, Maddie, and Lisa's clique. Fantastic read that had me laughing outloud on the elliptical in the middle of gold's gym.
LC112648LC More than 1 year ago
Secret Confessions of Applewood PTA .... I like the way this author writes! Feels like you actually know the characters. Would recommend for a light, airy read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GailCooke More than 1 year ago
Instead of the usual bake sales or auctions to raise money for a new stadium, it begins to look as if the Applewood PTA has struck it rich - a movie company has scouted their school and thinks it might be the perfect location for a film. Seldom has there been so much excitement in this small Long Island town. Excitement almost becomes pandemonium when they learn that George Clooney may be the star of the movie. This debut novel by Ellen Meister is chick lit at its best with sympathetic, likeable characters and sharply drawn dialogue. In addition to the prospect of up close and personal Clooney sightings each protagonist has personal issues with which she must deal. Maddie Schein, a former lawyer, could use some good advice - her marriage is in deep trouble and the appearance of Jack Rose, a friend from college, who wants to have his way with her confuses Maddie even further. Ruth Moss, according to her friends, seems to have it all - she's wealthy, articulate, and attractive. However, her husband's stroke has left him impotent and her playing full-time nurse and nanny. Lisa Slotnick, loved by all, is shy and most comfortable when not the center of attention. It's hard for her to stay out of the spotlight when her mother , unfortunately, is a loud, abrasive alcoholic. Last but not least (every book has to have one) there is Suzanne, the uppity, bossy president of the PTA. Her comeuppance is hysterical! Lisa Kudrow, in her debut as an audio book narrator, gives a star performance as she segues easily from one personality to another. Sometimes the scene is a comic one, at other times it is poignant. We welcome her to the A List of voice performers. - Gail Cooke
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you like Jennifer Weiner, Jennifer Crusie or Susan Issacs, you¿ll LOVE Ellen Meister¿s Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA. Fans of Richard Russo, Richard Yates and Tom Perotta will also enjoy the quality of the writing. The novel follows three women who bond when their kids¿ school is set as a location for a Hollywood movie (starring the fantasy-inducing George Clooney no less). These characters should not be dismissed as mere housewives, as they are very capable women who use their (often hidden) talents to go after what they want. They are sympathetic characters with depth whose friendship helps them overcome their domestic problems as well as a domineering PTA president. It takes place on Long Island, with its micro-stratified society that has distinctions that are imperceptible to outsiders. People there know where they are in the pecking order and feel an acute sense of superiority to those they see below them and harbor envy and resentment towards the people just above them. This fast-paced, very entertaining book is filled with great dialogue, quirky minor characters, laughs, tears and sex. A great beach read or book club choice, it is a book you will recommend to all your friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Suzanne Podobinski leads the Applewood, Long Island elementary school PTA drive to raise funds to build a small stadium with everything going smoothly as everyone is in agreement and gets on with one another. That changes when a Hollywood location scout visits Applewood to ascertain whether Appleton Elementary would make a good locale for a George Clooney movie. That information sends the PTA members squabbling into two camps that of President Suzanne and three opponents.--------------------- The enemies of President Suzanne are divided except in opposition to her and not wanting to spend time doing the symbolic PTA gig. Lawyer Maddie Schein is more concerned that her husband desires his cousin not her so the PTA is not important. Songwriter Ruth Moss is tired mentally after three years as the sole caretaker of her partially paralyzed spouse and dreams of making love with Clooney but guiltily settles for a local school superintendent. Lisa Slotnick wife of a millionaire computer genius feels as if her past has destroyed her standing when her alcoholic mother visits her. Still each of these ladies has their own PTA concept and will use extortion and blackmail to achieve their objective but if they team up watch out Suzanne, Clooney and anyone one else challenging the Applewood PTA insurgency.------------------------ Tongue in cheek, this understated battle of the suburban PTA moms is an amusing deep tale that focuses on how important it is to have time for oneself but also must believe in oneself. The four female protagonists are fully developed characters with self anointed VIP Suzanne battling to insure her three opponents remain divided while her adversaries know they must overcome their personal agendas and unite if they want to win. The contest brings out the best and the worst in the Applewood PTA.------------------ Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
The private lives of three Applewood, Long Island housewives get thrown into turmoil when a production company announces its interest in filming on location at their elementary school. Although married and with children, the three characters in Meister's book prove that there's still a whole lot of life, longing, determination, and inspriation in these women. They're great moms who love and care for their kids, but they're also individuals with problems and dreams, turmoil and aspirations that reach far beyond their parenting. Maddie Schein is struggling to find the spark in her marriage, worried that her husband Bruce finds his own cousin more interesting than his wife. Ruth Moss has been taking care of partially paralyzed, impotent, and brain damaged husband for three years and she longs for the spark of passion herself. Lisa Slotnick's spotlight stealing, alcholic mother throws a monkey wrench into her family life when she needs help rehabbing. These three women comprise the Applewood PTA sub-committee put in charge of acting as a liason with the film company. But they don't just have their hands full with their personal lives. The school project may also be in jeopardy when PTA president Suzanne decides to wrestle the prestigious control of the project away from the three underlings. Through plenty of laughter and tears, the three very different women bond together quickly, forming deep friendships and sticking together to hopefully conquer all. Will Maddie find bliss with Bruce? Will Ruth get her mojo satisfied? Will Lisa be able to cope with her demanding mother? And most importantly -- will George Clooney be coming to film his movie in Applewood? Funny and lovable characters, a can't put-down plot, and great writing make this an incredible novel that you'll savor, even as you race through to find out what happens next. Meister has a gold mine in here, not just with her leading ladies, but also with a truly wonderful supporting cast. From the wisecracking Beryl to punishment loving Paul, Meister brings everyone to life. But Meister doesn't stop with the delightful entertainment she also mines deep, showing us what makes a woman's heart beat and her soul suffer and soar. You'll be thrilled to get to know everyone in this neighborhood. And then you'll be really sad when you have to say goodbye.