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5.0 3
by Two Steps from Hell
These days, the only thing louder than the explosions in your average action/adventure/fantasy/science fiction film trailer is the music. After experiencing German composer Carl Orff's 1937 cantata Carmina Burana paired with slow-motion shots of men preparing for battle for the umpteenth time, composers Nick Phoenix

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Skyworld 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Seeing as B&N isn't doing it's job with the track listing Track listing No. Title Writer(s) Length 1. "All Is Hell That Ends Well"   Thomas Bergersen 3:53 2. "Titan Dream"   Nick Phoenix 4:04 3. "SkyWorld"   Thomas Bergersen 3:12 4. "El Dorado"   Thomas Bergersen 4:14 5. "The End Is the Beginning"   Nick Phoenix 4:51 6. "All the King's Horses"   Thomas Bergersen 2:06 7. "Realm of Power"   Nick Phoenix 3:55 8. "Winterspell"   Thomas Bergersen 3:20 9. "Blackheart"   Thomas Bergersen 4:27 10. "Juggernaut"   Nick Phoenix 2:34 11. "Dark Ages" (from Nemesis) Thomas Bergersen 3:25 12. "Our Last Hope"   Nick Phoenix 3:57 13. "Icarus"   Nick Phoenix 2:53 14. "For the Win"   Thomas Bergersen 2:12 15. "Sun & Moon"   Thomas Bergersen 4:22 16. "Big Sky"   Nick Phoenix 4:08 17. "Starfleet"   Nick Phoenix 3:22 18. "Queen of Crows"   Nick Phoenix 2:43 19. "Blizzard"   Thomas Bergersen 2:53 20. "Breathe"   Thomas Bergersen 2:56 21. "Back to the Earth"   Nick Phoenix 4:24 22. "Ocean Kingdom"   Nick Phoenix 2:20 Total length: 1:15:56 Bonus tracks[5] No. Title Writer(s) Length 23. "Freedom Fighters Remix[6]" (original version from Legend) Thomas Bergersen 2:34 24. "Identity Crime"   Nick Phoenix 3:09 25. "Beneath the Ice"   Nick Phoenix 2:02 26. "The World Is Mind" (later publicly released on Classics Volume One) Nick Phoenix 2:39 27. "Children from the War"   Thomas Bergersen 2:37 28. "Requiem for Destruction"   Thomas Bergersen 1:30 29. "The Colonel"   Thomas Bergersen 2:30 30. "Stormwatch" (later publicly released on Classics Volume One) Nick Phoenix 2:20
lotrfan18 More than 1 year ago
two steps from hell is amazing.  the sound of their music is breath taking, just amazing.  i first heard the album skyworld on pandora.  the song all is hell that ends well will leave you speechless.  i could listen top this music for hours
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Two Steps continues to astound me, especially in this album with it's beautiful and epic scores!