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by Kenneth Libbrecht

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Snowflakes may be an everyday, common subject, but you’ve never seen them like this! A collection of amazing photography of snow crystals using a unique system designed to take super-detailed micro images of these miniature ice masterpieces, The Snowflake is an extraordinary look at a seemingly ordinary object.

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Snowflake 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Who would have thought the life of snowflakes was so interesting? The photography is truly marvelous. The concept is superlative. Great book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
How many childhood flights of fantasy have been paused in that singularly magical moment when a snowflake from winter's sky touches the darkened gloved finger, pausing only long enough to suggest the mysteries of the universe, only to suddenly dissolve? For those who have held in wonder the beauty of the intricate architecture of the snowflake, heretofore only 'reproducible' by eyeing through a kaleidoscope, then this book is a gentle surprise. Photographer Patricia Rasmussen and physicist Kenneth Libbrecht have collaborated to produce this monograph on not only myriad forms of the snowflake, but also the science of how these natural ornaments are formed and how they can be examined with utmost scrutiny. The result is not the expected bursting of the bubble of wonder at nature's secrets, but is instead an expansion of the beauty of just how unique each snowflake is.This is a book for the nature lover, for the inquisitive mind longing to understand the workings of nature, and for the artist in all of us who simply want to gather more time with the transient works of ice that flurry away with our imaginations. A beautiful book for all seasons, but especially appropriate for gifts at this time of year! Grady Harp
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an incredible book. Greatly detailed, not only in amazing pictures, but in concise writing. I am a photographer with a love for science. After reading this book I consistently look outside in anticipation for snow that I might discover snow crystals of my own that no one else has seen. The writing in this book is clear and easily understood. A true companion for any age, and a challenge to see beauty and wonder in such a small entity.
snowflakelover More than 1 year ago
A magnificent book for anyone who adores snowflakes,loves nature or interested in weather. This book not only has real photographs of snowflakes but all the science to explain how snowflakes are made and why they are all different.I highly recommend this book