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State of Grace

State of Grace

4.0 20
by Elizabeth Davies

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Grace has a terminal brain tumour and will die in the next few months.

Roman has an addiction to blood, and could possibly live forever.

Grace is twenty-seven years old. When they meet in the twelfth century Roman is several hundred years old.

But Grace has another problem - she's from his future and neither of them believe it.

This is the first novel in

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State of Grace 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
angelblue-240 More than 1 year ago
I am so glad that the author contacted me about reviewing this book, otherwise I may have missed out on this little gem! State of Grace is book one of the Resurrection series and does end on a cliffhanger, but don't let that deter you from reading this fabulous story! "I came home to die." My God, can you hook me in with the first sentence of a book any better than that?? Wow, what a powerful line. Grace has come home to die. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she moves back to the family farm where her parents and brother live, to spend the remainder of her time with them. Soon after she starts experiencing strangely vivid dreams of medieval England and a mysterious warrior named Roman. At first Grace believes the dreams are a result of her worsening condition but as the dreams continue, she starts to realize that it may not be the tumor after all and that she really is somehow being pulled back in time. I have to say I loved the vivid world telling in this story! The details were so elaborate that I felt like I was literally seeing medieval England through the eyes of Grace. It makes you realize how much we take for granted modern conveniences, cooking, clothing, electricity, and even the small ones like TOOTHBRUSHES! LOL I swear I could totally imagine what the lack of hygiene smelled like in the medieval era thanks to the authors detailed descriptions. I loved the depth of character of both Grace and Roman. I sympathized and agonized with Grace over the unfairness of her life being cut so short, and even though everything that she loved in her life was torn away from her because of the tumor, she never gave in to self pity. She made peace with her impending death and was more worried about how it would affect the people around her. Roman was intriguing, his view towards humans was different, unsympathetic and sometimes almost cruel. He has lived for hundreds of years and at times seemed almost pitiless, but yet he was gentle and protective of Grace. All in all an exceptional story that I can't wait to continue reading more about in book two (Amazing Grace) and three (Sanctifying Grace). * I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Book exchanged for an honest review~ Grace Llewellyn lives in Brecon Beacons and has inoperable tumor near the brain stem. She returned to her family farm where she's pretty much a night owl. Then crazy dreams in which she ends up naked with no memory of how she got there in the person. She sees tall, dark, and deadly stranger. Deadly stranger is named Roman but has no way to communicate with Grace. Grace gets very little warning before the dream happens. Grace is startled to back in the same room as deadly stranger. Deadly stranger calls Grace "Eryres". They soon discover a way to speak with one another. Can Grace figure out what is going on with her? Will she be attracted to Roman? What will Roman do? Your answers await you in State of Grace. I loved that this wasn't the traditional vampire story! I loved Grace's interactions with Roman! Roman is super sexy and total alpha male. I thought the characters were rich, bold, and imaginative. The story was well written. I definitely want the next book in this series. I gotta know what's next for Grace.
IAmy More than 1 year ago
The author of this book messaged me through Goodreads inquiring if I would review her book.  I took a look and thought about it for the better part of a day.  I was on the fence.  Sure, I am passionate about paranormal romance books, but not always a fan of ones with historical elements to them.  Also the lead female is dying,  how is that going to be anything but sad and depressing.  In the end I went ahead a took a shot, most of the review were positive, so I agreed to try the first one.  I am SO glad I did, my assumptions were way off (taught me a lesson didn’t it).  If I had gone the other way, declined, I would have missed out on the beginning of a beautiful story.  The book does have a different feel to it and has a fresh approach to the paranormal genre.  I think this is one of those paranormal stories that could appeal to a broader audience than just vampire fans. The story started off a little slow for me, hence the four star instead of five star rating, and the first few chapters we jump back and forth between modern times and Grace’s episodes or visits to the past.  The writing is beautifully done, descriptive (but not too much) and paints a vivid image of the setting, characters and the world they inhabit.  Much of this beginning deals with Grace’s prognosis and that she came home to die.  It is a little heavy/sad, and I tried to keep Grace at arm’s length and not get too attached to her.  The flash backs were very intriguing and I would get frustrated when they ended, I wanted to explore this world that Grace was being pulled into.  I wanted to know more about this mystery man she kept being drawn towards. After a few chapters the author rewards us and much of the book is spent with Grace stuck in the past.  The story becomes much brighter here as Grace stops focusing so much on the fact that she is dying and wants to learn more about this ‘dream’ world she has created for herself.  The story is quite humorous at time and I loved the fish out of water feel to it.  There are elements of danger, after all Grace has entered a much different world filled with unknown elements and a much harsher people inhabit it.  Roman becomes her protector and is intrigued by this  unusual woman that keeps popping up in his life.  The chemistry between them is really well done along with the feel this ‘dream’ world Grace has fallen into.  The author took the time to research the time period and the story feels authentic to me. This is not a terribly long story, only 208 pages, so before I knew it I had reached the end.  Right in the middle of action we are ripped back to modern times and like Grace we feel a sense of loss.  The last pages continue to captivate me and I find myself to have completely fallen for Grace. I could not keep from becoming attached to her and a bawl along with her of the injustice of her death sentence.  I have added the next two books to my to-read shelf because I simply must see how this story plays out.  I am so rooting for a happy ending for Grace and Roman. Like I stated in the beginning this is a beautiful story that should have broad appeal to many different readers.  There is a paranormal element, but it isn’t too heavy and kinda takes the back burner to the time traveling parts of the story.  Fans of historical books should also give this one a try too.  And finally lovers of a good romance might also want to add this to their to-read list as well.
chelleq More than 1 year ago
Whenever I read a genre of book that is different from what I normally read, it takes me awhile to get into the book. I thought that with this being a paranormal book, it would take me a while. It took maybe 30 minutes to be hooked and I had to read all three books right away. I loved this twist on the vampire legends. I think that the tumor does have something to do with Grace time-traveling but as to why she keeps showing up only where Roman is remains a mystery. Grace feels that pull to Roman when she first briefly meets him but is terrified at the same time. As each meeting progresses his understanding of her language, it makes for some funny conversations. Grace is unable to be enthralled by Roman but others are unable to enthrall her is also a mystery, to both all parties involved. When this book ended, I had to start the next one right away. Thank goodness I had it so I did not have to wait!
Deanna24 More than 1 year ago
The story follows Grace, a twenty-seven year old dying of cancer. She begins having "visions" due to her brain tumor but really she is time-travelling into the past where she repeatedly comes across the same mysterious, gorgeous man by the name of Roman. Now, now. I know what you are thinking. Time-travelling? Really? How do vampires and time-travel go together? Well, cast those horrible thoughts away. Seriously. Throw them aside. Because this plot works. For real. I don't know how it works. I'm still stunned with how well it worked together, but it did. And that's all that matters. First line of the book: I came home to die. Bam!!! If that doesn't draw your attention there must be something wrong with you. I was immediately drawn in. Admittedly, it took me about twenty-five pages to truly get into the book, but once I did, I was hooked and the plot just got better and better. I know that was due to the "time travel" or whatever you want to call it. I mean, Grace's life in the "real world" was interesting enough, but her traipses back in time were even more fascinating what with all the mystery as to how it was occurring and who she was seeing...Roman to be exact. He's like this scary mysterious guy who is both frightening and beautiful at the same time. And you know what happens when a girl meets a hot guy... Anyway... The visits back in time were my favorite part about the book. I thought I didn't even like time-travel! Go figure. I am now totally excited to read the next book! Can't wait to find out what happens next!
dentlhlpr More than 1 year ago
I loved the story line but not so much the ending. I want more! Is there a sequel planned?
Kazza0 More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in a series of three - so of course the ending was incomplete. I enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Grace came home to die. What she didn’t know was that coming home would also give her a chance to live a lifetime of love in her dreams. State of Grace by Elizabeth Davies defies genre lines, part historical romance, part time travel and part paranormal romance. Was it the drugs that induced Grace’s lifelike dreams? Follow Grace as she goes back hundreds of years only to meet a handsome, hulk of a man, Roman. They have nothing in common, except that they each are creatures of fairytales and fantasies. Grace is a time traveling woman whose life is nearing its end as the tumor grows in her brain. Roman is a vampire, addicted to blood and will probably life forever. Imagine trying to communicate in modern day language with that of almost a thousand years ago! Still there is something special between these two that brings them together out of all the people throughout time. I fell in love with Grace’s attitude, her strength, her wit and the acceptance of what life has dealt her. Alone in a strange time and place, I loved how she refused to stand down to a man! Can you imagine the culture shock that Roman felt? This mere human woman seemed to leave him a little lost and more vulnerable than his species was used to. Together they found love, the joy of sexual expression and the feeling of being complete, once again. Elizabeth Davies has written a beautiful, yet fun tale of love, and adventure for a woman who has little left to face in this lifetime. Were these lifelike dreams real or were they a gift from the Fate that has dealt her her death sentence. Could Roman be more than a dream to fulfill her need for love? Fabulous characters, atmosphere and just the right touches of humor and heat. Seriously, can you imagine living in a world where bathing happened occasionally, indoor plumbing was non-existent and food came to the table still on the hoof? How about trying to communicate your needs regarding basic bodily functions when there is a communication barrier? Ms Davies built a tale that could have dwelt on death, but instead used fantasy to expand on the possibilities in life... and she did so while being thoroughly entertaining! Loved it! I received this copy from Elizabeth Davies in exchange for my honest review.
SJCatlady More than 1 year ago
I loved this book.  Not realizing it  was one of three, I kept expecting Roman to come to Grace towards the end.  Glad there are two more book to read.
TheBibliophilicBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Grace is a 27 year old woman who has come home to die. She’s been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and none of the treatments have worked. So she moves back in with her parents and brother until it is her time. Grace starts seeing strange things, seemingly transported to the past, which she first attributes to her tumor. However, the visions persist and she’s captivated by Roman, a man with a passion for her and for blood. Readers aren't given an explanation for Grace’s ability to time travel and why she moves about in time, but always comes upon Roman. Perhaps it will be laid out in book 2 or book 3 of this trilogy. Grace’s courage and tenderness are readily apparent and it was good to see her out experiencing life since her diagnosis – even if it was centuries in the past! STATE OF GRACE is a peculiar blend of romance genres, with time-traveling and vampires. The time periods and the settings were quite well-researched and the characters pretty well-developed. Ending on a bit of a cliffhanger, readers will be sure to pick up the next book quickly.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Grace is only 27 and she knows she doesn't have long to live. She is back home and the last thing she wants from anyone is pity. She keeps dying to her self and tries to enjoy what time she has left. The last thing she expected was to time travel back in time. She ends up naked in the twelfth century and near an attractive man. Back in her own time she wonders if it is her sickness making her imagination run wild but soon she is going back into time more and more. What she finds is Roman a vampire who she falls in love with. She knows her time is running out and she tries to make the best of both the times she is in. Grace is dying but I love how strong she stays. She doesn't want people feeling sorry for her or to trouble anyone. She doesn't let it stop her from doing things. She is afraid but she hides it well. Roman isn't like the normal vampires you read about all the time. He can go out in daylight, he does drink blood but he doesn't kill. He and Grace have some wonderful talks about what it is like and I enjoyed the chemistry between them. The author does a great job with both time periods and makes the jump easily. I could easily see why Grace fell for Rowan. The was only a few times I felt sorry for Grace in this book. Yes she is dying but she is making the best of it. I admire her determination. I will be reading the next one soon as I have to see what will happen to her next and to learn more about the connection between her and Rowan.
lrhubble More than 1 year ago
An Excellent Book Time Travel Romance Brecon, England Grace only has a few months left to live and being only 27 years old she returns to her home town of Brecon. Being in Brecon somehow catapults her 1800 years into the past. Grace first thinks what is happening to her are hallucinations that are being caused by the tumor in her brain. Then the visions become more detailed and closer to her time period. She also becomes involved with Roman that is somewhat inhuman and wickedly handsome and who has an obsession with blood. Grace is forced to face her fears as the past begins to intrude on the present and she falls deeper in love with her phantom man. This is the start of a trilogy that pulls the reader right in and will have them mourning when they get to the very last page. It will also have them reaching for the second book. The characters are interesting and very relatable. The story also comes to life for the reader with every word that is read. It is easy to picture the world Grace finds herself in with the detail that the story gives. Reading how Grace learns to navigate a world that is completely foreign to her is fascinating especially as the rules of society are so very different then than they are now. It makes for a book that is very hard to put down once the reader starts it. If the other two books are like this one it is going to be a fantastic trilogy to read.
SuzyAyers_191 More than 1 year ago
PS Naughty Reviewers ~ Suzy This book received 3.5. State of Grace was a book filled with mystery -- so much so that sometimes the going back and forth (and I don’t mean the actual time) left me confused. The conversation would start, and the first person would drift in internal though that would distract me. The beginning took some time to warm up. That being said I enjoyed the story a lot. It was a very different read of time travel and vampires that intrigued me. I enjoyed Grace and Roman’s exchanges. The first time she met him I was like…aghhhh! as she returned to her time. I was just getting into it, which is much the same as a person feels in a dream they are awoken from I suppose. Their tension was fantastic. Her questions for him were that which the reader wondered. The sex scenes were heat level of warm and sexy. But one left me rather cold. ¿ “He took me in the snow. [It was great].” Then later this scene was referred to. I wish I had more insight into it. I can deal with the non-explicit; I loved that aspect in fact. I embrace all sexual descriptions. The time travel descriptions were deliberate and precise. I can only imagine the time it too to take to create that world. And the editing was perfect as well. There were some words I didn’t know or understand due to differences in culture, but I got the gist of it. The ending of this extremely long book left me with a feeling of despair. The title seems strange to me as the does the cover, as neither scream what the book is about. The book is not a novel, yet is spans only a few days. I’m hoping for…well--hope for Grace in the next book. And of course more Roman. Something about a dangerous man. Yum!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TLJo More than 1 year ago
Loved this book, although the ending was very abrupt. I read it on my Nook and didn't realize how close I was to finishing it until there weren't any more pages.  I promptly searched for and bought the second book. Can't wait to lose myself in it. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I also enjoyed this book up until the ending. It felt incomplete, like there should be a sequel; instead the ending read like the author got lazy. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book sucked. Thankful i didn't pay for it. Awful ending too.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was good and held my attention - but the ending was horrible. Left me wishing I hadn't read it at all