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The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching

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by Benjamin Creme
An introduction to that great body of wisdom which substands the spiritual teachings of all groups throughout the ages. Only by discovering the common wellspring from which all their faiths have emerged will men and women truly come to understand their spiritual brotherhood, as children of the One Father - by whatever name they call Him. Subjects include: the Divine

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The Ageless Wisdom Teaching 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ageless Wisdom, while recently sort of ¿owned¿ by the Blavatsky-Bailey-Creme school, includes the eternal and universal wisdom of the Christ, the Buddha, the Avatars, the Sat Gurus and the Sages, as well as the wisdom of the Holy Qabalah, the ancient root of Judaism and Christianity. It does not necessarily include the Bailey-Creme take on the ¿return¿ of the Christ. In fact, while Creme¿s work has extraordinary merit and certainly helps in preparing the world for what is coming, evidence has recently come to light that the real Christ will not come this time, but has instead sent a messenger. You see, as Jesus said, ¿there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, who shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that they shall deceive and seduce the very elect.¿ (Matthew 24:24 and Mark 13:22) That¿s why Jesus also said, ¿If any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.¿ (Jesus, Matthew 24:23 and Mark 13:21) That was not merely to warn us of imposters and pretenders. It was also to confirm that the person who would actually fulfill Judeo-Christian prophecy would not be the Christ, but His messenger. And there is much more evidence to further confirm that fact. For example, the prophesied messenger is the ¿bridegroom-lamb,¿ our ¿brother and fellow servant who has the testimony of Jesus.¿ (Revelations 19:10). He is also the messenger for the ¿Spirit of Truth¿ that Jesus said would come, to ¿guide us unto all truth, show us things to come, and glorify Jesus.¿ (John 16:13-14) Those biblical facts, along with many others, indicate the truth about today¿s messenger of God, who is not a superman, and not holier than thou, but a prodigal son of man who delivers the true message for the Spirit of Truth according to real prophecy. The messenger has no personal agenda and will play no other role. In fact, he prefers to remain anonymous and writes under a pen name. He fulfills the prophecy of Isaiah in that ¿the servant and witness of God will not make his voice heard in the street¿ (or in public), but sends ¿his work before him.¿ (Isaiah 42:1-2 and 62:11) He says the world does not need a savior in person to scorn and crucify, or to exalt and put on a pedestal, and no man should be tempted with such great worldly power or bear its responsibility. He says the world needs truth, and nothing but the truth, and submits that the new covenant of God frees us from sovereign authority or sovereign leadership of any kind. He says THERE IS NO HIERARCHY IN CHRIST, and he repeats what Isaiah wrote, that ¿besides God there is no savior.¿ (Isaiah 43:10-11) Considering all that, it evidently means that the hype being spread about Creme¿s Maitreya is convincing enough to deceive and seduce even very intelligent people. And, if he is actually a person, he unfortunately would be a false christ who shows great signs and wonders, just as Jesus predicted. Therefore, I will accept the new message from the Spirit of Truth, in which real prophecy is unveiled. I believe that while there are many claims being made about the existence or the coming of the Christ (AKA the Saoshyant/Avatar/Buddha/Imam Mahdi), the real truth has been delivered by the person who really serves the Holy One according to prophecy. Look for it, and you will find it.