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The Ghost Child Of Camay Lane

The Ghost Child Of Camay Lane

5.0 1
by Shirley King-Hanna

Megan Haas is a tomboy and can never pass up the opportunity for adventure or mystery. Soon that would all change when she and her family inherit the mansion on Camay Lane. Her family inheriting the mansion on Camay Lane proved to be boring in the beginning. She longed to explore the surrounding area, but her wants were overshadowed by having to keep an eye on her

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The Ghost Child of Camay Lane 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Ghost Child of Camay Lane is a mystery that keeps the reader, reading, right to the end. Meagan Haas and her family have inherited the mansion on Camay Lane. Almost immediately Meagan begans seeing a boy of about the same age as she. Everytime she tries to tell her parents of the boy, they do not see him. She becomes frustrated with her parents not believing her, and decides to set out on her own to solve the mystery of this strange boy. On her journey, Meagan soon hears tales about the Ghost Child on Camay Lane, and since she can never pass up an opportunity to solve a mystery, she doesn't turn down the opportunity. Soon the mystery will lead her on a journey that she never would have expected. A delightful book that claims the readers attention from beginning, to end. Meagan's journey to solve the mystery of the Ghost Child of Camay Lane keeps you guessing how it will end, right until the end. The book brings in a bit of historical education, and takes place in the 1970s. I would not recommend the book for readers under 7 as there is some scary parts, unless your child enjoys that sort of reading. I find the book appealing to adults, as well as children. Like the authors first book, Coto, Child of the Ocean, once you start reading it, you don't want to stop.