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The Luckiest Kid on the Planet

The Luckiest Kid on the Planet

5.0 1
by Lisa Campbell Ernst, Lisa Campbell Ernst (Illustrator)

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Lucky's grandfather calls him "the luckiest kid on the planet", and all his friends agree he's special. Fortune always smiles on Lucky . . . until the fateful day when a letter reveals that Lucky's real name is Herbert. Buoyantly humorous and wise to human foibles, this is a heartwarming story. Full color.

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The Luckiest Kid on the Planet 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'The Luckiest Kid on the Planet' by Lisa Campbell Ernst is a great book for children. There are two aspects of the book that allow it to be considered excellent. The pictures, by Lisa Campbell Ernst, correspond with the story and convey a visual experience for the child. Lucky, the main character of the book is a young child and his experience is one that is easy for children to understand and is simple to follow. This original publication is both written and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst. The story focuses on Lucky, a young blonde boy with glasses. The illustrations convey Lucky's mood. Through out the first half of the story, when Lucky believes he is lucky, the illustrations are bright and the characters are always smiling. Lucky discovers that his real name is Herbert and his luck declines greatly. The illustrations depict Lucky as being sad and the illustrations are no longer colorful and bright. Each illustration corresponds with the words on each page and allows children to follow along with the story by just looking at the pictures. The story line is simple and easy for children to understand. Lucky¿s story begins by describing all of the good things that make him lucky. He is successful at fishing, playing checkers, and drawing. He has a hamster and his grandfather bakes cookies. Lucky is able to wake up in the morning and give many reasons as to why he is so lucky. One day he receives a letter from his Great Aunt Thema that is addressed to Herbert. He realizes that his name is not Lucky and his life takes a turn for the worse. Instead of being lucky, he is incredibly unlucky. He was no longer good at fishing, checkers and drawing. His hamster ran away, and his grandfather got sick. While Lucky/Herbert, is struggling with his streak of bad luck, his grandfather is trying to prove to him that he has something to be lucky about. It takes his grandfather getting sick for Lucky/Herbert to realize that he is the luckiest kid on the planet because of his grandfather. Children sometimes have bad luck. If they read this story, they can realize that everyone has bad luck sometimes and there is always something that makes them lucky. The illustrations and the story line convey the message that although we have unlucky times, we are all the luckiest kids on the planet for some reason, to all children. It is important for stories like this one to be so good because they help teach children life lessons. Children can relate to all Lucky/Herbert¿s trials and tribulations, and they will enjoy hearing about how he deals with his problems. They will be amazed at how lucky Lucky/Herbert really is and then they will realize that they are just as lucky too, the same way I did when I read it. This book would make excellent reading for a child to do on his/her own, or to be read aloud to a group.