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The Magic Scales

The Magic Scales

4.7 4
by Sam Wilding
James's father is missing. With no clue why his dad would run out on him and his mum, he hides out by an ancient stone circle to think. There, James discovers a dead stoat, crushed in an impossibly huge footprint. The mystery of what smashed the little animal leads James into finding Mendel, a wizard from another world called Denthan. Mendel has his own problems

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The Magic Scales 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Crystal20 More than 1 year ago
By Crystal Adkins "Crystal's book reviews" (Ashland, KY) - See all my reviews

The Magic Scales by Sam Wilding is a griping fantasy, young adult novel cram packed with everything a fantasy lover would want! I'm going to go about this review a little differently because it seems everything is linked and if I tell too much about The Magic Scales it will spoil everything. And we can't have that.

War, strange creatures, wizards, Scotland and an asthmatic boy's journey to find answers will just wrap you in a cloak of adventure and mystery so you better hold on to reality, or you'll be forced into another time and place without a way to return. Absolutely amazing, Sam Wilding must be a great bedtime story teller for his son, whom in which he wrote this story for. I also love the setting for The Magic Scales, I love the idea of Scotland being such a magical place and one day I will travel there in hopes of finding a little bit of that magic.

More for the young adult genre, it is also easy for older readers to fall into this page turner and enjoy the experience. Make sure you have plenty of time, because once you start reading you'll not want to stop. Sam has a way of spinning a web of words that will entrap the reader... it really is an enjoyable read! 5 Hearts
Guest More than 1 year ago
The sudden disappearance of James Peck's father sets off a series of strange goings on in the tiny hamlet of Drumfintley, in Scotland. On Bruce Moor, the last place his father was seen alive, James discovers a squashed stoat next to giant unearthly footprints. The same day he follows a mysterious stranger and overhears his conversation with an invisible hissing beast named Sleven, then disappears. Reeling from shock, James passes a trash bin and is summoned by a talking goldfish inside. The fish tells James his name is Mendel and demands that he rescue him. Mendel explains he's actually a wizard from another world called Denthan. He's been turned into a fish and now the mysterious stranger and Sleven are trying to kill him. He desperately needs James's help, not only to protect him but also to save Denthan. James is baffled by the bossy fish wizard, yet he's certain the same dark magic that brought these creatures from another world is somehow linked to his father's fate. He enlists the help of his best friend, Craig and his golden retriever, Bero, who carries the goldfish in a tiny barrel around his neck, like a St. Bernard. Lured by a string of clues related to Mr. Peck's vanishing, and with Mendel as their guide, they enter the gateway into Denthan, a strange world containing magic scales and two suns, one of which will explode very soon. Much to James and Craig's horror, they arrive in the midst of a war between hordes of terrifying creatures, including reptilian Hedra wizards, monstrous hairy Osgrunfs, giant insect-like Centides, several species of Trolls, Manimals, and many more. Magically the boys become warriors and it's clear they're going to have to fight their way through Denthan to get back home. And that's only half of this amazing adventure. Wilding successfully weaves a story within a story in this sophisticated fantasy. 'The Magic Scales' is full of breathtaking action scenes, with plenty of surprises to keep readers guessing. Harry Potter fans will definitely find the Vision Pool in 'Book One of the Denthan Series' well worth diving into.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was sceptical when I bought this unknown author's book. A friend had told me it was set in Scotland and that it had Tolkein-like battle scenes with a new twist. Although not quite Tolkein, it actually had a bit more than just great battles scenes to offer. Here was a unique tale with bags of famiy tension, laughs and magic too. It also unravles asthma for those would don't know what it's like. Looking forward to book 2.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A boy who struggles with asthma has lost his father and is thrown into an amazing adventure in world full of magic, mayhem and magic. I was knocked out by the wild characters from the Scottish village of Drumfintley and the new array of original monsters. I mean, the wizard who helps the James, the asthmatic boy, is bloomin goldfish. The author finds some real crazy ways of making this wild tale work. Not only that, the story is full of family tension, epic battles and real laugh-out-loud fun. I kept thinking, does this work, and I kept chuckling to myself and saying, yes... yes... yes... It's not exactly like J K Rowling or Tolkien. It's like Wilding. Welcome to the big time, Sam.