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The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree

4.2 5
by Jodi LaPalm
"This author gets into the head and heart of the characters-and you'll want to keep reading!" [Amazon Reviewer]

THE OAK TREE follows one woman's struggle to rebuild her world after a courageous battle with illness and separation from a selfish husband. It is a romantic tale of strength and hope and celebration, with many experiences drawn from the author's own life.

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The Oak Tree 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name:Ashenpaw//Gender:shecat//apparance:longish dark grey fur, amber eyes//personality:shy, not very confident, but much better at things than she realizes, other than that, meet her//crush:none yet...//other:ask//
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&kappa&epsilon<_>s&tau<_>r&epsilon<_>l&omega&iota&eta<_>g <p> &#22869 Age- <br> 17 Moons <p> &#22869 Gender- <br> Tom <p> &#22869 Rank- <br> Warrior <p> &#22869 Appearance- <br> A well built, large ginger pelted tom with faint darker bengal stripes and warm yellow eyes. His toes are a pure white with streaks of ginger running between the toes. <p> &#22869 Persona- <br> Know him! <p> &#22869 Crush- <br> What now...? <p> &#22869 Mate- <br> Nope! <p> &#22869 Kits- <br> /)_- <p> &#22869 Kin- <br> FallowTail~ sister <p> &#22869 Theme Song- <br> Party Anthem <p> &#22869 Other- <br> Ask.... <p> ~~~ <p> &#131&alpha<_>ll&sigma&omega&tau&alpha&iota<_>l <p> &# 22870 Age- <br> 17 Moone <p> &#22870 Gender- <br> She-cat <p> &#22870 Rank- <br> Warrior <p> &#22870 Appearance- <br> A slender, timid golden she-cat with black-tipped ears and a white underbelly with sharp mint green eyes. <p> &#22870 Persona- <br> Know her.... <p> &#22870 Crush- <br> ... <p> &#22870 Mate- <br> ... <p> &#22870 Kits- <br> No. <p> &#22870 Kin- <br> KestrelWing~ brother <p> &#22870 Theme Song- <br> Hey Brother <p> &#22870 Other- <br> Ask...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name look up. <p> Gender she <p> Age fourteen moons <p> Description ginger tabby with blue eyes <p> Personality warm loving loyal <p> Kin bad past <p> Mate nada <p> Crush yeah... <p> kits nada.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Three clans all in one. Are you crazy cat?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can we combine our clans into one clan. My clan is mysteryclan and your clan is oak clan. Can we clan the clan mystery oak clan? Cats are more likly to join if we combine the clans and have two leaders. Better yet i can get magma cclan to combine too. Do we have a deal.