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The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom

3.6 3
by Jenny Schwartz

Duty will bring them together—and tear them apart!

As a guardian angel, Mischa must protect the one man who may be able to bring about lasting peace to the Middle East. As a djinni, Rafe must fulfill the wishes of a terrorist leader. Their duties colliding, Mischa and Rafe become foes, but the heat between them is undeniable.

When the terrorist

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The Price of Freedom 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Again as in book #2 Angel Thief which I mistakenly read first, The Price of Freedom is short, fast, easy and sexy reading! I am very taken with the concept of a Djinni and an Angel being the male and female romantic leads in these stories, the mystical and magical fantasy reads have always been favorites of mine since first reading things like The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales and Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves as a young person! This book is one that deals solely on the choices we have made, our free will actually! The djinni Rafe has been in the service, read slavery, of many masters since being born. Forced to reside in his bottle until freed to grant 3 wishes to his current master he has learned through long practice how to manipulate the phrasing of these wishes to grant him the maximum amount of time out of his bottle... He has been doing his best for all this time not to allow the evil and corrupted free reign while his master, in short he has circumvented most if not all of their real wishes and made what came true something less harmful to others to the best of his ability... His latest master however is the most evil of all and his wish that puts Rafe on the trail of Guardian Angel Mischa in order to have him remove her from her charge that this terrorist is trying to kill is the last straw! I was immersed in the book from the beginning when Mischa's charge is in an airplane flying home to be with his wife and child and Rafe attacks the plane and tries to crash it... It was interesting to watch the Djinni and the Guardian Angel clash and at the same time become sexually attracted to each other... Throughout the pitfalls of their developing relationship you cannot help but root for the pair to get their HEA, it is hard won but well worth the path it took to get there! This short steamy tale has such strong characters in both Mischa and Rafe, they will lead you from page to page holding your breath at times to see what happens next... There is a price to everything, the price of freedom is especially high... What would you do in Rafe's position to have your freedom after millenia of servitude and choices that give you nightmares every time you close your eyes to sleep? To learn the answer you have to read the novella... I firmly recommend this enjoyable exploration into what we are capable of in the name of good to defeat evil, also if you are a lover of romantic fantasies that have some really good love scenes you have to get a copy and start The Price of Freedom without delay!
Arkali More than 1 year ago
Whatever else I say about Jenny Schwartz, first and fore-most: This author knows how to write a love scene. In THE PRICE OF FREEDOM, she turns up the heat and leaves it simmering throughout the book. Mischa is a guardian angel. Her charge: A man who is essential to achieving peace in the Middle East. The problem: A djinni, enslaved to the terrorist who is set on destroying the man under her protection. The djinni, Rafe, has no choice but to obey the wishes of his master, and Mischa cannot abandon her duty. Rafe has been a slave for millennia. Cursed into a bottle, the only way he can experience any freedom is to "steal time" by manipulating his masters and twisting their wishes. After meeting Mischa, Rafe tricks his owner into wishing for Mischa to be removed from the situation, thus allowing him to kill is enemy. Rafe immediately whisks Mischa way to an isolated oasis where they learn to love each other, but eventually he realizes that he cannot keep her caged and so he sacrifices his freedom for hers, thus becoming imprisoned again. Grief-stricken, Mischa is determined to find a way to free him. Much as in my review of ANGEL THIEF, my only real complaint with THE PRICE OF FREEDOM is that I wanted it longer. Because of the short length, Ms. Schwartz had a lot of ground to cover in not much time. She does it admirably, but it left me wanting more. Specifically, it seemed like Rafe and Mischa went from zero to love in 5 seconds flat. I think that if the characters had held off on the "L word" a little longer it would have been just right. As it was, I was still able to get a sense of time passing and the couple getting to know each other - it just seemed like the love came before the growth of the relationship. The plus side of the column for this book is pretty long: a good story that's fast-paced, a sexy hero and strong heroine, and steamy love scenes all make for an engaging book. It was quick, yes, but it makes the most of its page count. If I had my own djinni, I think I'd wish for Book 3 of the Out of the Bottle series to be about 300 pages. Then I'd wish him his freedom and hope he decided to stick around...
darkangel_1988 More than 1 year ago
Good Book But Short.