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The Radical Question and A Radical Idea

The Radical Question and A Radical Idea

4.6 3
by David Platt

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Challenge the Status Quo                    
The Radical Question offers a compelling introduction to Radical’s challenge to the contemporary church. In this concise message, Platt asks, "What is Jesus worth to you?" Then

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The Radical Question and A Radical Idea 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
asyl2012 More than 1 year ago
     This book review is long overdue. Amidst the craziness of college life and Christmas break, I barely was able to read this small, yet powerful book. While I do not agree with every point or idea David Platt has, I did enjoy reading and learning his point of view.      In this double book, Platt asks this pensive question, "What is Jesus worth to you?" Convicting, huh? In all reality, most of struggle answering this question.  Platt challenges you to examine this question with an open heart. He asks you to consider this fact, that we have departed from a God-centered gospel in order to fit our self-centered priorities. Back to the question, "What is Jesus worth to you?" Is he worth departing from your comfortable American lifestyle to live a life completely devoted to Him? A life that requires perseverance and hard work, but in the end a life that is overflowing with blessings and benefits.      If you are not willing to give up your designer house, your weekly dinner outings, and yes, even your daily Starbucks (Ouch!); do not pick up The Radical Question/A Radical Idea. Maybe changing your lifestyle is something that you ARE planning on doing and NEED to do, pick up this book and dive into it with an open mind and heart.       The main thing I did not care for in this book was the fact that it i contains bits and pieces from David's main book, Radical. This mini-book leaves you wanting to read the main one. So pick that one up to while you are at it.       Hopefully, I have been able to wet your reading appetite a bit today. I challenge you to depart from the ordinary American life and live a radically transformed one in the light and love of Jesus Christ. Remind yourself of this question often, "What is Jesus worth to you?" I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah’s blogging for books and have given my honest review of this book.
PlantsandPillars More than 1 year ago
The Radical Question and A Radical Idea by Pastor David Platt My sister, Rachel, picked up this book when it arrived and commented, "Look, Radical for non-readers". And that's just what it is! If you are rather intimidated by the size (however miniscule it is!) of the former orange and white books in the Radical series, this is the Radical book for you! This little copy of David Platt's bestsellers Radical and Radical Together combines key passages from both books to create an introduction to the preceding books. If you have Radical and Radical Together, this book is a great review and reminder of the ideas and charges written in the previous two. If you have not read Radical or Radical Together, you should read this book as an introduction - and then read the other two. The Radical Question and A Radical Idea argues that a church is not the performance or programs, but on the people in the church. Are you living your life in full abandonment to Christ? Are taking the gospel to every corner of your world - literally and figuratively? "The goal of the church is never for one person to be equipped and empowered to lead as many people as possible to Christ. The goal is always for all of God's people to be equipped and empowered to lead as many people as possible to Christ." Pastor David Platt I highly recommend this challenging and convicting read. Add it to your bookshelf, give it to a friend or family member, read it for a refresher, put it on your coffee table. The Radical for non-readers! Score ~ ¿¿¿¿¿ Violence ~ None Indecency ~ None Language ~ None Age: 12 and Up
SavvyMomma More than 1 year ago
David Platt's "The Radical Question/A Radical Idea" is what I would consider a follow-up to his best seller "Radical". This book is essentially two books in one, but both share the same theme of true commitment to spreading the gospel of Jesus, even when it means sacrificing and taking risk.  "The Radical Question" discusses the difficulty of complete devotion to Christ in spite of a society that puts so much emphasis on personal success. This book uses personal stories and situations to make us think about how we can use whatever God has given us to help those around us, and further His kingdom. "A Radical Idea" discusses the need for Christian communities not only come together within the church, but in the community to extend God's word in the world. Bringing others to God should be one of the main focuses of our lives, and this commitment needs to come first for us.  Overall I thought these two books were very well written and make some really good points. Interesting, and I would recommend it.