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The Trust

The Trust

4.0 3
by Norb Vonnegut

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"Mr. Vonnegut dreams up diabolically elegant business crimes, then sends smart-talking characters to follow the money. He draws upon his own Wall Street experience (with Morgan Stanley, among other employers) to provide the sound of insider acumen.... There's enough novelty to this plot to set "The Trust" apart from garden-variety business thrillers, the ones in

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The Trust 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
anniemichelle More than 1 year ago
A really great read, you always hope but just never know! I read this almost in one shot. A well written page turner. The humor is great, I love the characters especially “Biscuit”…. I will be reading more of Norb’s work in the future.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KenCady More than 1 year ago
Details of the novel can be sought above. I give my reaction to it here: The Trust is not up to par with my expectations. It seems like a cheap version of the author's previous novel, which I liked better. The circumstances of the trust getting involved as it did are highly questionable. How stupid were these Palmetto people? But what sours me the most on the story is the FBI agent. For all the talk about brokers knowing their clients, is it at all believable that a brokerage's attorneys would all turn to mush when a single FBI agent walked in and started browbeating people? No one questions who she is, if she has the authority to do what she is doing, if her office is backing her up- they just comply. And so does everyone else she comes into contact with. Whatever she wants, they give it. No one tries to find out the scope of her investigation and how their participation plays into it...or they don't try very hard. Just mention 10 to 20 and they cave. Not believable at all. The bad guys aren't believable either, but one can argue that point more than they can the silly FBI agent. I give it three stars as it wasn't without its entertainment. It just didn't provide a solid story.