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To Save A World (Darkover Omnibus #7)

To Save A World (Darkover Omnibus #7)

4.2 4
by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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An omnibus volume of two of Marion Zimmer Bradley's classic, long-unavailable Darkover novels, including the first Darkover novel ever written! To Save a World includes The World Wreckers and the Planet Savers, plus the short story "The Waterfall."

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To Save a World 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
brjunkie More than 1 year ago
The Planet Savers: Even though this was not the novel I thought it would be, it was still pretty good, and a super-fast read. Personally, I was looking forward to reading more of their encounter with the trailmen and less of their torturous expedition across the Hellers. I was happy to find that Lerrys Ridenow, (from 'The Bloody Sun'), was in their crew. In my opinion, 'The Bloody Sun' delivered more on the alien life of the trailmen than this novel, (which had the potential to overcome). The forty-eight-year fever is a disease pandemic that is recurring and has a high mortality rate among humans. However, the trailmen have developed immunity to this childhood disease. The Terrans orchestrate an expedition to the Hellers, to ask the trailmen to volunteer their blood so that it may be used to make a vaccine. Dr. Jay Allison is manipulated and created by the Terrans to lead this expedition, and ask the Old-One for their help. With the help of Regis Hastur, Dr. Allison will face the dark and terrible memories hiding inside and forgotten to him. Also, those who know him and those who have met him for the first time will be shocked and scared when they are forced to come to terms with who Dr. Allison truly is. The Worldwreckers: Marion Zimmer Bradley writes another great installment in her originally creative Darkover series that is both exciting and an adventurous novel as the stakes are escalated against the Closed Planet. The Darkovans are still staying divided on whether to keep to their traditional way of life, or embracing the Terran ease of life with their advanced technology. Worldwreckers are the illegal yet effectively productive company that works in secret and gets the Terran Empire what it needs from resisting planets. In addition to targeting key environment and economic elements, there is an underhanded and illegal war against the telepath caste. The powerful ruling Houses of the Comyn are being assassinated! The frightening mystic, angelic, powerful, and frail alien chieri race is further revealed, as one of their own contributes to Hastur's desperate efforts. The chieri are sharing the same fate as the telepaths. Their race is dying out, becoming extinct. It will be up to Regis Hastur to find who is Darkover's enemy, and why. Through the efforts and events of the Worldwreckers and participants of the Telepath Council, a foundling will return home after an unnaturally long lifetime, but not for the reasons she thought. The Waterfall: 'The Waterfall' was a quick read that reminded me of the respect and fear the leronis continue to have over others, be them Comyn or common people. However, the leronis are not without fears of their own. One such fear is another leronis, potentially more destructive to themselves and those around them because of their wild, uncontrollable laran.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago